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So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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    Contributions unwelcome

    impaktor - Oct 09 2015 04:54 AM

    Ive submitted patch after patch and usually the response is "why?"As mentioned, none of your patc...

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    Contributions unwelcome

    fluffyfreak - Oct 09 2015 04:14 AM

    joonicks you're contributions are very welcome, in fact I've merged your PR's faster than any new...

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    Contributions unwelcome

    Marcel - Oct 08 2015 09:55 PM

    Yeah joonicks, have patience. Lots and lots of patience. There are only a few coders, and they ha...

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    Contributions unwelcome

    walterar - Oct 08 2015 07:53 PM

    Alan :hi:  I understand what you say, because I often feel like you. I can only tell you tha...

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    Lord of Rigel: An Upcoming 4x Space Strategy Title

    adamant2001 - Oct 08 2015 06:58 PM

    We have a new ship design article today, covering the design behind the shadowy Xantus fleet! htt...

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    I recently got some advice from a planet artist and with it I reworked most of the planet type te...

  • joonicksPhoto
    Contributions unwelcome

    joonicks - Oct 08 2015 02:12 PM

    right now Im feeling severely unwelcome as a contributor. Ive submitted patch after patch and usu...

  • walterarPhoto
    Galaxy map problems

    walterar - Oct 08 2015 10:56 AM

    Entire the Galaxy changed the last time -2013?- that this is modified. And systems with the same...

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    Solar System Colonization Game

    ercolesptr - Oct 08 2015 10:10 AM

    For Venus you use Temperature resistant colonizer, for Jupiter you use Pressure resistant Coloniz...

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    Galaxy map problems

    fluffyfreak - Oct 08 2015 02:45 AM

    Separate but related :D That one should address some nagging quality issues about the RNG. W...

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Contributions unwelcome

08 Oct 2015

Posted by joonicks In: Pioneer

right now Im feeling severely unwelcome as a contributor. Ive submitted patch after patch and usually the response is "why?" or has to be fought over tooth n nail because its just a step towards improvement and not a complete perfect solution wrapped up in a neat package.


it disturbs me a lot that noone is taking the severe imbalances in pioneer seriously right now.


simple things like,

starter ship has a 120ly jumprange

jumprange is bugged

even if you fix the jumprange bug, starter ship still has 70ly range

trading is impossible because prices on commodities is absurdly low, but noone wants to change it because then it becomes "too easy" to get money

fuel runs out after a 1 leg journey, unless you have a starbase at your destination you will be stuck doing 10-20au journeys at 200km/s instead of 2800...

good luck trying to visit a planet without a starbase


I dont know if walterar would be more open to changes or if I should fork my own project and go at it alone.

but Id like to be part of something bigger and I cant do that alone. fucking life sucks. fuck.




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Starfall Tactics: "The smaller, the better"

07 Oct 2015

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


Hey, it's WIP time again! We' d love to show you several models of nerve-recking small ships, which will bring a piece of chaos to the battlefield by moving quickly through it and annoying everybody.


This time we present you two ships: Bruno (Deprived) and Talaria (Vanguard).

As we've decided to take a break from giant ships and try something smaller for a change, these two are really tiny in respect to Premier, for example. But that doesn't mean they can't cause even more troubles sometimes: it's definitely more difficult to catch a smaller but faster and more maneuverable ship which is hard to target, then slowly destroy a hulking dreadnought. So, take a look at these little devils - both are in very early development stages on these screenshots:


Good news for all who love it: we've joined Sketchfab so don't forget to check it for new models and like us! Here is a full model of Bruno ship - it's form seems to be a little bit strange, but what else can you expect from a race which has been living in a radioactive wasteland for many years?


Talaria, Vanguard ship in traditional red colors with a sheepish smile, also looks great:



Although it looks more like a spaceship than Bruno, they have some things in common. These ships, both of them, are obiously designed by the same talanted men. Here is only a sketch as we're working on it, giving a long and exciting life to Solomon, but it's already worth to be seen:


Hope you like it. Don't stay away - go to the forums and tell us which ship you love most!



