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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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Astro Emporia
4th Dimension
Raze: Laserstorm
Crater Maker
LeapDrive Online
SBX: Invasion
Vincere Totus Astrum
Godspace Galactic 2
Direct Hit: Missile War
Space Station Alpha
Tiny Trek
Six Degrees To Freedom
Galaxy Union
Beyond Gravity
Darkfield VR
Artifacts of Aduss: O
Earth Under Siege
Luna's Wandering Stars
Fleet Buster
Space - The Return of The Pixxelfrazzer
Nexus: One Core
Space - Dualsus
Andromeda 5
Shardlands: Directors Cut
Sun Blast
Yargis: The Beginning
Star Hammer Tactics
Aeden's Journey
Fringes of the Empire
Subspace Continuum
Relativity Wars
P-3 Biotic
After the Empire
The Spatials
Solarsystem Conflict
Relativity - An Einstein's World
Age of Asteroids
Universe of the Firm
Approaching Infinity
Universe Edge
Smugglers V: Invasion
The Gravity Ether
Exo Miner
Ethereal Galaxy Interplanetary Space Combat
Space Salvager

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    IGG Crowdfunding Fail

    MawhrinSkel - May 06 2015 05:38 AM

    I was monitoring the Indiegogo almost everyday and I saw a nice spike in the beginning and though...

    Solotra.B - New indie space game

    SCAREKRO - May 06 2015 12:02 AM

    Hi DarkOne. Thanks for that mate! Yeah I am doing everything myself - art,programming,sfx,music,s...

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    Shadow of Fear

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 11:18 PM

    Is this your website for the mod? http://shadowoffear.net/portal/

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    Starfighter inc

    ExpandingMan - May 05 2015 10:17 PM

    Yeah, I really don't think this pitch cuts it in this day and age.  You have to show a lot m...

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    Solotra.B - New indie space game

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 10:06 PM

    Solotra.B is looking great, are all the art assets in the game being created by you? Because I th...

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    Iota Persei

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 09:39 PM

    Your vision for a game is an interesting one and a vision people usually don't put in the game. W...

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    Dev News

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 09:23 PM

    Your really churning out the updates now Farcodev :) Sorry I have been absent from this thre...

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    Starfighter inc

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 09:13 PM

    I don't know, that seems like a steep goal to achieve for a multi-player only game and they reall...

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    Starfall Tactics

    sscadmin - May 05 2015 08:48 PM

    When your kickstarter launches make sure you make a new post MadScorp. This way my auto poster wi...

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IGG Crowdfunding Fail

05 May 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space

So as I've seen one of the mods mention that sadly we didn't make it.


I use the word fail because it has a pungent connotation and instantly draws eyeballs to the post but attracting 213 individuals to the project can never be considered a failure, their biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.


I break down the failure with plenty of facts and figures over on the IndieDB page.




Still need funds to support the project as we've got contractors, modellers and all sorts of bills that need paying and you can support the project still by pledging over on the games website, all purchases transacted by the Humble Bundle widget for piece of mind (amazing company, amazing sales on games check it)




Otherwise it's business as usual and progress remains strong. We gain an options menu; I read reviews thoroughly and search the web for objective commentary and one of the things I've quickly learnt is what works for one person doesn't for another so a plethora of options is the way forward allowing the player to shape the experience for themselves. That begins here.
Meanwhile the ship movement code gets a bug sweep, the stations defences are boasted by giving it carrier capabilities and guns, a ship attributes panel is added, and more - in fact, it's easier if you just watch this video!

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Starfighter inc

05 May 2015

Kickstarter for a multi-player only game using hard sci fi as it's base, looking for $250K, more details on Kickstarter  https://www.kickstar...starfighter-inc



 In short, Starfighter Inc. is:

All About Combat. Hardcore PvP multiplayer space warfare focused on pure, unadulterated tactical simulation combat.


Realism Done Right. A hard-science driven, zero-g experience where players can spin, tumble and strafe their way through a gritty frontier universe.


Unparalleled Customization. You control and customize every element of your ship, from the chassis to the powertrain to the cockpit layout.


 We want to give our community unprecedented access into the creation of this game, so we'll be adding loads more information to this page as our Kickstarter campaign goes on. Read on for more and keep an eye out for updates!


 It’s 2230. A generation has lived and died among the stars.

Mankind’s final frontier has been destabilized by corporate interests and powerful private military companies. The powers that be look to elite mercenary pilots to secure their holdings; violently if need be.
Pilot a single-seat recon ship, fly with a squadron of interceptors, or team up with others to crew a multi-seat gunship as you take part in truly massive space battles. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous, cinematic, VR-enabled space simulator set in a near-future hard science setting. 
Intense, high-action combat meets classic X-Wing style space simulation gameplay on a scale you've never seen.


According to the video this is the next greatest space shooter, the next X Wing ect, ect,ect ( we heard this before ) anyhow it does seem to have some talent behind it Check the website https://impellerstudios.com/



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So many stars...!

05 May 2015

Posted by Coldwind651 In: Pioneer

I do hope this doesn't offend the people who have put so much hard work into Pioneer, or into the Scout+ mod, which I'm currently using. I love the game, but I'm finding the skybox a little distracting.


It's just an aesthetic thing. For me, there're just too many stars in the sky.


I realise it'd be a lot of work to ask for a dynamic starfield that gets brighter and dimmer depending on how many big shiny objects there are in view. And I wouldn't ask for a starfield modelled on Elite: Dangerous, where every star is where it actually is in the galaxy map (or so they say, though I'd be none the wiser if that wasn't actually true!).


But is there a way, or could there be a way, to reduce the overall density of stars, or their brightness? I have tried messing around with the .dds files in the skybox folder, but I'm not technically minded and I don't know what I did wrong to get this:


Attached File  pioneersp-texture-fail.JPG   25.27KB   1 downloads


I'd opened the files in GIMP using the DDS plug-in, basically just blanked them, and overwrote the originals. This was, it seems, the Wrong Thing To Do.


If anyone could give me some advice on how best to approach this, bearing in mind it's not exactly a critical problem, I'd appreciate it.

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Freespace food for thought

02 May 2015

Posted by VertigoAbyss In: Freespace I & II

did anybody notice in Freespace: The Great War, in one mission there is a ship called the Asimov.


Isaac Asimov is considered one of the greatest sci-fi writers of all time. He wrote the Foundation series and the Robot series. The first book in his Robot series, I, Robot, was turned into a movie in 2004

  104 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by CaptainKal )


Solotra.B - New indie space game

02 May 2015

Posted by SCAREKRO In: PC and Console Gaming

Hi guys. Just wanted to post here in the hopes of gaining some feedback about a game that I have been working on (by myself) for over a year. My game is called Solotra.B and it is inspired by Elite (and a few other games) as Elite (on the Amiga 500) was my favorite childhood game. It is a top down 2D, open world space game, where you can visit a number of star system and trade with/combat the unique alien races you find there. You can also land on planets and construct mining bases in order to accumulate more resources (used for trading/upgrading ships, weapons etc.)

If you are interested in my game and would like to follow along with the development or have any feedback/suggestions that you would like to make, then I would be more than happy to hear from you!

