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Proposal code: autotrader and mouse functions

17 Apr 2014

Posted by walterar In: Pioneer Mods

Author: Darkdesire

-- /pioneersp/src/KeyBindings.inc.h
+++ /ShipController/KeyBindings.inc.h
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@

 KEY_BINDING(targetObject, "BindTargetObject", Lang::TARGET_OBJECT_IN_SIGHTS, SDLK_t, 0)
-KEY_BINDING(fireLaser, "BindFireLaser", Lang::FIRE_LASER, SDLK_SPACE, 0)
+KEY_BINDING(fireLaser, "BindFireLaser", Lang::FIRE_LASER, 0, 0)
 KEY_BINDING(fireMissile, "BindFireMissile", Lang::FIRE_MISSILE, SDLK_m, 0)

@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@
 KEY_BINDING(thrustLeft, "BindThrustLeft", Lang::THRUSTER_PORT, SDLK_j, 0)
 KEY_BINDING(thrustRight, "BindThrustRight", Lang::THRUSTER_STARBOARD, SDLK_l, 0)
 KEY_BINDING(thrustLowPower, "BindThrustLowPower", Lang::USE_LOW_THRUST, SDLK_LSHIFT, 0)
+KEY_BINDING(FlightFollowMouse, "BindFlightFollowMouse", Lang::FLIGHT_FOLLOW_MOUSE, SDLK_SPACE, 0)
+KEY_BINDING(ActivateAutoTrade, "BindActivateAutoTrade", Lang::ACTIVATE_AUTO_TRADE, SDLK_b, 0)

 KEY_BINDING(increaseSpeed, "BindIncreaseSpeed", Lang::INCREASE_SET_SPEED, SDLK_RETURN, 0)
--- /pioneersp/src/LangStrings.inc.h
+++ /ShipController/LangStrings.inc.h
@@ -218,7 +218,8 @@
@@ -430,6 +431,7 @@
@@ -491,3 +493,5 @@
--- /pioneersp/src/ShipController.cpp
+++ /ShipController/ShipController.cpp
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
 #include "Space.h"
 #include "WorldView.h"
 #include "OS.h"
+#include "LuaEvent.h"

 void ShipController::StaticUpdate(float timeStep)
@@ -33,7 +34,8 @@
 	m_lowThrustPower(0.25), // note: overridden by the default value in GameConfig.cpp (DefaultLowThrustPower setting)
-	m_mouseDir(0.0)
+	m_mouseDir(0.0),
+	m_AutoTradeActivated(false)
 	float deadzone = Pi::config->Float("JoystickDeadzone");
 	m_joystickDeadzone = deadzone * deadzone;
@@ -46,12 +48,22 @@
 	m_fireMissileKey = KeyBindings::fireMissile.onPress.connect(
 			sigc::mem_fun(this, &PlayerShipController::FireMissile));

+	m_FlightMouseFollowing = KeyBindings::FlightFollowMouse.onPress.connect(
+		sigc::mem_fun(this, &PlayerShipController::FlightMouseFollowing));
+	m_ActivateAutoTrade = KeyBindings::ActivateAutoTrade.onPress.connect(
+		sigc::mem_fun(this, &PlayerShipController::ActivateAutoTrade));
+	m_IncreaseSetSpeed = Pi::onMouseWheel.connect(sigc::mem_fun(this, &PlayerShipController::IncreaseSetSpeed));

+	m_FlightMouseFollowing.disconnect();
+	m_IncreaseSetSpeed.disconnect();
+	m_ActivateAutoTrade.disconnect();

 void PlayerShipController::Save(Serializer::Writer &wr, Space *space)
@@ -171,53 +183,71 @@

 		// have to use this function. SDL mouse position event is bugged in windows
 		int mouseMotion[2];
-		SDL_GetRelativeMouseState (mouseMotion+0, mouseMotion+1);	// call to flush
-		if (Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT))
+		SDL_GetRelativeMouseState (mouseMotion+0, mouseMotion+1); // call to flush
+		// if (Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT))
+//		if (KeyBindings::FlightFollowMouse.IsActive())
+//		{
+//			if (Pi::FlightModel==0) Pi::FlightModel=1;
+//			else
+//				Pi::FlightModel=0;
+//		}
+		if (Pi::FlightModel==1)
+			int x,y;
+			SDL_GetMouseState(&x,&y);
+			x-=Pi::renderer->GetWindow()->GetWidth()/2;
+			y-=Pi::renderer->GetWindow()->GetHeight()/2;
+			if ((x > -5) && (x < 5)) x = 0;
+			if ((y > -5) && (y < 5)) y = 0;
 			const matrix3x3d &rot = m_ship->GetOrient();
-			if (!m_mouseActive) {
-				m_mouseDir = -rot.VectorZ();	// in world space
-				m_mouseX = m_mouseY = 0;
+//			if (!m_mouseActive)
+			{
+				m_mouseDir = -rot.VectorZ(); // in world space
+				// m_mouseX = m_mouseY = 0;
 				m_mouseActive = true;
 			vector3d objDir = m_mouseDir * rot;