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Don't you have to stop playing at some point for a ga...

05 Oct 2015

Posted by theAntiBob In: Classic/Retro Space Games

I should probably introduce myself in the "appropriate" section, but seeing as how most people's phones are more powerful than any of my computers I pretty much belong here with the rest of the discarded spacejunk waiting to be tractored in...


BEHOLD: i am theAntiBob!


If you were around in the IHHD days, you may have Descent with Xenocide... that was me, too.

I was the kid being laughed out of the room for saying that WC Privateer should be multiplayer back in '94... No one thought it would ever be possible, much less what to call a "MMO" back then...


I've played a little VO (vendetta) and that's as close to my vision of MP Privateer as i've seen, so i'm open to suggestions for a "new" game.





I have had EXTREMELY great success getting "retro" games to run on GNU/Linux machines using wine and would like to offer my knowledge to the SSC community.

Having a little trouble getting an oldie to work on a "modern" computer? ASK ME! I probably already have, and I love helping "true" gamers shed their windows shackles and dive into the world of computing freedom.




This site is the best community resource for the best genre of "games" on the net, BAR NONE! and I hope I can act as a contributing resource for all of you.




If I can stop lurking and join the ranks of SSC, anyone can! Let your voice be heard where no one can hear you scream!

  109 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by theAntiBob )


New Eggosoft Game

04 Oct 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: X Series

So Egosoft has hinted at a new game in one of the patch update videos, some of the games sites were reporting that it's X4 but the video makes no mention of a new X game, it just states that they want to add empire building and being able to fly multiple ships.



So anyone want to speculate on what they might do?.


I like to see them continue the XR story line but with more ship to fly and bring back the station docking from X2 with just one docking hangar on the stations.Put all the internal areas together then the creeping about in ducts and the hacking or mini games would have more use than they do at the moment.


Planet,  not sure if they should add planets into the Xgames but given that they will have so much competition when the get around to releasing a new game they my have no choice but to add them.

In that case it may make more sense to keep the the game small as in XR which is only 4 solar systems big, they should go for a small universe but with grater detail instead of having hundreds and thousands of solar systems.

Again as with the stations they should group all the star ports facilities around the landing pad with maybe only one or two areas on the planet which can be landed on.

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Battleship Commander

04 Oct 2015

Mdaddett back with a Kickstarter for Battleship Commander https://www.kickstar...eship-commander


Looking for €20K also have a demo to download, needs a better pitch video and I hope he remembers to do lots of updates.


Site http://battleshipcom...er.blogspot.it/



Battleship Commander is a single player, non twitch-based sandbox space game. The features that differentiate it from others game of the same genre are the accurate damage modeling and ship customization. The ships are made of hulls with slots for component and turrets. You build the ship by filling the slots with components. These can be for examples powerplants, engines, weapons and many others. Each component has mass, hitpoints, dimensions and a position inside the ship and can be damaged. When it happens the ship lose the functionality provided by that component. The armor of the hull and turrets can be customized by choosing the metal type and the thickness. The interaction between weapons and armor is realistically modeled. You start with a small ship and by fighting, trading or mining acquire larger ships, fleets and space stations. In Battleship Commander you are the captain of the ship and do not manually aim the guns or pilot the ship, instead you give orders to the AI, though manual piloting is possible.


Also the game has a thread here if you want to see how the game game has progressed over the years. http://spacesimcentr...ship-commander/

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Amazing news over on IndieDB 'Force Multiplier'

03 Oct 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space


Huge announcement over on IndieDB folks as we get a new talented team member to assist us, Mathias (previously of Deep Space Settlement) joins the team further upping the quality of our ships and stations and speeding the time it’ll take to construct the long list of planned assets.

In other news you can get a sneak peek at 3D renderings of the new INC faction ‘Armstrong’ modular cruiser, some shots of the updated UI and yet another cogent summary of progress from James in the latest news ‘Force Multiplier.’