My email address is scarekrogames@gmail.com


My website is www.scarekrogames.com


and I am on twitter @scarekrogames

Here are some screenshots! These are all Work in Progress as the game is still under development! Thanks all!












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Star Wraith IV - Reviction. Problem with throttle

02 May 2015

Posted by OSH In: Starwraith Games

Hi! I'm trying to play SW IV under Win 7 64-bit. Everything works fine except throttle. I cant accelerate (pressing + give no effect) and when I  press „-”, speed is reduced to zero. Under Win XP 32-bit everything works fine. Can someone confirmed problems with throttle under Win7?

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Free dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer expansion - drago...

01 May 2015

Posted by set In: PC and Console Gaming
Free dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer expansion - dragonslayer releasing may 5, 2015 
Some more free dlc stuff from DAII is also being put into Dragon Age Inquisition on May 5, 2015.

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StarDiver -- Epic Space Opera in a Procedural Universe

30 Apr 2015

Posted by friken In: Show Off

Hi All,


I've been lurking about for a while and decided to make an account. I'm a long time fan of space games. When I say long-time.... dialup BBS tradewars, omnitrends universe kinda old  :) My favorites were the Starflight and Star Control games. I've worked in tech since I was a teen, started making games for Excal BBS systems (StarLance and Trail of the Mage). I took a good 10-15 years to get back to making games, but I'm back at it. 


I'm making StarDiver.... a space opera in a procedural universe. The biggest influences for the game are startlifght and starcontrol2. 


A few gifs: 
Early Teaser:
1080p/60 vids:
Anyway... Hi all! I look forward to chatting about some great space games  :)

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open source space simulation to clone major titles like e...

30 Apr 2015

Posted by wingnexius In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

This is mostly a disorganized list of ideas for an open source game engine and space simulation game called windwalker:

Oolite and pioner space sim both have free space sims available on linux, which is great. It would be really cool if an open source clone of the new elite dangerous was spawned which draws from star citizen and no man's sky; we need more HD textures in our open source space games and more feature like planet surface exploration and mining. The ability to build ships and create bases really takes the game involvement to another level. Take a few pages from the book of the folks over at EVE online. X rebirth was quite good too.

What I am effectively looking for is an EVE online clone with single player story line like freelancer. I want the modernized look and features that are presented in elite:dangerous, star citizen, and no man's sky.

Features lacking or missing in those titles include: Ability to board/pirate ship after disabling engines and docking, first person walking hand-to-hand and weapon combat, ability to buy a planet to build a base and industry, terraforming missions, ability to launch probes and drones, involved collection and reverse engineering of alien artifacts, large space combat with 3rd person command module, large battleships that contain smaller ships, technology hacking and password cracking, user create-able weapons, fully integrated trade market and stock investments, outpost and city creator, ability to create jobs on the bulletin board, alliances and guild play, location based damage and focus on skill, real-time development of technology and upgrades from engineers, use of upgrade-able on-board computer which can be overloaded or hacked, EMP for battle sequences and piracy, infinite procedural generated solar systems and plane features as well as bases and enemies, in-combat party customization and ability layout, rich feature cartography tools and data collection objective, cheat codes (console) and modification plugin ready for offline and custom server play, large volume power sources and collector arrays but there is a need to refuel or hibernate the ship to continue travel (can fuel scoop stars and gas giants, can use hydrogen and oxygen [lithium] mined from asteroids, upgrade-able powershed), cloaking ships and body armor, need to repair ship at mechanic or manually with engineer skill and supplies, larger ships can matryoshka doll nest smaller ones in their cargo, crews can be hired for missions, building and piloting of mech ships and suits, flight path and orbital planner, realistic gravitation and star proximity, realistic planet size and atmosphere transitions, ship overheating and radiation damage, need to maintain oxygen levels for crew and fuel consumption, need to have food to feed crew, sandbox buildable and destructible environment, main world wormgates and hidden gates as well as short range ship jumpdrive, business alliance such as transportation or private security, multiple currencies (silver, lithium, hydrogen, and universal credit) and forex market, bartering vs selling system for ship dealers and junk yards, in game drug trade and blackmarket goods, transportation of people and livestock (needs food and oxygen over time), integration of web browser and text/voice/video chat into system hud, full text to speech support and vice versa, realistic weather on planets, cooperative multiplayer play, create your own faction and create star bases and ships, user created job board and user controlled stock market with player companies interactive, fully interactive virtual reality immersion and full controller support with remapping (integrated xpadder and 3D headset ready), regional item availability and faction based relations, ship upgrade system with modular design, include the sol solar system and incorporate real star maps, character creation and class design, fully interactive universe with "alternate endings", fully modable, steerable weapons, location based damage and realistic depreciation, you can buy gear for your character, you can own multiple ships, fully interactive cabin interior, hire crew for multi-user ship actions, augmented vision (night vision, thermal vision, holographic re-imager, etc...), fully supported botting, fully explore-able worlds and player interaction spaces similar to second life, dock ships together in space (space transformer fusing), multi-user bridge, aspect of stealth-adventure fighting, integrated solar system creator (like universe sandbox), and many other features we await to be developed.


Drillable asteroids with abiloty to make base inside

base infiltration and looting

become a builder and get paid for bases and real estate, ships, mech suits, guns, etc...

in game c++ java/script and xhtml5 scripting and LAMP server console control commands as well as UNIX scripts

user hosted private servers

in game music player

official modification to recreate the future in cloud atlas in Nea SO Corpros and blade runner

official modification to recreate star wars and sar trek universe

mod manager built in with support for external mod manager

draw from features in spore

Runs a VM instance of custom tailored linux os
fully integrated webrowser and chat client with file sharing p2p system

cpu/memory/gpu core allocation and customization

up to 4 player split screen/multi-instance/multi-controller support

feedback for virtual reality systems and interactivity suits/bridge simulators

support for fractal graphics and fractal equations

integrated scientific calculator

ability to import animated images for profile

ability to write a custom html5/webGL and java/script profile page

cinematography engine for recording gameplay from multiple camera angles

fully featured game editor client and game sequence editor with easy scripting suport

fully featured scripting engine and coding studio which declares in game features

ability to browse and install/freeze/uninstall mods from within game

friend contact book and lobby manager (single unified game world)

integrated firewal and peerblocker; live hieristic scanning and and active injection protection

integrated vpn p2p filesharing and encrypted chat server

cross platform release with game code designed to help exploit/jailbreak/downgrade/gameswap on those systems

world editor

realistic engivorment with fog, rain, water reflections,

open source game engine based on blender buth with different programming language support

emphasis on 1st person shooter ground based combat and infiltration of ships by docking

mp3/wav/mp4-audio/.ogg playback in audio player with live streaming from .m3u & .pls (code from xbmc)

support for modern and futuristic weapons (weapons futuristic by default)

"zombies", "pirates" and "cops" swarm modes

adjustable in game parameters such as frequency of vessel spawning and average power of battlecruiser, average size of vessel, lawlessness, etc...