 			const double radiansPerPixel = 0.00002 * m_fovY;
-			const int maxMotion = std::max(abs(mouseMotion[0]), abs(mouseMotion[1]));
-			const double accel = Clamp(maxMotion / 4.0, 0.0, 90.0 / m_fovY);
-			m_mouseX += mouseMotion[0] * accel * radiansPerPixel;
-			double modx = clipmouse(objDir.x, m_mouseX);
-			m_mouseX -= modx;
+			const int maxMotion = std::max(abs(x), abs(y));
+			const double accel = Clamp(maxMotion / 12.0, 0.0, 90.0 / m_fovY/20.0);
+			m_mouseX = x * accel * radiansPerPixel;
+			m_mouseX = clipmouse(objDir.x, m_mouseX);

 			const bool invertY = (Pi::IsMouseYInvert() ? !m_invertMouse : m_invertMouse);

-			m_mouseY += mouseMotion[1] * accel * radiansPerPixel * (invertY ? -1 : 1);
-			double mody = clipmouse(objDir.y, m_mouseY);
-			m_mouseY -= mody;
-			if(!is_zero_general(modx) || !is_zero_general(mody)) {
-				matrix3x3d mrot = matrix3x3d::RotateY(modx) * matrix3x3d::RotateX(mody);
+			m_mouseY = y * accel * radiansPerPixel * (invertY ? -1 : 1);
+			m_mouseY = clipmouse(objDir.y, m_mouseY);
+			if(!is_zero_general(m_mouseX) || !is_zero_general(m_mouseY))
+			{
+				matrix3x3d mrot = matrix3x3d::RotateY(m_mouseX) * matrix3x3d::RotateX(m_mouseY);
 				m_mouseDir = (rot * (mrot * objDir)).Normalized();
 		else m_mouseActive = false;

-		if (m_flightControlState == CONTROL_FIXSPEED) {
+		if (m_flightControlState == CONTROL_FIXSPEED)
+		{
 			double oldSpeed = m_setSpeed;
-			if (stickySpeedKey) {
-				if (!(KeyBindings::increaseSpeed.IsActive() || KeyBindings::decreaseSpeed.IsActive())) {
+			if (stickySpeedKey)
+			{
+				if (!(KeyBindings::increaseSpeed.IsActive() || KeyBindings::decreaseSpeed.IsActive()))
+				{
 					stickySpeedKey = false;

-			if (!stickySpeedKey) {
+			if (!stickySpeedKey)
+			{
 				if (KeyBindings::increaseSpeed.IsActive())
 					m_setSpeed += std::max(fabs(m_setSpeed)*0.05, 1.0);
 				if (KeyBindings::decreaseSpeed.IsActive())
 					m_setSpeed -= std::max(fabs(m_setSpeed)*0.05, 1.0);
 				if ( ((oldSpeed < 0.0) && (m_setSpeed >= 0.0)) ||
-						((oldSpeed > 0.0) && (m_setSpeed <= 0.0)) ) {
+					((oldSpeed > 0.0) && (m_setSpeed <= 0.0)) )
+				{
 					// flipped from going forward to backwards. make the speed 'stick' at zero
 					// until the player lets go of the key and presses it again
 					stickySpeedKey = true;
@@ -233,9 +263,11 @@
 		if (KeyBindings::thrustLeft.IsActive()) m_ship->SetThrusterState(0, -linearThrustPower);
 		if (KeyBindings::thrustRight.IsActive()) m_ship->SetThrusterState(0, linearThrustPower);

