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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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    No Man's Sky

    sscadmin - May 28 2016 08:40 PM

    Press release:    Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely...

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    Starsector v0.7.2.a

    sscadmin - May 28 2016 07:35 PM

    This really isn't new news but Starsector (aka Starfarer) has been in alpha for quite some time a...

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    sscadmin - May 28 2016 07:19 PM

    I haven't played the newer demo yet, but I really like this body scanner concept. In what ways ca...

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    Rebel Galaxy (PS4/PC)

    sscadmin - May 28 2016 07:10 PM

    You would think with all the very positive feedback on Steam that gamers would pay for some DLC t...

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    sscadmin - May 28 2016 07:06 PM

    I like their digging and creation tools so far, and the lighting is nice. Game definitely looks i...

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    No Man's Sky

    MvGulik - May 28 2016 01:45 PM

    I was hoping the delay might have had some thing to do with the PlayStation VR but it looks like...

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    Rebel Galaxy (PS4/PC)

    PINBACK - May 28 2016 09:42 AM

    450 meg update to the game but don't worry as you are not missing anything, they just added a bun...

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    PINBACK - May 28 2016 09:33 AM

    Dev video on multiplayer (boring) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHtW4kG48XU

  • PINBACKPhoto
    No Man's Sky

    PINBACK - May 28 2016 09:29 AM

    Maybe they are saving the BEST version for you guys :)  Maybe less bugs. :lol: I w...

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    PINBACK - May 28 2016 09:24 AM

    It did finally come out yesterday just under the 1 GB about 850 meg, just had a quick mess around...

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Starsector v0.7.2.a

28 May 2016

Posted by sscadmin In: Starsector
This really isn't new news but Starsector (aka Starfarer) has been in alpha for quite some time ahem 5yrs but it is still being developed and has quite the following actually and every so often I go back to their website to see what is new. Listening to this latest trailer I am really impressed about the sound effects in the game. And the attention to detail has always been high on this game (just look at the patch notes for this small release to get an idea: http://fractalsoftwo...p?topic=10661.0), I will probably purchase once this game hits beta.

But for those that may like top down type games this one has a bunch of mods and a dedicated set of developers continuing work on this game to make it perfect. So show your support and visit their website and take a look around: http://fractalsoftworks.com/

Note: the download on their site is for the alpha version but you will need to purchase a key to unlock it.

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No updates for 8 months - is this game dead?

28 May 2016

Posted by Chesterman In: Colonisation: Moonbase

The last communication was in September last year. I guess this has been abandoned?

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Starfall Tactics WIP: New logo, mines and rarity system

27 May 2016

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


Undermine your opponents, watch the evolution of Starfall Tactics's logo and get familiar with blueprints rarity system - it's a nice chance to get closer to the game! Feel free to discuss it ans ask away on the forum - we always welcome new Commanders!

New logo

Starfall Tactics logo gets a brand-new look - and it's more epic, sci-fied and more beautiful than ever! Don't miss it and watch the evolution of logo in this new video, showing all versions of it - from the first and the one you got used to, to the new logo you will see from now on!

And here is a super colored version just for you:



We hope you liked it - anyway, feel free to write about your impressions!


No, that's not the place where you get coal - it's a real mine which explodes when you step on it or, in our case - flies too close to it.


There are four mine types for now:

  • Flack mine - works as a usual mine - activates and deals damage when you get close to it;
  • Stalker Mine - if you get a ship close enough, Stalker Mine rushes to you, explodes and damages armor and structure;
  • EMP mine - deals damage to shields, activates when you fly close to it.
  • Heavy Plasma Mine - unlike other mines, it has a friend or foe recognition system. Activates and deals damage when you get close to it.
  • They are very small, so you will need to watch the battlefield carefully in order to not get cought by mines - remember that three of those will not distinguish between friendly and enemy ships.


What could be better than admiring a new epic card of equipment you've just recieved? We, in Snowforged Entertainment, understand the meaning of the visual difference between cards depending on rarity and the joy of finding epic and legendary items, so let's present to you a brand new look for it.



Keep in mind that all descriptions and characteristics are subject to change.

At the moment we have 4 types of rarity of blueprints: Basic, Refined, Advanced and Prototype. All of them you can get while opening booster packs or, if you are lucky enough, buy from the Black Market, or get it by destroying fleets of other players on the Galaxy map.


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Earth, The Planet is so beautiful!