can use drugs liek marijuana or alcohol (also has amphetamine like compound and heroin downer; omitted from game inventory, modification of game files re-enables them)

ability to create minefield and put satelite in orbit to survey the galaxy from far away (realistic delay in information)

players can have sex with npc and spawn progeny in game (withheld feature still imbedded in game code, can be enabled in console)

fully modifyable prices of comodities in trader outposts and realistic inflation/deflation on lithium and silver market; fuel market on hydrogen and lithium; equalized as glactic credit

captains log reads like a microblog and guest can sign their logbook with additional content (facebook clone) also used as part of matchmaking services

data-integrity protocol to hash information after sending from both parties to ensure non-censoring

IRC chat built in (full featured ability to chat bot)

game action capture with channel disection for audio and video streams from syncronized recording

include timebreak game story mod (timestop quantum watch, portal gun, gravity gun)

storyline option to be a theif with many opportunities to rob places (oblivion robbery)

player abilities and karma/luck/psychic/awareness/etc...

infections and dieses in game with doctors and clanstedine labratory creation (really allows you to make organic chemicals and drugs!)

include transforming vehicles

tobacco shops in game where you can buy bongs pipes lighters and cigarettes as well as cigars and roll your own tobacco (your fingers and teeth stain in the game as well as oxygen requierments and stamina as well as health decreases)

items can have activation tokens without specific implication of connection (load water in bong, load weed in pipe)

there is a bar where you can go if you are looking for a political assination lifestyle

it is possible to build a fabrication workshed for reating custom parts and a crafting/engineering skill

missions to preform recon and interactive survellance

deaths can end with body parts falling off and never being repaired, damage can loose fingers and legs

possible to grafitee public places where police might try to arest you (you can create custom tag in the painting browser which suports importable fonts)

ability to build your own company

large cities with mall and liquor store; ship dealer, merchandise, guilds, secure storage, weapon store, apparel and fashion, etc...

hunger games related theme

ability to command robots and have robots mine and run security for you

item collection and quests

missions to race spaceplanes through rings in an asteroid field and first to tag 3 goals in diferent solar systems

similarities to civilization and sim city engine when managing colonies or planetary interface

each copy of game automatically generates it own serial key based on mac adress and windows registration info

ability to cheat using wireshark or packet injection software to spawn fake ships and create npc with desired loot

software code very small, optomized for fractal sytem maps and procedural generation (continuum generation, a.k.a duality of calculation, system 1 looks the same to all players

multicore support native to 12-cores and experimental scaling to 36-cores.

Has some overclocking tools such as fan speed and system temp manager that can scal performance to fit system status portfolio.

Windows version fully optomized for support in wine emulator for use with linux os and playability in virtual machine instance (supports graphics emulation for cloud servers)

modyfyable physics engine

guns and utilities from marines in aliens vs predator 2

customizable user interface

ability to create widgets in game (comodity status, party internet connection speed/ping, etc...)

has out of box support for ps4 controller, wii controller, eyetoy, xbox kinect, 3d mouse, psp, and open plugin controller module

in game VM of linux is capable of running an instance of windows xp or another linux flavor internally

integrated IDE for programming scripts, debugging code, making html pages

fractal based galaxies, star distrobution, coastline, mountain ridges, tree growth, distrobution of elements

owner of bar or base can play music, music machine for suggestions and live playlist creation

you can use water and oxygen to terraform planet

engine works for realistic flight simulator with drag and sall conditions, fuel consumption, lift due to wing geometry

mall tycoon/buisness tycoon and sims related engine elements for managing personel

posible to map midi over usb to controller input

dna cloning and genetic engineering

can be used to load homebrew on ps4 and xbox one (generic compatibility for ps3 and xbox 360)

in game numric conventions can be converted to binary, ternary, decimal, dozenal

game suports use of custom fonts

custom IDE based on Kdevelop, eclipse, QtCreator

high level of integration for tools and features

game supports screen splitting to up to 3 monitors

persistant play universe with NPC that only spawn after death and change characters after a day ends

nueronet AI and economy simulator

it is possible to load and boot homebrew code and cracked protection game images (jailbreak magic swap disk) homebrew and exploits can be loaded in over sftp and USB/HDD/CD

random number generator that uses random.org and lots of internal components for algorithm

in game physis almost exclusively in quanternion

adjustable corsair for weapons (includes nuclear, biochemical, and mitsubishi logo)

rip source code from pioneer space sim, FlightGear flight sim,

ground based shooter combat on crysis3, halo3, farcry3, modern warfare 3, counter strike, battlefront, metal gear solid,

space based shooter combat on strike suit zero, eve online, freelancer, elite, pioneer,

civilization and sim manager based on civilization: beyond earth, the sims, sim city, halo wars

game engine optomized for ground combat, racing, space combat, civilization builder, sim manager, second life internet place

ability to create and import custom star maps (import google earth, celestia, stellarium data)

ability to auto-mine and auto-forge (auto-shoot combat bot)

includes level editor

game starts on earth where a large fleet of human ships is being launched from earth, moon, and mars for colonizing the galaxy. You will be able to watch these NPC players migrate through the universe and can even capture them as slaves for your colony or ship deck

aliens as citizens of the empire

lots of hidden locations and lost loot in deep space

ability to turn off warp drive between systems

political system with voting and laws that change over duration of game play (communist or libertarian constitutionalist?)

cloud rendering distributed computing like Einstein@Home and Electric Sheep

evolutionary algorithms

you can command multiple battleships, transports, fighters, even space stations/generation ships

bank account, stock market, forex trade, multi-currencies, cache of silver or lithium/hydrogen

waypont planner, map viewer, shareable waypoints for group play

mainworld jumpholes and private jumpholes (for faster long distance travel) requires jump key

autopilot mode for ships

realistic distances of planet distrobution in sol star system

realistic planet procession and glactic exionox from star charts of sol star system

changine corsair for different target types and status

star system editor like universe sandbox (fully suported clone with extra editor features)

in game utilization of realistic technology and engineer design of structures (solar panels are certain efficiency and take up space for power production, fusion energy consumes resources)

text to speech and voice commands with importable profile from dragon naturally speaking and windows speech recognition

intelligent chat bots that learn your reactions as positive and negative and interact with you on a faction basis

karma engine similar to fable, oblivion, the sims

genetic programming evolutionary algorithm

in game screenshot and recording software

?support for python and php?