-		if (KeyBindings::fireLaser.IsActive() || (Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_LEFT) && Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT))) {
-				//XXX worldview? madness, ask from ship instead
-				m_ship->SetGunState(Pi::worldView->GetActiveWeapon(), 1);
+		// if (KeyBindings::fireLaser.IsActive() || (Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_LEFT) && Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT)))
+		if (Pi::MouseButtonState(SDL_BUTTON_RIGHT))
+		{
+			//XXX worldview? madness, ask from ship instead
+			m_ship->SetGunState(Pi::worldView->GetActiveWeapon(), 1);

 		if (KeyBindings::yawLeft.IsActive()) wantAngVel.y += 1.0;
@@ -254,17 +286,20 @@
 		changeVec.z = KeyBindings::rollAxis.GetValue();

 		// Deadzone more accurate
-		for (int axis=0; axis<3; axis++) {
-				if (fabs(changeVec[axis]) < m_joystickDeadzone)
-					changeVec[axis]=0.0;
-				else
-					changeVec[axis] = changeVec[axis] * 2.0;
+		for (int axis=0; axis<3; axis++)
+		{
+			if (fabs(changeVec[axis]) < m_joystickDeadzone)
+				changeVec[axis]=0.0;
+			else
+				changeVec[axis] = changeVec[axis] * 2.0;

 		wantAngVel += changeVec;

-		if (wantAngVel.Length() >= 0.001 || force_rotation_damping || m_rotationDamping) {
-			if (Pi::game->GetTimeAccel()!=Game::TIMEACCEL_1X) {
+		if (wantAngVel.Length() >= 0.001 || force_rotation_damping || m_rotationDamping)
+		{
+			if (Pi::game->GetTimeAccel()!=Game::TIMEACCEL_1X)
+			{
 				for (int axis=0; axis<3; axis++)
 					wantAngVel[axis] = wantAngVel[axis] * Pi::game->GetInvTimeAccelRate();
@@ -347,9 +382,36 @@
 	if (!Pi::player->GetCombatTarget())
-	LuaObject<Ship>::CallMethod<bool>(Pi::player, "FireMissileAt", "any", static_cast<Ship*>(Pi::player->GetCombatTarget()));
+	lua_State *l = Lua::manager->GetLuaState();
+	int pristine_stack = lua_gettop(l);
+	LuaObject<Ship>::PushToLua(Pi::player);
+	lua_pushstring(l, "FireMissileAt");
+	lua_gettable(l, -2);
+	lua_pushvalue(l, -2);
+	lua_pushstring(l, "any");
+	LuaObject<Ship>::PushToLua(static_cast<Ship*>(Pi::player->GetCombatTarget()));
+	lua_call(l, 3, 1);
+	lua_settop(l, pristine_stack);
+void PlayerShipController::FlightMouseFollowing()
+	switch (Pi::FlightModel)
+	{
+	case 0:
+		{
+			  Pi::FlightModel = 1;
+			  break;
+		}
+	case 1:
+		{
+			  Pi::FlightModel = 0;
+			  break;
+		}
+	}
 Body *PlayerShipController::GetCombatTarget() const
 	return m_combatTarget;
@@ -381,4 +443,38 @@
 	else if (m_setSpeedTarget == m_navTarget)
 		m_setSpeedTarget = 0;
 	m_navTarget = target;
+void PlayerShipController::IncreaseSetSpeed(bool up)
+	if (Pi::MouseWheel == 0)
+	{
+		if (up)
+		{
+			m_setSpeed += std::max(fabs(m_setSpeed)*0.05, 1.0);
+		}
+		else
+		{
+			m_setSpeed -= std::max(fabs(m_setSpeed)*0.05, 1.0);
+		}
+	}
+void PlayerShipController::ActivateAutoTrade()
+	switch (m_AutoTradeActivated)
+	{
+	case true:
+	{
+		LuaEvent::Queue("onActivateAutoTradeOFF", Pi::player);
+		m_AutoTradeActivated = false;
+		break;
+	}
+	case false:
+	{
+		LuaEvent::Queue("onActivateAutoTradeON", Pi::player);
+		m_AutoTradeActivated = true;
+		break;
+	}
+	}
--- /pioneersp/src/ShipController.h
+++ /ShipController/ShipController.h
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@
 	void SetRotationDamping(bool enabled);
 	void ToggleRotationDamping();
 	void FireMissile();
+	void FlightMouseFollowing();
+	void IncreaseSetSpeed(bool up);
+	void ActivateAutoTrade();