26 May 2016

Posted by DerrickMoore In: Pioneer

I havn't loaded up Pioneer in a while... and the version my son and I play is like 3 years old now, but has no pirates, but has his favorite starship we painted new colours for in photoshop.


But Earth, I am stunned, The Old Earth was pretty good. Ive had some great adventures flying across the Earth, exploring Seattle, and Mt Kilamanjaro and some other Earth-side features. I spent like 2 mins on Earth, ... I just had to post and say what an awesome job you people have done.


Ok, Every new version of Pioneer, I got fly to Seattle, I bet I'll be able to see my house from there (or at least the hill I live on)





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Galaxy on Fire 3

25 May 2016

Posted by PINBACK In: Mobile and Web Gaming

Not from the original creators of the game but a new lot calling themselves Fishlabs.



No doubt more F2P or pay to win nonsense as I read some where they have changed the 2nd game to this on the mobile platforms. 

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Star Trail - Updates

25 May 2016

Posted by SCAREKRO In: Solotra.B

Hi everyone. I've nearly completed work on a space survival game, I've named Star Trail (inspired by Oregon/Organ Trail). As I move closer to the completion of this game, I am endeavoring to post incremental updates across the internet and here on this forum. I have a number of loose ends that need to be tied up before I can put out a playable demo, but I am estimating that it will be ready in a month.


If anyone wants to know more about the game, don't hesitate to send me your questions. Here's a short GIF of some of the aspects of the game (should give you the general idea of what it's about):




I am forever coming up with random text encounters and events (and always need more) so if anyone has anything that they think would be cool to put in the game, I am more than happy to included it in. Stuff that references (or hints at) sci-fi culture would be the best! Thanks all. Hope to have people playing the game soon!

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Galactic Astrometrics and Nexus of Jump-points | a Star C...

25 May 2016

Posted by Mithix In: Star Citizen
Find our corporation homepage here!

What is Galactic Astrometrics?

GANJ is a casual corporation dedicated to offering opportunities for work and career expansion in Exploration, Scouting, and Fringe-service activities. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks. 
Outside of basic exploration, we encourage our enlisted members to perform services on paid mission basis', which include Research and Rescue, Medical assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes. Our main source of income is providing these services for clients and allied organizations.

We are a proud member of Cognition Corporation, a network of hundreds of organizations. For our main members, we will provide priority access to *paid* (UEE) missions based on contracts taken from allied organizations. Since this is a casual corporation we do not require the general populace to remain active, nor do we require main membership status to join.

We do expect great maturity from our members, and no racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. 

A hierarchical voting system

Each of our ranks are given different amounts of votes; Voting sessions will take place at the beginning of the month following the announcement of prospective legislation. When voting, different ranks will have different voting powers:
Admirals - 6 votes
Captains - 6 votes
Commanders - 5 votes
Lieutenants - 4 votes
Ensigns - 2 votes
Crewmen - 1 vote
If the member is an officer of any kind, they shall be assigned an additional 2 votes. (Not to be stacked)

Ranks and Roles:



Fleet Admiral (1)


A single 'Fleet Admiral' will maintain the corporation by creating legislation to vote on, but cannot take place in voting sessions.
Fleet Admirals to not have a specified maximum amount of time to act in office, but may be removed from their post if a vote calls for such an action.


Admiral (5+)


An 'Admiral' takes place in a preliminary voting session before other members. (Able to veto proposals with 75% veto votes)
Admirals are voted on by everyone with equal voting power [1 vote for each spot] every 2 months. 
Requirement for an Admiral position is being at or above the rank of Lieutenant.
The number of Admirals is not to exceed 5% of the corporations population. (Not including the fleet admiral)
Admirals also organize missions and dispatch Captains or Commanders. Funding for official missions is provided by the corporation.




Typically lead parties of ships on sensitive missions. 
If a Captain wishes to take corporation members to complete an unofficial or private mission, a Captain must fund 50% of the mission expense. 
Captains may promote or demote members based on certain guidelines.
A group of 10 Captains may submit legislation, which cannot be vetoed by Admirals, directly to the voting polls.




Commanders typically accompany Captains on missions, or may be assigned a leader role on a mission if they are deemed sufficiently trained.
Commanders may propose promotions/demotions, as well as submit formal mission proposals.




Lieutenants are granted two additional votes on general polls, relative to Ensigns.

Lieutenants are the first rank capable of selecting specific contracts.
First rank capable of being promoted to Admiral by voting.