Realistic mineral generator (creates elements based on universal common homgenous and star type to morph even-spread distrobution)

fluctuating currency with inflation/deflation in open market

use of state banks which are federal to manage money

deep involment in mining and manufacturing, building, selling and terraforming/planetary asset construction

players do develop stats that can be used for combat analysis and leaderboard stats

incredible list of comodities with a player submission request forum which are added to the game via updates

events and news in galaxy also you can show up in the news and in bounty hunter shows (cowboy bebop theme)

drone vs drone plugin can be used to overlay hud and video from drone feed to controll drones in augmented reality game (supported hack)

3d animated fighter formations (can tell fighters to repeat a flight pattern in 3d space)

game takes live data and also previous data and runs a fibornacci projection on "forex" market trade

forex data from USD, EUR, JPY, AUS and worldwide silver/lithium/hydrogen values and trade estimation of market value

flooding the market with a comodity brings down its value over time

there is a farming simulator component to the game where you can grow tea and marijuana

your ship can be a submersible and go under water and in oceans, fishing, terraforming collection

All buildings are enterable (whether locked or not) and have levels where you can loot and cause destruction

use of upgrades such as magnetic sail alows you to recharge electricity while fuel scooping the stars

ability to create a wormhole gateway and private highway (train simulator)

ability to create in game macros (have AI and NPC ships automatically dock, refill, launch, transport, dock, deposit, launch, lather, rinse, repeat)

player to player trades can happen in space once docked to eachother from cargo bay

player to player trades can happen in space station with docked ship over chat window or person to person

dynamic economy and gameworld that react and change according to the characters actions

high atention to detail by precision of science (thrusters manuveur and throttle corectly, space stations rotate to provide artificial gravity, ultra realistic depiction of the milky way star systems, real sizes of systems with propper orbits, adding cargo weight uses more power,

photorealistic game world quality (photogrammetry)

rock climbing and repelling, hanging out of ships, being lifted up for recovery

exploable interiors more than 66-75%

space walks with magnetic and climbing boots and gloves

hoverbikes and other small vehicles like monorails ane elevators in buildings and scaffolds

drone swarms commanded by NPC and players in combat and scouting

ability to create traps and set mines

complete compatibility for use of game engine for soccer, football/rugby, baseball/cricket, hockey, bowling, golf, swimming, athletics, basketball, tennis, table tennis, motorsports, skiing/snowboarding, volleyball, boxing/mixed martial arts/wrestling, surfing, boat race, mountain bike/bmx/bike race, horse raceing, bull riding,

large loadots of statistics and data in developer more

incorporation of mission success probability, use of probability through statistics mechanics

developer mode built into game through patching with dev "executble" file

native support for 1080 4K

use of lithium, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen as fuel and electonic source in proton lithium fusion

has an RPG engine compatibility with mods in the style of knights of the old republic and final fantasy

use of hacking asnd cracking passwords and phreaking electronics (enter the matrix, deues ex: human revolution, falout 3,

large engine compatibility for mini games (wheel of fortune, jeopardy, solitaire, bejeweled, geometry wars, chess, darts, pool, poker, )

planets have realistic weather, temperature atmosphere composition, allocated natural resources, etc...

contains a quantum computing simulator and quantum handling descision algorihm

warp seed from 12*, 8*, 3*, 1.5*, 0.75*, 0.333*,

inclusion of animals and plants in game world as well as bacteria/fungi/virus

different kinds of minerals and raw elements available in realsitic ways (need to smelt certain metals, extract gold from minerals, purity of ore, etc...)

biome life simulator requires balanced terraforming to sustain animal populations and not have outbreaks

?use of steganography and reverse audio clips?

High level of immersion in all areas of science wthin the game

scientific simulation

animation for breasts and asses/thighs. Fully supported for nudity patch. Game has the potential for sex.

Support for 3d screens and holographic headsets

ability to install multiple mods such as star trek and star wars ship packs, modern warfare weapons, halo assets such as enemies and vehicles

support for surround sound 7.1+ channels

has an imax projector mode for hemisperical screens

3d glasses support for regular monitors using r/b shades

better than eve online, elite dangerous and no man's sky

closed source release for 4-6 years and then release all components source code to public

serious astrophysics and economy (uses realistic physics and economic simulations)

has an in game audio equalizer

mod for game allows you to play music and use starscape as visualizer, also solar flares can dance to the beat

chris suggests: hunger games, building, first person shoter element

lighting laser gun, rail gun, laser gun, plasma ball, particle beam, etc... energy weapons

photonic crystal, lithium proton fusor, electrolysis, methanol fuel cell, etc...

include old school balistic weapons

robotic sentinels

mech suits and exosckeletons, active electronic armor

wire mesh skeleton render mode

audio player based around virtual dj and traktor (some eatures implemented in playlist)

archaeology and burried loot, alien artifacts and ships, cities and pyramids underground, and mercinary hunters who try to get the treasuer firts and bring in weapons

nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weaponry and radiation poisoning, post-apocalyptic armagheddon scenarios

dark worlds, no sunlight, can oly use infared, and black hole systems

some elements of paprika anime

minig asteroids makes hem break up and loose minerals, shooting asteroids makes them break up

steerable missiles

?use of deep sleep for extremely long distance jumps?

Learning center and library with starmaps and weapons/combat training

?find quantum timkeeping device that you can get in archaeology dig, put several of them?

Well developed campaing play or free-form space exploration and online massive multiplayer

mining machines and "planet fracking"

Ability to create greeting message with MIDI and mp3/wav/ogg

gravity bombs and star wars weapons (expecially clone wars)

different kinsd of body armor, invisibility, super sheild

ground based turrets, turrets in doorways, entrances, hallways

compatibility with cheat engine, memory injector, aimbot, wallhack, etc...

incredible server feaures like anti-cheat system and vote to kick for troublesome/cheating players, support for dedicated servers

anti-cheat software and bug reporting

ability to unlock all weapons and perks, unlimited ammo, unlimited suplies, 1-shot kill, rapid-fire

lots of hidden features in terminal console, like half life, god for single player and dedicated server admin

detailed player status report and leader scoreboard

game can take a picture of your face using webcam and use as 3d avatar

player information is stored on private server including IP adress, OS "serial" number and MAC address

cheats/mods only work in single player, user hosted server, or supported dedicated server

variable AI intelligence, agression, group/pack or single fighting, reaction time, skill,

plugin support for user created changes

include source code and functions from openlancer (freelancer clone)

there are laws in the game and rules that relate you to your faction. In the game you can have a wanted level and bounty. Stolen goods can be confiscated by police if you consent to an arrest. You will pay a fine in money ?and loose gameplay time?

Open source buisness model through voluntary donations and delayed open-sourcing

instanced server model with party selector or single world dedicated server?

Include some elements of world of warcraft in the engine and possibly in play

launch server for game instance similar to half life

Ipv6 support

star system discovery and player history monument markers (roster status for discovery/naming/creation)

strong piloting gameplay

modification with cartoony coloring setting like in no man's sky

floating cities in the sky and space elevators

subscription based mainworld dedicated server with lots of extra content that is exclusive to paid servers

3d sound ?and dolby support?

Chromnium browser application in sub menu

in game computer operating system and applications

in game level editor like space engineers and halo 3

scan in face for 3d character face on kinect

system resources in ships and stations, system overload, system upgrades

coolant systems for ships, suits, guns, etc...

radar, thermal vision, xray/gamma, night vision, ultraviolet, holographic vision, tetrahertz see through 3d


counter strike mod and half life day one asset import

max payne like bullet time, slow motion, time shift

lots of graphs and charts

in game ship computer shows that it is linux, with a penguin gressed as a clone trooper

deployable drones for mining and combat with remote control, multiple drones,

skinnable UI for different driver preferences (ship customization)

support for command sent via Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol

ability to rob nanks for credits through terminal hacking and steal large amounts of silver from vault, also steal small amounts of silver from metal refinaries

simulate shipping industry where people in transport haulers can deliver goods to far off systems for delivery schedules and drop off of goods

captain log in micro-blog fashion available from user profile front page

ability to dig and create underground cities and habitats

ability to work cranes and other pieces of equipment remotely (smart electronics)

animals and other life forms in games, using fermi aproximation and habitable planet data from space telescopes

ability to create "noahs ark" generation ship that can manufacture life with scientific training

compatibility with smart AV reciever and smart TV

realtime dynamic rendering of phsics for thrusters and turrets, asteroid impacts, location damage, etc...

game uses SIP and VPN for audio, text, and video sessions. SFTP for file transfers.