“Back in the trenches Mathias joins the project in an unexpected twist of good fortune, it’s a curious sensation actually as I remember peering over the game design document a month ago thinking ‘man that INC faction and their modular ships has Mathias’ name all over it’ but beyond even that we’ve been seeking his council for well over a year now…”

Read on in the latest article 'Force Multiplier'


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Galaxy map problems

03 Oct 2015

Posted by 2YRRAH In: Pioneer



I'm new to this forum and Pioneer, but I played Elite II may years ago on the Atari (and loved it).  I'm amazed and appreciative of all work that has gone into creating this new game that has its roots in such a great old game. 



I'm having trouble though, with the 3D Galaxy map.  I keep encountering system locations on the B/B that I cannot find on the map.  I've run into this eventually in every game I've started and have had to restart about 5 times now.  It makes the game almost umplayable for me. 


Last night it happened on my very first trip in a new game!  I started at New Hope and found a package delivery mission (to McMillan Town, Zeda  [4,0,-1], 27.75ly)  on the B/B that I accepted.   I did a search for the Zeda system and it gave me an exact match...but located at (0,-5,-1)  and 32.16ly away, and uninhabited.


So I searched for 4,0,-1.  This took me to a system at that location...but it was called Cemfa and was also uninhabited.


I never was able to find a Zeda system located at 4,0,-1, 27.75ly away from New Hope with a settlement called McMillan Town.  As I said, this behaviour has happened to me several times before in both the 20150912 and the 20151002 versions of the game.


I have searched this forum for a similar problem, read and viewed instructions for using the Galaxy map and have still come up short.  Any guidance on this problem would be greatly appreciated.





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Minor mods: custom mouse pointers

03 Oct 2015

Posted by joonicks In: Pioneer Mods



Just starting to make mods, hopefully more will follow.


Right now there is only 4 custom mouse pointers to choose between.




  64 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by Geraldine )


Space Simulation Best Features

30 Sep 2015

I'm trying to find a specific feature for my would be space game, so I'd like to know what are your favorite things in a space flight simulator in terms of experience. You may mention stuff from existing games. For example I like exploration, but more specifically I like the feeling of driving the Mako in Mass Effect and not so much scanning planets in Elite Dangerous. I love the newtonian flight of KSP, but it would probably be too realistic for a game with close quarters combat, those are the nuances I'm looking for in order to find unique stuff.

  357 Views · 10 replies ( Last reply by xeoncat )


Starfall Tactics WIP: 3D models

30 Sep 2015

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


More 3D models today for you! Don't hesitate to read this short article or just watch a hypnotizing turret gif, Premier and Tarnhelm ships in all their beauty.


Say "Hello!" to a friendly turret making it's first step into this cruel world. Being not as cute as it looks, in Starfall Tactics these nice things help blowing away your enemies by firing and trying to not get broken up. Obviously, broken turrets can't shoot, so take care of it and it'll pay you back by defeating several opponents.



Here is a full 3D model of Eclipse dreadnought which you could see in previous WIP articles and now it's ready to entertain you by showing all the details. Just touch and move Premier to watch carefully every single part of it.



Tarnhelm, another ship mentioned before, is a large vessel belonging to Vanguard faction and covered with red, the color of war and fire. Spend some time to look at this dazzlingly beautiful model and wait for Starfall Tactics' tests or release to get it in-game!


As Premier and Tarnhelm have finally made it's long way into the game, we hope on showing and telling you more interesting things next week. We also welcome all thoughts about Starfall Tactics - don't forget to visit our forum section as you can find some information there.

Hope you enjoyed it!