At this rank, the member must agree to perform direct orders made by Captains and Admirals while partaking in missions. 
Insubordination will be penalized according to guidelines.




A standard member, has no special duties or abilities. Typically it is a crewman's job to make themselves appear fit for more intense duty (promotion).


Currently there are several methods of increasing your likelihood of rank growth, including but not limited to:
  • Keeping Galactic Astrometrics and Nexus of Jump-points' affiliation as your main organization.
  • Scoring in the top 10% in any Arena Commander leaderboard.
  • Removing GANJ as a redacted/hidden affiliation
  • Joining in on org flight days.
  • Completing the membership survey.
The membership survey can be found here.


  • Introducing yourself on the GANJ corporation forum thread.
Our forum thread can be accessed here.


  • Maintaining activity on the forums/Discord server
Our Discord server can be accessed here.


  • Adding the corporation banner to your forum signature
The banner can be found here.
A guide on how to change your forum signature is here.

Official Missions/Contracts:

Admirals will negotiate, approve or deny contract requests submitted by organizations or individuals. These missions will be carried out by members of the corporation, however missions cannot be ordered, a member always has a choice to perform the mission or not. Whenever members from the corporation are hired for a mission they will always be paid, but must always adhere to protocol while on the mission.

Members with the rank of Lieutenant or above will be given access to all available contracts for GANJ.
Members below the rank of Lieutenant (Crewman or Ensign) will still be given opportunities to take part in missions whenever possible, however 
they will only be offered contracts (therefore cannot choose specific contracts and are not given access to the contract database).
This is done to prevent sensitive or private information from leaking, and to maintain the reputation of GANJ.


Restricted Contracts are contracts in which the details are kept confidential. Typically these contracts bring greater UEE rewards and higher likelihood of rank growth if completed successfully. Breaching the confidentiality agreement of a restricted contract is grounds for suspension or even permanent termination depending on severity.




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24 May 2016

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television
Just came across this seems like an inception clone/type movie, but overall being trapped in our mind seems like a great concept where anything is plausible on screen :)

They say it will be out in 2017....

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24 May 2016

This looks like a nice rpg, and there is only 3 days left to their kickstarter.

Check out the video people and play the prologue demo and if you like it get onboard with the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstar...nux/description

Play the demo: http://insomnia-project.com/demo/

Looks like they had a successful kickstarter before as well, but went over budget with what they are trying to achieve and from first glance looks like it was worth exceeding their budget.

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Starfall Tactics WIP: More special skills for unique flee...

20 May 2016

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


The more modules with active and passive abilities Starfall Tactics gets, the more interesting and unique fleet everyone can build! This time we contine introducing you new special equipment - there are a lot of cool things to show you.

Engine Disruptor

How to catch quick vessels with slow fleets and make it unable to fly away or maneuver in the way they need to do it? One of the hardest questions gets a good answer: Engine Disruptor.


This special module has a unique ability to switch off engines of target ships, making your opponents lose control of the ship. It's hard to underestimate the value of such ability in your arsenal - everybody loves disables, which give you extra time and an important advantage.


In Starfall Tactics, abilities of every ship strongly depend on modules you install into it. Usually you can understand specification of the ship only when the battle starts - but surprises with self-destruction modules and other special equipment are the thing which is able to make one mad, crushing best plans.


Scanner is a tiny tool created as a help for your army - and it does exactly the thing it's named for: scans ships and shows what you can find inside of it - precious modules and abilities captains want to hide from you.

Shield Disable module

Energy shield is one of the best inventions of space engineers, a very useful layer of defense and a barrier between most energy weapons and your armor. Shutting it down in any way or trying to penetrate it is a great feature for lasers with high armor damage, for example.


So, Shield Disable module grants an ability to temporarily shut down shields of a target ship: it doesn't destroy it, but for a short period of time you have an ability to directly damage next layers of defense.

At the moment we are also preparing modules with some sort of new mechanics, weapons, ship hulls and other equipment - there will be many curious things to tell you about next time!


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remember babylon 5?

20 May 2016

yeah anyone remembers the most awesome sci fi universe in the well universe :D for me its the best show ever and there is a mod of babylon 5 for starshatter the original one wont work on the other and im making some custom missions for it kind of a campaign based on some things that the show well shows when i have enough missions i will upload it so enjoy with a pic for now btw im rewatching the series for the first time since 96 what a great show it is sheridan is the man 

  193 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by giogionis123 )


Campaign Episode 1 released

19 May 2016

Posted by LeoCeballos In: Darkdawn: Encounters

FINALLY! The first episode of the campaign is live on Google Play. These five missions see you commanding a frigate at the start of the UCTE-Ikha'ari war.  