Blowup the power station and shutdown fortified enermy compound

Use of crawling through vents

ability to createmultiple user profiles and play split screen (4 players at once with controllers or usb port mapping)

game can map a folder through the virtual console to the VM for 'game-linux' and allow user to use usb device and map virtual drive in game os similar to vm-ware tools. Allows network tunneling and firewalling

elements from star wars galaxies

realist distrobution of chemicals and elements from our universe and different types of stellar history

map of milky way which rotates realistically to the date and time of your current adventure, shifting star maps slightly and making you need to reconfigure your camera view

loading screens, game saves, and cutscens do not giveaway in game event triggers

VM has bottom tier specs for running an instance of windows xp and runs a custom distro of linux with a kde interface and 3d window skin. Gpu time can be dedicated to the VM instance and also used as generic multi-core CPU. 64-bit support. Ability to enumerate devices over network. Code from virtual-box.

Realistic damage to ship, air-lock breach, coolant leak, cargo damage, glass cracking, thrusters loose power or blow out, machine guns loose accuracy or freedom of motion, wings are less aerodynamic, etc... atmosphere can rip loose parts off or overheat ship, also corrode and impact shock shakes vehicle

lots of different clasesof vehicles such as flying cars and hoverbikes. Jetpacks, rocket gliders, mech suits, monorail maglev, space elevator, etc...

server has support for beowulf task offloading and client has experimental cloud processing support

incorporation of a few tesla technologies and display of mathmatical formulas like maxwell quanternion when calculating and jumping space

ability to remote pilot ship and send ship into orbit to get back from action, you can call ship to you and it will arrive in the safest manner possible

remote control turrets and sniper robots, drone tricopters, etc...

ability to form allies wihout joining faction

has a modular ship and base creator like kinetic void

compatibility to export models to cad and matlab

differnt kinds of sheidls and armor with an ability to overlap 2/3

character flexibility animations based on acrobatics and yoga, martial arts, althletic sports, twister, sexual positions

heat shileds and coolant systems

radiation shielding and absorber that needs replacing

attention to detail in ropes and bridges, realistic sway and taughtness

biology and growth simulator, animals evolve and can have trangenic mutations that result in new species

big holes and deep underground tunnels that lead to caverns lined with cities

inclusion of the consitution of irislundin the game which can be read at the library (used when studying law to become a police force member)

in game music generated by musical creation AI 'bot' that creates music based on generic template with 36 preselected songs that are fitting for vibes within the game

include comodities like beeswax, coconut milk, almond oil, avacados, bacon, pizza, apples,

ability to genetically engineer and popluate planet, gene editor, chromisomes, realistic dna viewer that jumps large segments of code (game engine can however show you all segments of code like computer editor, tool also works for hex and memory dumps), creature creation system like spore, mixing segments of code creates new creatures, follows similar rules to real genetic science, engine can auto select appropriate cross genetics for user specified changes

ability to do chemistry in game to create fuel, nanocrystals, create composites, create successful genetic experiments, create drugs, make supplies for manufacturing technology, synthesize medicine, nutrients, clean co2 scrubbers, refine raw materials

music generator creates melodies from fractals that are harmonically analysed and matched for melody creation, computer generated music and sound effects, works like pandora with differnt generes and user opinion influences generated sound

terraform terrain generator that uses fractals to create random planets and land features (like voxel form)

ocean water features waves realsitic to gravity interactions

internet data actually uses a holographic method of fractal compression, as discussed in the video game

loss-less fractal compression

game engine capable of rendering complex 3d fractal procedurally generated self-iterating map

canyons and coastlines are 3d fractals, plants and animal skins are fractals, textures on asets are fractals (some are custom crossovers), asteroids are fractal and precedurally generated, clouds, solar flares, smoke, player eyes, genetic sequences, lighting effects, forests, etc...

interactive holograms in game

engaging an enemy will rain the AI nueronet on ho w to better play with you

machine learning and data mining with semi-supervised reinforcement learning

quantum, fractal, and holographic programming language support and engine features

in game universe is adaptive and evolving, science of generative process, chaos heory, buttery fly effect, evolutionary computation, emergent programming,

quantum cognition nueronet artificial intelligence and quantum consious mind/artificial consiousness

quantum probability

string and m theory physics

use of gravitoeletromagnetism, magnetic sails, wormholes, etc...

simulated electrical interactions in stellar bodies and plasma filamentsd between multiple stars, lighting on planets, space weather, etc...

digital physics and computational universe

game has ability to select from base-10 to base-12 numerical units in game

game staged on single unified world server or 3-12 dedicated server partition slecatable in server roster

swarm and nomad intelligence,

game engine designs highways as time goes on, relying on most frequently traveled routesfor design and construction of permannet wormhole gateways

constructual baesd gameplay mechanics with generative systems

social simulation, simulated economy, simulated terraforming, crowd simulation,

quantum game theory

synthetic intelligence, recursive intelligence (strong AI), program synthesis, inductive programming,

soft programming and soft computing

use or euler, ternary, and base-12 numerical system

use of swarm of robots to construct ship in most effiecient manner (ant and bee, termite algorithm)

probabilistic programming, evolutionary programming, inductive reasoning, machine learning, preocedural reasoning/synthesis, reinforcement learning, recursive self-improvement

elements of dynamic game difficulty balancing

use of flow psycology and imbedded diurnal sound/ and brainwave entrainment

integration of nuerofeedback technology

non-linear gameplay (e.g., branching storylines, sandbox, open-world, free-roaming, meta-gaming, )

language translator in chat (optional for multinational play)

light-speed and time dialation is a factor (pilot has a homeworld age and a character age, accelerated growth of terraforming in warp space, etc...)

realistic transmission of motiont hrough inertia

realistic energy consumption from thrusters, warp drive, etc...

asteroids can impact moons, bases, and planets, causing damage

deductive reasoning in game AI

support for .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff

coordinate positioning system where sun to galactic center draws the forward direction and andromeda galaxy (next closest) will mark top side of grid, disk edge marks the horizon line

units in meters, kilometers, centimeter, gram, kilogram, light year, parsec

incorporation of in-game web browser like eve online or second life with tabs and restore pages function, flash and java support, based on chromnium, support for google webfonts, exploit protection, auto-updates

incorporation of in game virtual machine (selectable through in game apps function) (?hidden?), web interface

error-reporting and bug-help

developed on linux, released for linux mac and windows, debugged in wine emulaor

native support for linux computers, with heavy emphasis on ps4 platform ?and anroid?