  99 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Relampago )


NASA TV Channel

28 Sep 2015

Posted by Geraldine In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

Didn't find any links to this on the forum so thought I'd add it. There is sometimes very interesting things to be found on here. Here is the link:


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Starpoint Gemini 2 new game, patch and DLC

27 Sep 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: Starpoint Gemini 2

And another game get an anniversary http://steamcommunit...959224014342926 alone with news of a new game and DLC



This weekend, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Little Green Men Games will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Starpoint Gemini 2 on Steam, offering all Starpoint Gemini games at 70% off for a week, as a Special Promotion.

Demonstrating continued support for the game, the developer released a new patch this week, with tweaks and optimizations.

There is further exciting news regarding the highly successful space sim franchise, with the announcement of new DLC for November 2015 (named "Titans"), as well as the message that the strategy-oriented sequel Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is still on course for a Steam Early Access entry during Q4-2015.

About Starpoint Gemini 2 Titans DLC:

  • 3 new Titan class ships and 3 new chain-quests.
  • Choose and help one of the three major factions finish their Titan and fight other Titans.
  • A new set of hero characters to hunt down.




  • FIXED: An error that could potentially cause the game to crash when a fighter is firing a missile at the same time as the ship is going through its OnDestroy animation
  • FIXED: A potential CTD error when merceneries are attacking a defense platform
  • FIXED: An error in the "Rogues signing off pt.2" mission (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Faction change issue related to the Korkyran Triumvirate and the Liberation front (Origins DLC)
  • FIXED: Waiting for orders objective issue when crossing from mission 22 to mission 23
  • FIXED: An error where the Apocalypto didn't regenerate shields after they were shut down
  • FIXED: An error that would cause the game to crash when accessing the Starchart after all nebulas were removed from the game world
  • FIXED: A memory leak that would manifest after a long playing session. Several textures were never released from memory.
  • UPDATED: Slight PhysX optimization
  • UPDATED: Optimized Junkyards to increase performance
  • UPDATED: Riftway slightly optimized for better performance
  • UPDATED: Game now records more data into the Log.txt


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Wing Commanders 25th Anniversary

27 Sep 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: Wing Commander Series

Wow is really 25 years, mind you I played the game a few years later on my Amiga 1200, got about half way through the game when I got a hard drive the Amiga and then started the game again and yes it was much better, least I did not have to swap disk every time I launched from the claw.



Have a look at CIC site http://www.wcnews.com/ as theirs probably other things going on as well.

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Void Destroyer 2

26 Sep 2015

Just a little tip bit from a Kickstarter update.




Hope you are all well. I've been working hard on Void Destroyer 2 and decided to try my luck once more with Kickstarter. I hope that that this doesn't sound too corny - but for me, it isn't just about the money, but also about the support and structure (updates, communication and schedules) that comes with it.

I'm not exactly sure when I'll launch the project, but I hope to do so very soon (within the next couple of weeks). I started working on the trailer yesterday and there is a bit of co-ordination involved.

Like I discussed with you guys in the past - Void Destroyer 2 will be a sandbox game. It will still combine the RTS control mechanic, I think that it will be a great addition to other sandbox games out there.

I hope that many of you will back Void Destroyer 2 - it would be a great benefit to get a good momentum early to counter balance my tiny ability to market. I hope that the trailer, pitch, and backer levels earn your trust again. Plus I'd love to see some of the familiar faces once again :)

Just to warn you guys - the art style is radically different (this was a big concern of mine - but I love how it looks after a lot of trial and error) - but there's elements of the old one still around. I'll go into detail during one of the updates in the new Kickstarter.

As always - thanks for supporting Void Destroyer.


Hope theirs a PayPal option.

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Update 3.61

26 Sep 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: X Series

Lot of more fixes for XR. http://steamcommunit...538328750568207



X Rebirth 3.61 is now available, with a few more fixes and small improvements.