 	//XXX AI should utilize one or more of these
@@ -92,6 +95,7 @@
 	bool m_invertMouse; // used for rear view, *not* for invert Y-axis option (which is Pi::IsMouseYInvert)
 	bool m_mouseActive;
 	bool m_rotationDamping;
+	bool m_AutoTradeActivated;
 	double m_mouseX;
 	double m_mouseY;
 	double m_setSpeed;
@@ -106,6 +110,9 @@

 	sigc::connection m_connRotationDampingToggleKey;
 	sigc::connection m_fireMissileKey;
+	sigc::connection m_FlightMouseFollowing;
+	sigc::connection m_IncreaseSetSpeed;
+	sigc::connection m_ActivateAutoTrade;


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Earth to ECHO

16 Apr 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television


  15 Views · 0 replies


The Signal

16 Apr 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television


  11 Views · 0 replies


Come celebrate Alkotó -- a Solrain (Jumpgate) Holiday

16 Apr 2014

Posted by Ambrosius In: Jumpgate Series

If you played as a Solrain character in Jumpgate, and have not yet come back to play the revived game, next Tuesday is a good time to come back since it is an ancient Solrain holiday called Alkotó and it also marked the end of the fiscal year for Solrain corporations.  Perfect time for an Sol to rejoin the JG universe.  ;)


Here's the story on this year's holiday:




STCC Calls for Alkotó Supplies
by Kedra Brenari, reporting for UUNN


Wake Station – The STCC has put out a call for all Solrain pilots to help with preparation for this year’s Alkotó celebrations on 104.04.22.


“We are thrilled to host the official Alkotó festival this year,” said Hantor Rebenios, Governor of The Wake station. “And T&P has been a great partner in helping us pull things together. But we need our independent Solrain pilots to help as well by hauling in supplies for the event. We still need Organic Foods, Beers (all types), Water and Textiles for the various Corporation dinners that will be hosted here after The Closing.”


“We’ll also need about 50 Sabre missiles delivered as well,” Rebenios added.


Modern Alkotó is primarily "celebrated" as the end of the Fiscal Year (“The Closing”), when books are closed and profits are calculated. The work day ends and celebrations begin at 14:00 GBS Time (14:00 GMT; 9:00 EDT). Most Solrain Corporations treat their employees to a fine dinner. Fireworks -- usually accompanied by a concert or music of some sort -- are the traditional finale to this holiday. Since Pilots and Space Station Residents can’t enjoy fireworks the alternate tradition is “Nuking the Gate” where a number of Sabre missiles are fired at a specified gate with the resulting light show broadcast throughout the Commonwealth.


Because the political climates with both Octavius and Quantar are tense this year, there have been no official invitations made outside of Solrain. “Unofficially,” said an unnamed STCC official, “all pilots with peaceful intentions are welcome to help us prepare and to join the celebration on the 22nd – especially for The Nuking of the Wake/Purian gate.”


Gate Nuking traditionally takes place at 24:00 GBS Time (Midnight GMT; 19:00 EDT), so all pilots are warned to stay well away from the Wake/Purian Lake gate between 23:50 and 00:10 GBS time to avoid unfortunate accidents.


Alkotó is an ancient feast that predates the Sorian culture, and is now sometimes referred to as "Founder's Day." Many scholars insist that the original translation/meaning was closer to "creator" or "begetter of all things" and that the newer "Founder's Day" was simply the result of modern-day secularization of Solrain culture.



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Mod Support

16 Apr 2014

Posted by SJones In: Colonisation: Moonbase

So the kickstrter backers got an early heads up on a new feature that has been worked on and now opening it up to everyone to know.


Colonisation: Moonbase will have mod support, there are some good and bad news on this front though.


Due to the continued extended development time required at this point mod support will be fully implemented after release.


The good news is though the functionality could be added sooner, 85% of the functionality of the mod support is in it is the super easy UI that I want to develop that will have to come after release.



Here is the kickstarter information I released and should explain all about the mod support



What will this mod support look like?
Well the one thing I wanted to do is make it super easy for people to make all kinds of mods, this means no extra tools or downloads, there will be a specific menu in the front end for mods to create and add, most of the cleanup of code, while has helped me develop the game easier and get some performance back has also meant that adding additional content is possible straight from within the game.

So what can you mod?
Well if you really wanted to you can mod the original content, while this will not be possible from within the game itself it is completely possible by editing a database.

What can you mod in game.
Well you can add as many buildings as you like, setting up their resource cost, income and outcome, description, name, how many colonists will work there etc. just like any other building in the game.