Enables unsigned code execution and hacked bootloaders on ps3/ps4 and xbox360/one, homebrew, game swap, copy-protection breaking

in game command console, uses unix bash and sript, terminal commands

plug-ins/scripts flexible enough for a game of pac-man, asteroids, geometry wars, breakout,

use of in game zoom and telescopic vision

modding API allows users to alter the game by writing scripts, ModSDK (an application that is a set of tools specifically created for modding)

sci-fi ambience

start on earth in milky way and explore the universe, uses real star maps and system data, procedurally generated galaxies that resemble known universe, time dialation and age shift, current galactic data charts, scientifically accurate

underwater cities, use water as camo-flauge, cities eventually submit to sea level rising,

underground cities

inner asteroid cities

cities in he sky (orbital cities)

source code is commented for community release

color-blind friendlyness configuration

UI configuration and resizing

planeary ownership

carriers/mobile docking bays

command a flet or an entire army and defeat enemies from afar, send them of to explore, trade or conquer

command interface allows you to send commands to a number of ships at a time

contains ship editor, base/city editor, terrain editor, and random construction engine that attempts to create realistic flow and layout

NPC's are created by having "sex" and donate their alorithms to the new generation of AI charaters

multi-monitor support

pulsars, black holes, brown-dwarfs, gas giants,

ability to overcharge weapons systems which causes them to overheat and possibly loose accuracy/reload rate/damage systems

in-game NPC chat based on chatbot AI (AIML)

realistic star catalog

realistic orbits and rotation/day-night cycles

newtonian space combat

freeform interplanetary flight

imbedded player class system and skill levels, phased out for no classes or skill levels, still using character factions and rating/reputations

dynamic story generation

realistic reproduction of reality using scientific first principles

multi-player lobby and dedicated server selection with average ping, load, player numbers,

slaves and clones as comodity and other black market good

contacts and in-game bookmarking

ability to salvage from destroyed cargo containers, ships, stations, battlecruisers, fallen cities, etc...

in game sensors that detect objects, bases, planet compositions, target data, etc...

death penalty rules; you can rebuy your ship for money, use a fre generic staring ship, have to pay for escape pod pickup, may have bounty for failed mission or pickup fee, escape pod is indistructable

reputation types: trade, smuggling, piracy, mercenary, bounty hunting, assassination, exploration, espionage, prospecting, criminality, humanity

factional allegiance to only one party such as federation, empire, alliance, corporations, systems (agricultural, mining, etc...), organisations

ability to transport passengers for money

ability to stake a mining claim, mining from comets, mining gas giants, gas/dust clouds, possibility of conamination, refining,

government type; none, anarchy, commune, communism, corporate state, religious cult, democracy (independent, federal, alliance), theocracy, dictatorship, feudal, imperial colony, imperial protectorate

there are alien life forms on planets, moons, asteroids, etc...federations along with rebeliou

taxes for erconomy, ?wellfare? ?free health care?improvised health care with modifications child care birth and family intergrations- interspecies breeding canivirous plants - musical plants diffrent freeuncies of for ambience for difrent themes

procedural vehicle generation (tricycle, hoverbike) modular parts

music club with dj app integration fucntion in space station (side-game)

end game convergence to peace or war fare the ieveitability of life but the descent of life is a very interesting aspect where there is dark there is light where there is life there is death a most over whelming world with integrity and destruction

life pods and health checkpoints for refugees escaping war torin systems

online game syncronized events to single player "live campain"

psy op missions along with rebellion infiltration one or two moles inside each government

player democracy through in game elctions and polls influences social political allies all rougue states when occupied will submit or face hanging or firing sqaud all rougue systems piracy is not a crime

constitutionally based law system

mod for matrix takeover in galaxy, sentient machines that harvest people

using community goals and taking missions you can help create structures, aiding in building empires and large space stations

you can hire npc wingmen escorts and give them simple commands (hire employees) or have slaves do your labor

it is possibleto have sex with slaves, but try to move away from rape element, more about arousal and mutal consent based sex

ships are engineered to be symetrical and aerodynamically streamlined for inerplanetary and underwater usage, guns house inside of hull

has a mechanic for realistic piloting in space with fuel drain, trajectory optomizations

scripting backend VM like linux

the ability to outfit a transporter as a medical ship and provie health care and "harvest organs"

has strategic nuclear warfare like norad in "DEFCON" game

many elements in the game are highly customizable

want user to be able to load a command line module in game that then allows user to type in VM-launch command and brings up secondary screen to console that contains a kde linux enviroment (lightweight, like DSL or ARCH) virtual machine is customizable for support of up to 8 processors and 8 gb ram with video card pipethrough support for openGL and generic mac/windows display adapters, GPU passthrough for VM

VM supports virtual hard disk with bootloader grub and use of partitioning tools, supports booting of iso and bin

game runs a backround instance of linux to provide script/plugin/console/network/cluster/AI/"program windows" support

game supports network controllers (psp-clones, phone, tablet, remote desktop, etc...)

it is possible to whipe out an entire faction to stop their living and genetic algorithm from evolving

linux VM runs apps like audio jukebox, dj mini-game, in-game browser, roster viewer, etc...

default user acount is created on in-game character creation, user acount is limited and cannot run certain programs, a default username of root and a password of toor will unlock super asking you to change your password user which will run a one time script to create an admin with a desired password, root login is now veiwable from main screen.

Stress test for virtusal machine; run doom3 at 25+FPS, succesfully get pcsx2 to run metal gear solid, play a game of halo custom edition on windows xp, boot windows 7 install and sucess, boot windows 8 install and sucess, mac bootcamp, geometry wars on linux/windows/mac,

game performance automatically balances to use of virtual machine resource hogging

embedded linux adds beowulf cluster rendering support for game assests ans speedups, AI nueronets, economy simulation, calculating orbits, simulating physics to make them more realactive

initial plan is to make rough note, consolidate nots, make more rough notes, consolidate once more, pich storyboard, develop rough prototype of game features and brainstorm mapping, introduce a small number (12-18 people) for dev team positions and meetings about the new project and areas ox expertise as well as ability crossover, write a website about the project, then attain crowdfunding to pay for development and 66% life salary goals, release pre-alpha to backers, release alpha to backers, release beta early for backers and then to general public, have final version and three expected patches for total open source release. Open release available early to backers of the project, with delay of 3 months before releaseing open source. Plan to keep project alive for 6-8 years with open source forum created for gameplay after official release.

Whole product is open source and we make our money from donations and crowdfunding (everybody should expect to make 33% to 66% of their life income from this project

media browser hybrid between XBMC and winamp. Support for multiple tracks with beat matching and auto-dj feature, support for vst and vsti instruments.