• Added ability to toggle HUD display (default mapping Shift-H).
• Improved "flight assist off" mode by allowing stop key to operate.
• Improved AI pathing and mission guidance to and from Empty Space zones.
• Improved DPS calculations for launchers including one very wrong case of overpowered missile turrets.
• Fixed multiple causes of "stuck trades".
• Fixed construction vessels adding unbuilt upgrades after repairing a station.
• Fixed welder drones occasionally working on wrong parts of station after loading savegame.
• Fixed player owned ships ignoring the "Refuel automatically" Captain's option when they are not in squad.
• Fixed beam weapons not heating up over time.
• Fixed infopoint location at several stations.
• Fixed secondary resource efficiency effects not showing up in menus when only some resources are present.
• Fixed targeting of mission offer or infopoint causing zone map to stop working.
• Fixed hotkeys and back button on repair menu slider not working.
• Fixed in-game processing of mouse clicks when click is bringing game window into focus.
• Fixed Steam Workshop options not being available in Extensions menu if the extension list is empty.
• Fixed selection of gates using map.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• Several small performance and memory optimisations.


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Angels Fall First Early Access Announced

26 Sep 2015

Angels Fall First  (Previously AFF:Planetstorm) has announced that they will be releasing on Early Access on October 1.





Angels Fall First will be available to buy on Steam Early Access from October 1st.
It's been a long time coming, but we are proud to finally present the game with hundreds of improvements, loads of new content, and many new maps.

We are releasing as Early Access because whilst this is a full working game with lots to see and do, it still has rough edges. We'd feel bad asking for the price of a final release, but we feel that it represents great value in its current state as an Early Access title at a lower price.
It's time to let AFF out into the wild and get people involved!

Detailed Feature List
  • Combined-arms combat - fly starfighters and capital ships, drive vehicles and fight on foot.
  • Objective-based matches, each map features a unique scenario with an escalating set of objectives, plus a Territory Control gametype.
  • Multiplayer up to 64 players, dedicated and listen servers, with bots able to fill in for players in any role.
  • Full AI bot support - use bots to increase body count for matches with fewer players. AI understands every aspect of gameplay, including the chain of command. Offline play is possible, as well as co-op style of matches where human players face off against bots.
  • Tactical, squad-based infantry gameplay.
  • Customizable infantry, vehicle and spacecraft loadouts.
  • Infantry suit modifications to personalize the gameplay style - pick a light suit to run circles around your enemies or a heavy suit to withstand their fire.
  • A huge variety of unique infantry loadout items - weapons, mods, customizable sights, underslung launchers, deployable turrets and more.
  • Intricate gun handling, multiple firemodes per weapon, material penetration, leaning around corners, reviving teammates.
  • 16 different capital ships to take command of, defend, repair or board and sabotage from the inside.
  • Multiple fighter and bomber classes to pilot, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Space battles in which all ships are pilotable from huge battleships to the fighters they launch, infantry combat within capital ship and station interior locations.
  • Space fighters also with customizable weapons and subsystems.
  • Planetside battles involving infantry, vehicles, aircraft and sprawling environments.
  • Vehicular ground combat in all its shock and awe glory.
  • Customizable personal or multi-crew vehicles delivered right onto the battlefield by dropships. Switch out weapons and add vehicle mods as you earn more points.
  • Commander mode - an elected commander can issue orders to squads from a tactical overview map - but if nobody feels like it, the AI commander is always ready to serve.
  • Flexible loadout points system - nothing is locked, but everything costs you points earned in battle.
  • Persistent player stats.
  • Wiki website with extensive lore describing the Angels Fall First universe.
  • Gigabytes of content created by a team of industry-moonlighting pros and talented amateurs over nearly a decade.
AFF overview video

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I'm looking for a game that is around 17 to 20 years...

22 Sep 2015

Posted by UnDutchable In: Classic/Retro Space Games

I had drawn out the game (file attached) as it looks like an old dos compatible game but you are the Green triangle (ship) and simply shoot bullets.


You can land on circles (planets) and in the middle of the map there is a star which has a gravity pull (strong) as well as the planets (weaker) and if flown into too fast you will explode.

Upgrading the planet with a rectangle (factory) and smaller boxes (generator) etc.