For buildings you will need to get a 3D model and texture, these can be created by yourself or obtained through other sources available on the internet, there will be some setup required to get the texture working in game and giving them correct naming convention.

Missions, you will be able to add your own set of missions to the game to run alongside the normally available missions. These can follow any scheme that the current missions will follow

The plan is then to make this easy to package up and then unpack into another copy of the game, avoiding mod mixing problems allowing you to add as many as you like without any interference from each other.

While these are all possible, unfortunately the UI to make this all super easy will take some time to do and while might be an awesome addition to the game, its not essential to the games release.



As mentioned above in its current form there is some mod support, if enough interest is shown in modding the game before the official UI is made I can potentially finish it up to get some basic mod support going.


What you will definitely need to add a mod without the UI is an sqlite database editor, for those who want to add 3D content you will either need to find a model of the internet that will fit specific requirements (the UI will hopefully get around most of these) or the best approach is to model the content yourself in a 3D modeling program.


As to textures for the 3D content, again you can use existing textures if you wish however the specular (shiny surface) and emmisive (glowing / light emitting) have a specific requirements to follow and it is suggested that you have 2D editing software like photoshop.


If there is interest in modding please post below and I will do a short write up on the specifics mentioned above so that you can start making mods while the mod support is being added.

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Need help!

15 Apr 2014

Posted by Tommygun628 In: Fairspace

I just dled the game and joined the forums. I can only get to update screen then it goes to desktop and closes. I've tried the fixes, I'm on Windows 8. I uploaded my bootlog here Attached File  gbootlog.txt   5.74K   1 downloads

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Outcast Reboot HD

15 Apr 2014

Posted by PINBACK In: PC and Console Gaming

Quick shout out for this Kickstarter https://www.kickstar...tcast-reboot-hd


Looking for a huge $600K.




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Exodus of Sol

15 Apr 2014

aka Sol Exodus remastered, or whatever you'd like to call it.




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Lera Solar System für Celestia

14 Apr 2014



^ Auf dieser Seite kann man dass Sonnensystem leider nicht mehr runterladen, auf der anderen Seite, die dort verlinkt ist, ist es auch nicht zu finden.

Hat jemand die Datei Lera1.zip (Lera Solar System) für Celestia auf dem Rechner? Wenn ja, kann mir jemand diese Datei schicken oder hier anhängen? Wäre sehr nett. Vielen Dank in voraus.


^ Translate in English Please.

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Syfy announces : The Expanse.

13 Apr 2014

Posted by shadmar In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television
If you can believe it, Syfy may be getting back to its pre-name change roots. A notable addition to its plans for the next year is a new TV series based on a popular series of sci-fi books known asThe Expanse. The first book Leviathan Wakes snagged nominations in 2012 for the Hugo Award for Best Novel and Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. Set 200 years in the future, it focuses on a ship captain and detective searching for a missing young woman, with a sprawling story and scope that have netted comparisons to both Star Wars and Game of Thrones. We'd be more than pleasantly surprised if it reached anywhere near those heights, but Syfy president Dave Howe is claiming this is the network's "most ambitious series to date."


  64 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by CaptainKal )

  145 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )


new Ceres teaser trailer

11 Apr 2014

Posted by pavlosg In: Ceres

Hello everyone !


if you are interested, there is a new teaser trailer available for Ceres, our cyber tactical space-combat game.


You may find it on your beloved youtube:



or in the media section of our site:



...where you can also check tons of things concerning our game, including a devblog.





thanks for reading, and take care all.

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Quantum rush

10 Apr 2014

Don't know if this is the right category for a racing game, but...


I personally get reminded of wip3out by this game. Others saw a F-zero esque game in it. Regardless, a trailer:




And here's me playing it:




Impressions/opinions? ;)

  111 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by robske )


Searching for an old game.

09 Apr 2014

Posted by 4LIFE In: Classic/Retro Space Games

Hello everyone!


I am trying to find old game from my childhood. It was a top down space shooter, where you could take quests and trade. In the beginning your starship is smashed by asteroid, and some trader saves you and gives you your first quest.


Thank you for your help.

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[solved] Cannot launch the game

09 Apr 2014

Posted by Tchey In: Pioneer



I don't know where to post it, i cannot launch the game.

I'm running Windows 7 64, up to date drivers, and decent and recent computer.

I've tried with different versions over the last few weeks, and it's always the same trouble.