The campaign will be released in five episodes for a total of 21 missions; each episode will center around a different plyable ship, including a special unlockable ship for the last episode. 


Because all of the campaign systems are now done (messages, office unlockables, saving progression, etc) which frankly took far longer than I'd have liked, I'm hoping that mission releases will be much more frequent. Please note that the special $0.99 price for Early Access is ending soon; when the campaign is around its midpoint (probably the release of episode 3) the price will go up to $1.99, so if you're wondering weather to try it, you should do it soon and save a buck. 


More soon!

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Space Rift

19 May 2016

  New VR Wing Commander style game  http://spacerift-the...m/spacerift-en/ claims to be the first single player space adventure for VR. well that statement proves they know nothing, lets hope they know more about making games.


Looks like they will also a non VR version some time in Q3, no video as yet but you can ogle some pics on the website.


Also heading for PS4.

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19 May 2016

Strange I thought we had a thread about this but if we did I can't find it, anyhow it's now out of early access and can be found on Steam and GOG.


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Docking Impossible ? Can anyone confirm please

19 May 2016

Posted by TycMozo In: Pioneer

My manual flying skills are good enough to succeed at Search & Rescue but Taylor City - Ayingre -11,-6,0 is proving a step to far !

Initial approach:

Attached File  TaylorCity1.jpg   30.33KB   3 downloads


Next day and a fuel tank later:

Attached File  TaylorCity2.jpg   35.42KB   2 downloads


My savegame at it's neighbour:

Attached File  NoDock-TaylorCity.zip   173.63KB   4 downloads


Could anyone confirm this so an issue can be placed ?

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Artificer submitted through Greenlight

18 May 2016

Hey guys,


hope you don't mind me posting a new topic, I was just hoping to let you all know that I've recently submitted Artificer through the Steam Greenlight process.






Whilst you're all here did anyone ever play Face of Mankind?

  135 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Dazzytech )


Lightspeed Frontier - Sandbox ship building game set in a...

17 May 2016

This is a fun looking one! Copy and pasting from the forums:


Story goes, you're an average Joe working shifts at a frontier outpost until one day when you've stockpiled enough cash to get an old rusty command pod and see where the solar wind takes you. 


But the outer reaches of the galaxy can be a scary place. Corporations have been around for years, and have been monopolizing resources and benefiting from their ill-gotten gains. Also, it can be tough to track down criminals who are traveling at relativistic speeds, so naturally many of them have joined up to have a space pirate tea party out there... complete with guns, anger, and unreasonably high opinions of themselves. 


So back to the ships. It's your job to equip yourself with means necessary to make a living out in these parts, and that means fast engines, a well built vessel, and guns. Lots and lots of guns. You will receive transmissions to your space dock for quests to help fund your new fun-loving lifestyle. You will run into pirates who would love nothing more than to pick their teeth with the broken shards of your spirit. But if you're lucky, you can loot their remains for your own gain. All of this to say, your goal is to build the best damn ship in the outer reaches, and here are some considerations for you. 

* Ships rely on real (or close to it..) space physics. Your mass and weight distribution are key factors in your ship designs. You will need to balance how much armor you have with where your important ship components are placed. 

* You don't have to watch for engine placement that much as all of them will puch your ship foreward perfectly, but they need to be protected from enemy fire so consider that before lunging forward. 

* Your guns will fire in the direction that you place them on your ship. Side guns shoot to side, front guns shoot to the front. You get the idea. 

* You can heal your ship by going back to your space station. There, the healing arm of life will dispense green nanobot goodness all over you - for a price. 


So there's the basics for you. Any questions!? 

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Starfall Tactics WIP: How to fool your rivals with a coup...

17 May 2016

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


Hey, Friday the 13th has never been better than today! And that's all because we are going to tell you about Point Defense and another two tricky modules which will confuse your enemies' minds, giving a burn to new evil tactics.

Point Defense module


Point Defense, as you could notice from our previous news article, is another system which helps to defend your fleet. This module is an active skill which destroys 25 projectiles (including bullets and missiles), within a certain range on activation, not depending on their size and speed. It's very effective if enemy shoots you with heavy rockects which have a long cooldown and heavy damage - eliminating even four or five of these projectiles prevents a ship loss. At the same time, you must avoid weapons with high fire rate, launching dozens of bullets and rockets - it shuts down Point Defense in seconds.