It is possible to set processor scheduling in game

There are starving/thirst poor people and you can give them water

listening to radio scanners can lead you to loot or help you find rare entities in the game

in game linux VM spoofs your mac and other sensitive data like OS-type for security

in game speech synthesis tools embedded in linux VM

capable of running backtrack and usb device remapping to VM from host (usefull to hack wifi, crack passwords)

in game linux vm is given lower run priority than other in game events

in game bot detection and flagging (expecially in chat), bots that repeatedly post links or try to advertise out of gasme services will be flagged and statistically evaluated, eventually brought forward to the admin's view

there are dieses and game and you can contract them , have them cured, overcome them, or suffer from them , potentially increasing your risk dying

large libray of fuctions and libraries for tweaking parameters

has killer app features like visual editor and scintific graphing calculator in 3d/mesh/ supports quanternions and quantum formulaes

it is possible to train your robotic NPC through nueronet and mindmpping program

selinux integration and iptables firewall compatibility. Uses kde wallet to manage player sessions on a single acount

ability to set arbitray destination in space and travel there in the shortest or most economical route, or hybrid routing, warp drive classes are limited in distance and fuel consumption

game is 64-bit optomized for vaporware future hardware breakthroughs in RAM and GPU, HDD. Later down compiled for RISC and 32-bit

game automatically unregisters module in memory when not in use to preed up general computer performance

optomized for features with ATI graphics and AMD processors including APU parallel processing (emphasis on existing linud ATI/AMD support) option in main memu to enable extra hardware features

allows you to contoll audio card like soundblaster or asus)

support for FPGA hardware by enabling proram wriers in the linux VM to implement features

in game media player has the ability to load videos like VLC (watch live game steams!)

10k-336k-4.032M-12.096M players could be on the game at a time online playing and exploring

you have earth system date, galactic roation years, and local time dialation calculated by quantum compuer

later in single player you find a watch that allos you to reverse short periods of time an speed up time (clock stoppers, etc...) time machine can cause health effects

there are parameters that will affect your characterstrength,fertility, longevity, stsamina, awareness, fatique, etc...

hire a hacker as a developer team member to try to bug/glitch/exploit, and show malicious loopholes that need patcing (security audit)

player account serial generation from mac, ip, and OS registration are md5 hashed and then encrypted using 512-bit AES encryption, transported over SSL with

wireshark protection for hacking dedicaetd servers, only wireshark works on personal dedicated servers

hidden in game milenium falcon and deathstar as well as stardestroyer and tantive iv and xwing

ability to hide inside an asteroid, hollow moon,

character deault look based on most prevalent algorithm for genetic disrobution

aspects of voice controll and psycological empathy feedback

contains an in game magic eight ball that can spuedo-influence events based on known truths, actually tries to improvise a tactical response

use of rainbow tables in game hacking mini-games

?social engineering tools such as a map of player ineractions and related causation?

Large grids of information that provide statistics from economic, factions, marke, planet composition, etc...

game uses large layers of encryption for in-game data activity and

in game brwoser features pdf viewr and open document format as well as imbedded xhtml5 and java/script editor

features an in game text editor with copy paste support fuction or text dialogs

features GIMP based texture and spacial ambience editor

in game linux distro contains wine and all openGL libraires

programming and content emlator similar to eclipse or bluefish

integrated apache server for player front page, content, game lobby, etc...

embeded linux distro includes midnight commander

primitive support on linux VM for package manager similar to opensuse

possibility to breate a shipping wholesasle company like alibaba and own a trasde station

tiling window management (esktop effects)

virtual dj sidegame can actually man to real DJ equipment (support for all native virtual DJ plugins, supportive for traktor plugins, drumkits, pianos, effects processors, mixxx plugins and has the ability to map and export controler profiles over usb

suports a large number of machines such as kaossilator and kaoss pad, queneo, launchpad, midi piano, vst and vsti plugin, virtual turntables, lightshow with modules you can buy, ability to put up posters, ability to broadcast beat through iceast servers that appear as audio sreams in game

security status in game allows you to enter areas or have to break in

server app optomized for 144-grid cluster computing network @ 6-cores per node

support for creation of small procedural worlds for deathmatch style games where there is a moment of peace prosperity then resources diminish and war breaks out for ownership

space trash and illegal dumping in intter solar system (dumping only legal in deep space badlands)

fully fledged offline mode (willbe hosted on local client machine)

glimbing gloves and clinging rope climbing up mountains that your character cannot jump up

hidden underground minerals, sometimes a tetraherts scan of the earth can reveal geological deposits

voice recognition cancontrol ship controls

game has ingamevoice changer that can sill be recognized by other players

elements of train simulator where you buiod monorails to transportin city

cluster computuig dedicated server allocation system that only uses 3-12-1.4-18% of your procesor power for load offtasking from dedicated server

dinosours exist on certain planets

there is a place called lv-1201 unlockable through console which allows you to explore the alien univer

knights of sidonia mod

halo galaxy mod

jadio jammer and emp

has source code for original elite and star fox in developer testing mode


multiple players will be pitted against large groups of human players who will selevt their universe through the in gameloby

stellar winds

radiation from gas giants and sun

emphasis on player to player interactions

use of smileys in chat

?changeable fonts and colors in chat?

Ability to inject drugs for combat/awareness, luck, skill enhancements (perk packages)

in game hud uses VLC media palyer to draw small interaction dialogs

idea to le in game controlls pilot an rc drone and overlay hud with realworld statistics, possible to program distance totarget algorith and accepts 3d terrain mapping from slam and depth.camera, as well as gps

in game data can be conveyed to VM linux for immersive homebrew experiences

built in game search engine based on google for finding information in game encyclopedia (expanded manual, like wikia fan pages)

wiki based encyclopedias engine and manual with walkthrough section after warning spoiler allert

uses of prisons and wards to hold criminals (side mission escape) become a fugative


I am interested in integrating a VM that can run linux on screen within the HUD of a space ship. Though I want this to initially be a dev locked feature, I want the immersion of running homebrew applications to further immerse game interactivity. Is it possible to run a VM linux to hand scripts and libraies for the game and have the KDE gui visable in a widget on the hub?


I want the VM running the micro linux to be very fast streamlined, I have thought either DSL or the much larger ARCHlinux for extensibility draw on system resources. The main idea stemmed from haing a console terminal like half life that could launch full fledged linux commands and bash scriptsd. Then I wanted to render a screen with gui and KDE.


Help me understand the practicality of implementing real world computer experience into video game obkects, such as photo editing or cool homebrew.


I want the game engine to be extensible as possible, with focus on space play, interplanetary freeform flight, colonization, and first person shooting


I would use the linux backend to suport the in game apps available on the hud, as I think this would really improve plugin compatibility and mods down the line


I dont want to use JVM, I would rather use virtual box source code and tone it down for performance and resource practicality as well as security


The entire idea is to be release open source.


I want the release to be cross platform for linux (primarity, to mac and windows, may someday some RISC hardware that runs ARCLINUX)Potentially want to port to ps4 and xbox one, with hope for a downgraded edition that will run on xbox360 and ps3. the plans include allowing the native consoles to run homebrew by using the game as bootloader.


Also, the main programming languages will be c++/openGL. java/script and XHTML5/webGL. Also there will be nuerobots that evolve ai for simulations in the game.


The whole game renders worlds within a dedicated server instance, whether single player or multiplayer persistent world




want the in-game VM to be able to provide back-end support for the game engine like script and plugin management. I would consider putting a web browser inside tha game to view linux over SSH but I will loose the functions of having the OS available for task queuing. The linux os will just be a console shell but I want the VM to support a GUI if somebody so decides to modify the game files and make it visual. The linux would also run the in game music player, which has ideas to expand to a virtual DJ interface in certain minigames at the bar and also to provide some killer integration features for modders.