You can fight against 1 or more opponents divided in a total of 4 teams.

Restocking on "fuel" and "ammo" on your planet and you can land on other planets and build there to expand!


Hopefully one of you guys remember this game, i spend a lot of hours already trying to find this game and even bought up a lot of game packages to see if its in there.

I even thought remaking the game with possible multiplayer feature but ah well


Thanks in advance,



p.s. my drawing skill isn't that artistic like but it looks almost exactly like it


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Starfall Tactics - Explode it all!

22 Sep 2015

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


Hey, we have some news to share with you - don't miss it because it's going to make your days even more exciting! We're going to show you more models and say a few words about one of Starfall Tactics' features.
Yes, explosions! Those bright things which provide tones of happiness to you or your opponent. In many cases, explosions are made only for showing a ship's death visually, but this time we decided to let the ships explode for real. That means applying damage to nearby ships in some cases and, we hope, it may result in many cases of self-sacrifice tactics so players could benefit even from a lost ship. You also might have heard about self-destruction modules which will help you in the neverending battles of epic explosions.
We have lots of things to do with this feature so just look at this ship falling apart, enjoy and let us know your thoughts about explosions!


In our last article we told you about control points. As we showed only some basic sketches of Tornhelm and Control point we'd love you to take a look at some textured samples as it clarifies what we really want to get in the end.


Those ships are not our only guests today - let's pay attention to Premier, one of the biggest ships of Eclipse, which you could see in sketches before. Sometimes it looks so epic, that our 2D artist calls it a «spacecity», as «spaceship» is no longer a proper term for this vessel.


UI, explosions, effects, backgrounds, ships, etc. - all these things should collaborate together, both in terms of beauty and gameplay. Not only are we going to achieve this synergy, but you must know another important thing:
We make Starfall Tactics with love and hope that whoever will start playing the game in the future is going to feel the meaning of these words, as delivering this project to you means a lot for our team.

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21 Sep 2015

Posted by piotrintes In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Wellcome everyone.


Due to some technical problems with Star Elite I have been working on second project in same time. This project have been realy started before Star Elite about two years ago and now it is finaly finished.


Generation X is space based fabular game. First episode should be taken as introduction to GX series and technical test for game engine. Game engine is alredy in 1.9 version. It is version created with not first but second episode, but contines many bug-fixes and it is compatybile. And this represents a global idea for this series: Evry new version of the engine will be compatybile with all older scripts.


Additionaly game is open for modding, so everyone who have ideas and finds engine usefull is free to make his own campaigns, missions, ships, and even graphical or sound effects.


Special thanks for:

Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/ scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId= 66856&lngWId=1 - Sound engine

Truevision3D - 3D engine - free for non-commercial use


While installing game make sure you select one campaign languate only. Otherwise you may mess up your game.


In case of any technical problems pleace contact me via forum or via e-mail: support@kenlin.pl.


Some screenshots:








Game installer: http://kenlin.pl/GX 1.9 Setup.exe



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20 Sep 2015

Posted by codemachineman In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

This project is something I have been planning for the last couple of years. There has been a long build up and many discussion prior to this point about game mechanics and how the tech tree should operate. Over the last few months I have bee able to work out most of the technical details for the physical mechanics. The IRS (Inertial Reference system) that I created is network ready and tested. It took allot of trial and error but we can now synchronize high velocity (>1 km/s) objects over a network, which was the main multiplayer bearier up to this point.


So, I'm not experienced with video editing but I was able to throw together this demo video highlighting the major miles stones up to this point. This video is only concerned with the physical mechanics and some visual highlight, we have yet to release the details of the the tech tree. However, we are working on it (the tech tree) feverishly. We have allot of detail available on the tech tree and non-physical narrative. We are in the process of building a private forum where we can host discussion about it. If you are at all interested in participating please in touch me with.



Our near term goals is the launch of a kickstater/Patrion fundraising campaign and we are quickly getting to that point. I want to share latest information here so we can get your feedback.

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