This module is good at saving your assault dreadnoughts from recieving a huge damage from the first salvos of enemy fleet - because of a specific construction and size of this special equipment you won't be able to install it on small ships, but it's going to pay you back in many ways. Remember, that you will have to think about some kind of protection for a ship when this system switches off. Otherwise, there are warp modules to help to get off the range of dangerous enemy ships.

Antiradar system


Usually minimap can be an ultimate tool to see what's going on at the battlefield and control the situation. Many players used to rely on it in many ways - of course, there are a lot of important moments you need to control manually, but minimap does a good job for you by showing all visible enemy units. And that's where Antiradar system is going to trick everybody.

By adding this module to the engineering bay you guarantee that enemies won't see this unit on the minimap, missing some of your tactical movements and getting confused with what's going on everywhere. However, Antiradar system is a very special tool which can't fit into every fleet - so think through your great strategy when taking it!

Decoy module


Decoy module is another great tool to fool your enemies. This module produces a holographic copy of the ship where it is installed - it can't be destroyed, does not deal any damage and all projectiles always fly through it. It's not so easy to use, but you will understand the true value of it as soon as enemy fleet will try to focus on it instead of your precious battleships and dreadnoughts.


Every second you win by using it is another ability for your fleet to concentrate and blow away enemy ships before they realise present posture of affairs.

So, if you want your tactics to be wise - consider taking this module along with some other interesting things we will be telling you about in our next article!


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Casual Gamer - Pioneer Feedback

17 May 2016

Posted by TycMozo In: Pioneer


I stumbled across this spacesim (long story) and have been playing it for the last few days. I understand that it is still in Alpha and therefore has a way to go.

First i must congratulate you guys/gals on the sim so far, mathematically and somewhat graphically brilliant. I have had very few problems playing it.

I am no developer or tester but wanted to let you guys know some of my thoughts/issues from an 'outsider' perspective. I hope you will understand that i don't want to get into the issue tracker as i can see you already have your work cut out for you.

I hope this will be seen as a positive to help improve and move forwards.


I downloaded the file 'pioneer-20160512-win32.7z' for my install just the other day (not sure how to get the build number sorry.

AMD FX8350 cpu (8 core)

Dual Radeon HD7770CU (Crossfire disabled)

Windows 8.1 64bit


In no particular order, here are my observations:

Speed lines should be ON by default

Galaxy Map:

  Label Out of Range systems should be ON by default

  Label Uninhabited Systems should be OFF by default

System information (prior to travel):

  Distance to travel from spawn point to object (eg Ethcaneth is 942au !!)

  Technology level of starports should be displayed

System information (after arrival):

  No way to select ships in the system (current 'orrery' seems unusable)

  Locating a ship in search and rescue is very 'hit & miss'

Keymap has settings for various warps however only hyperspace F7 is used

Combat appears to be impossible, need a 'combat computer to at least match the speed/direction of enemy

Messages on bottom of screen (pirate threats) clear too quickly, cannot easily identify the threat or target it.

Flying without autopilot is pretty much impossible however stations selling ships often don't have an autopilot and cannot transfer my own

Autopilot Prograde/Retrograde/etc are redundant to the casual player

Need to select the target system for a mission via a clickable link in the mission description both before and after acceptance

Mission list would benefit from a filter system to show all missions in 'general' area and/or of selected type

There are too many systems with the same name (eg Essand), use coords to make unique (eg Essand 308 or Essandcoh {coh = 308})


Lastly my system always gives the error "GL_INVALID_OPERATION in function ClearScreen on line 407" on loading however game loads and plays.

After some time in game any text screens slow to 1 fps and hdd seems very active. Quit/reload fixes problem. Size in memory 670mb does not appear to change.


Summary, for the early stages of a game it's been a lot of fun and certainly has great potential. I managed to get to 108,000 credits and bought a Mola Mola for the extra tonnage. I look forward to following future progress.

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What game was that?

15 May 2016

A few months ago i came across this amazing demo trailer about this space sim. You play the role of a astronaut and command a space station the graphics looked amazing (next-gen) also the dev talked a lot about how real the simulation was going to be from the astronauts breathing and physical conditions he is under. The player could expand out to other space stations, it wasn't tied to just the one station. 


This demo trailer was short and it ended with a cryogenic tank?


Its almost like Adrift, but the demo trailer didn't show much to know if its a 3rd or 1st person view. From what i can remember.

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