I start the game, i see the window with the loading screen "generating universe" or something like this, then the game go full black screen for 1 seconde, and crash to desktop. I can see a popup from Windows's system about "AMD driver was not responding" (not sure about the translation, my system is in french).


Could you help please ?


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Interstellar Rift

09 Apr 2014


Hi everyone, i'm Alex and i'm part of a small indie development studio in the Netherlands called Split Polygon. All 5 of us are fresh out of college and have been working on our first game "Interstellar Rift" for a little over a year, which I would like to tell you a little bit more about.


Interstellar Rift is a space sim which will lets you get out of the pilot seat and manage your ship from a first person perspective. This means you'll be able to man a single ship with multiple people working together while you explore a proceduraly generated galaxy, fight enemies and other players or simply mine to your heart's content so you can further expand your ship. 


Players can use the ship builder to design their spaceships in whatever shape or size they want. You will be able to completely customize the interior and exterior to suit your tastes and needs. Further down the line you'll also be able to create space stations in this manner.


Our goal is to create the a sci-fi space sim sandbox, where players can do whatever they like. Build a giant capitol ship with your friends and attempt to maintain order as you lay claim to a star system or simply play the humble pirate that teleports aboard other player's ships and raids their cargo when the shields are down. or perhaps you're more of a trader, finding rare resources and items to sell to other players for big profit.


Our first devblog will explain what we've done so far and where we're heading.


You can check out our screenshot gallery here


We've recently released our pre-alpha ship builder to the public for free, and we would like people to play around with it and give us feedback. The ship builder will allow you to design a ship from the ground up and also let you walk around inside via virtual tour mode. As its still very early in development any feedback you're willing to provide will help us greatly in making sure its fun and easy to use.

We are currently updating the ship editor every two weeks and we hope to have the alpha version of the game out later this year. you can download the ship builder here


We hope you'll give the editor a try and let us know what you think.


In any case, any critique comments or questions are more than welcome and I'll do my best to answer all of them.


For more information please check out our website and forums at: www.interstellarrift.com

or feel free to follow us on twitter, facebook or IndieDB


Thank you,


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Space Corp Tycoon Game

07 Apr 2014

Greetings fans of sci-fi and space :)


Im a one man team working on a game called Space Corp Tycoon, and im the type of developer who just loves to interact with fans and get them involved when possiblem i bring this here to show you a little about the concept and to broaden the horizens.


First up are some useful links and then a description for you all.


Developer website - http://www.ent3rgaming.co.uk/

Forum - Fanbase/TestbuildDistribution - http://www.ent3rgaming.proboards.com

Steam Greenlight - http://steamcommunit...s/?id=226018192


Quick Summary

A Space Themed Text and Integer Management Sim, Spread Your Corporation across the stars and Colonize Galaxies, in this one of a Kind Game. 

Important Please Read 
This game is still in development, and we are currently transitioning from prototype to working build, adding the Gameplay as each part is completed, NO Trailer will be available for another 2 month's (Posting you have no trailer will NOT Speed things up) 

Planned Features
  • Unique Storyline 
  • Text-Based Adventure Missions 
  • 100+ Space Planets/Locations 
  • Colony Management 
  • Planetary Scouting & Exploration 
  • Space Battles 
  • Ground Battles 
  • Player Space Station 
  • Research and Upgrades

So what is Space Corp Tycoon?

Space Corp Tycoon is a Realtime Text and Integer Based Space Business/Exploration Game, With Combat Elements and It has been designed to be played on the desktop while browsing or idling on the web, this should reflect in the final product. 

In-Depth Analysis of the Mechanics and Gameplay Idea's 
Game mechanics are handled mostly on the basis of investment in the corporation, as it is in real life, You can use your funds to build ships/buildings, send out probes or to colonize other worlds. (But with this we can mix in story elements and random events to make it a fun and surprising experience) 

Combat is handled in a simple yet effective manner also, Ships are assigned values and each attack uses simple math to detract from fleet powers, First to lose fleet power loses the battle, It Will be more advanced eventually but for now it works as intended. 

All but the earth will be affected by population/food mechanics, You will only be able to sustain a population that you can feed, if you cannot it will have consequences. 

You will eventually reach a part of the game and gain access to new features like a secret space base with access to new ships and your own mining colony, you can even Start Building your very own planet eventually. 

And then we also have the explore surface option or planets, from this we can search/scout locations and gain access to special resources, Or just have a closer look at your colony. 

System Requirements 
The game should run on any machine - I will update if that changes


If you have any feedback or questions do let me know.

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