Star Conflict OBT Review


Star Conflict is a space combat action MMO game from Star Gem Inc. It is currently in OBT right now so you can signup and give this game a spin. If I need to compare Star Conflict to something I would say it is Moon Breakers feel with a lot of World of Tanks elements. The base hanger screen is useful and similar to WoT in that you have eveything right there (store, warehouse, skill tree and ship stats). In Star Conflict you fight in PvP or Missions and build up your experience and your factions standing in the game world. You can use this EXP to spend on skills and unlock ship tiers. The stores have items you can buy with the credits you earn while playing missions or PvP action. There is some store items and ships that you cannot buy with credits and you have to use either real money to purchase special currency called ‘Galactic Standards’ or you can use the credit conversion in the store. Just like in WoT there is a Credit-to-Gold and Gold-to-Credit exchange system in place.

Unlike when I played the now defunct Black Prophecy I was very surprised about how there was no lag during my several game sessions, which is essential for any twitch based space combat game. Nothing is more frustrating than dying to lag and not your own doing. This isn’t the case in Star Conflict, never once had any lag during many hours of gameplay.

There is a few different activities you can do to build experience and earn credits and they are:

– [Fight] Arcade – (Players are divided into two teams and you have to destroy the other teams ‘Captain’)
– [Fight] Players – (This is the same as ‘Practice with Players’ except you earn exp and credits.)
– [Mission] Shipyard Defense – (Player only battle, where your team faces four stages of enemies that get tougher until the boss battle)
– [Practice] With Players – (This is same as Solo, but the match system tries to fill all bot slots with real players.)
– [Practice] Solo – (You play solo on a team of bots where your goal is to capture three enemy beacons.)

So what is the Pros and Cons of Star Conflict? Do remember this is a review of the current status of Star Conflict, keep in mind that this game is still in open beta and features and playability are bound to change before release.


  • Graphics and sfx are really well done and smooth.
  • If you have more than one ship if you die they will let you use your other ship, so your not totally dead until you have exhausted all ships. But just remember you have to pay for repairs and ammo for them all as well.
  • Game ran smooth with no lag and the combat was fun
  • The skill tree is fairly large with a lot of options to build up skills and enhancements and resistances.


  • I thought the store and warehouse interface was a bit clunky and could be better done. I accidentally sold and bought some things, which isn’t good. There should be a ‘undo’ button until you confirm your transaction.
  • In various PvP matches I played it I was so under powered. I think there needs to be a better system to create games that keep the ship/level of the players close. I mean I was getting killed in 2-3sec sometimes and that is way to quick when your supposed to have armor and shields.
  • There was only one mission scenario (PvE based) and it used the same map every time. Would like to see more maps and missions, because they are fun.
  • Would have like to see the environment take damage.


I really like playing Star Conflict and it seems to get updated fairly often (updated yesterday actually). Star Gem looks to be building a really good clan system, that I haven’t checked out yet but the foundation seems solid and the stats you can see on the clans are good. Star Conflict is a twitch based shooter so it is fast paced, and there is times where there is many enemies on the screen and your getting hammered from all sides and your just trying to get to some cover. So good stuff and I hope they keep up the challenging missions, I do prefer the PvE a bit more, because right now a newbie is a bit of a meat shield to the larger ships. So until you unlock a few ship tiers or Star Gem tweaks the match making system better. I haven’t read too much on the particulars, but I ‘think’ Star Conflict will be F2P when it comes out because of its cash shop. As of right now I only see a download for a windows client, maybe we will see more platforms or maybe see it in GooglePlay like Moon Breakers.

The OBT is definitely helping Star Gem fix all the bugs and add and customize new content. I think once this hits v1.0 it will be a solid game worth having on your machine. So download the OBT client and give it a try and let us know your thoughts on the game.

Here is a nice video showing off gameplay:

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