The questions isn't as much of a difficulty thing, but rather, a resource problem (how to tone down the VM in intense moments of game play) and wanted to use it's features to make the game more in-depth as it is released onto the open source community. Another reason to imbed the VM was to make official console like ps3/ps be able to run homebrew.


Remember, thisis going into a space engine that will be made into a space game, so i want it as feature packed and futureproof as posible.


I was also considering using the in game VM linux to provide services cros platform that may be unavailable if the game was released on linux and then ported to windows or mac.


I also wanted the engine to feature an integrated IDE and I thouht running the proram through the VM console would clean up the packages needed to install on the external os


The jslinux is a really good idea as mentioned by buster2000, but will it allow me to map external devices like USB and network connection. It doesn't seem powerful enough, for example I dont see an SSH function and probably no graphical support in any fashion, no networking, 64bit support? I need access to the console from this linux distro, similar to the terminal (I suppose I could map over ssh). Will jslinux map my network card through to LAN or WAN? Also, I need the ability to launch programs out of the OS mainpage and onto the HUD display for the spaceship (An audio module, chromium browser, star charts, economy statistics, etc...) Can software be installed in the jslinux like I would normally MAKE packages? I am looking for something a litle more sophisticated with 64 but suport, allocatable ram, virtual hard disk with master boot record and bility ro partition discs, allocate virtual processors, tunnel usb devices, and GPU passthrough




Microsoft and sony might not like me to release a game wth that type of loophole, hut keeping it hidden in the developers console and through some code masquerading to obfuscate the intention on the platform relase could get me by. Plus the project is open source, so unless there is some kind of intervention, the game engine system, will probably never be released on major console platforms. But I still think adding jailbreak/softmods to the game could bring it to the same caliber as mechassault, splinter cell, agent under fire, and action replay


You know, it also just struck me that I could emulate elements the cygwin project in an indirect way to add function to the console (making console linux command friendly)

Also looking for support for java and apahe, as well as, but no necessary, flash support within the linux OS. I want the user portfolio (captain log/guestbook) to be customizable and implemented in XHTML5.




Well the game itself is normal 3d shooter style in space, but there are opportunities to interact with in game computers and I though linux experience would be the most realistic. You dont use the computer all the time, just in the hud and at the library kiosk, etc...

The game engine need to flexible for re-coding for a number of games such as footbal, iron man, grand theft auto clones, etc... but those are just afterthoughts for enchanting extensibility


I also want to use the linux as a backend for scripts and plugins


I want to call the open source engine and space simulaor game windwalker


More information will be accumalting in my google group:

  355 Views · 13 replies ( Last reply by farcodev )


XO brings strategic space battles… with style

29 Apr 2015

Posted by chairliketeeth In: Show Off

Ok, so the title isn't from me, it's from Square Enix Collective.  But I like the way it sounds, so yeah...


In XO you command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy. You'll be evacuating refugees, scrounging for resources, overcoming political treachery, and assembling your flock from one jump point to the next. Your goal is to lead what's left of humanity out of reach from the unknown threat that pursues.


We were just announced on the Collective, and we're currently going through the "feedback" phase.  There's a lot of info about the game, including a bunch of GIFs, screenshots and a teaser trailer (and lots of text to read) over on our SEC pitch.

  87 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by chairliketeeth )


Starship Command - Looking for Beta Tester

29 Apr 2015

Starship Command is a top-down tactical game. The game will generate a galaxy that persists through every captain you play as. There are seven empires in the game to play as, all with their own ships and components that demand different tactics.
I tried to capture the starship aspects of Star Trek (episodes like The Doomsday Machine, Balance of Terror and the movies like Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country) where the combat is more tactical and suspenseful instead of the zooming around like jetfighters.
And then this is wrapped in a 4X game that the AI plays around you.
So, everyone is welcome to give it a try and if anyone is particularly interested in a in-depth testing I can give them an unlock code that will allow the game to save it's progress. 
Screenshots Album: http://imgur.com/a/FOYtw

  177 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by evglabs )


Does anyone own Shattered Horizon?

29 Apr 2015

Posted by CrossDressiNate In: PC and Console Gaming

I just reminded myself of this game when I posted on an earlier thread and it made me wonder. Does anyone own Shattered Horizon? I know the multiplayer is dead, but I'd absolutely love to play it with someone. It features 0 G combat and when I bought it a while ago, I was unaware that it was dead, but I'd really like to play the game.



  95 Views · 8 replies ( Last reply by robske )


Favorite Scifi shows? Recommendations?

28 Apr 2015

Posted by CrossDressiNate In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

So whats everyone favorite shows?


I'd have to say mine are


Star Trek: TOS


Star Trek: DS9


Star Trek: TNG

the X files

Battlestar Galactica



Currently watching:

Star Trek: Enterprise

Stargate Sg1


On queue:

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Universe

Doctor Who

Quantum Leap

Rewatch the original Twilight Zone

TTZ remake


Finish Warehouse 13


Anyone else have any recommendations to add to my queue? Whats your favorite shows?


  134 Views · 12 replies ( Last reply by robske )


So whatis everyone playing now?

28 Apr 2015

Posted by CrossDressiNate In: PC and Console Gaming

Just curious what everyone is playing right now.


For me I'm currently playing


XCOM: Enemy Unknown


XCOM Declassified: the Bureau


Killing Floor


Heroes of the Storm


Hawken (new devs bought the game and it's finally being worked on again, the community is coming back)


Kerbal Space Program

  171 Views · 13 replies ( Last reply by Geraldine )


Space streams?

24 Apr 2015

Posted by cakeisalie In: PC and Console Gaming

Any good space streams out there that are worth to share? I'm thinking of setting up a stream myself and could use the inspiration. Would not onyl be focused on gaming though, I'd also just like to do some different random (stupid) stuff. lol. Because of this, I was wondering if they will allow me on Twitch, Azubu or the other major platforms or whether I should just go for afreecatv (seeing that I am not solely focused on gaming). You guys have any thoughts on this?

  81 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by CrossDressiNate )


Mad Max

23 Apr 2015

Now this trailer is awesome in showing what you can do in this open world game. I just hope there is enough quests and missions to give 40+ hrs of gameplay. If modding is going to be a factor this game could be around a long time. This game has a lot of play like the ID game Rage which didn't get a lot of great press but is a great game.
Site: http://www.madmaxgame.com/en/home

  79 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by CrossDressiNate )


Performance hints for v.3.1+

23 Apr 2015

Posted by XenonS In: X Series


I have been playing since version 2.0 and I can confirm that with the latest 3.5+ lot of things have changed for the good in the game, new features, a lot of fixes and improvements.

The latest 3.5x version has added a FXAA graphic option, I'm eager to see what effect this has on general performance.


with my Quad-Core i7, 3+ GH, 6 GB RAM and a NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS, I have made some personal tweakings in the form of a dedicated NVidia profile, the result was that I got good performance (good for that grafics card) in space, but really *miserable* framerates in FP mode which is: inside space stations when intereacting with NPCs.


After searching for a long time, I have found the decisive tweak for getting good and fluid player handling in FP mode also, and this should be interesting for anyone, even with a ATI card.


For NVidia card owners: It's crucial that the Image Scaling options of your card is set to "Display" and not to "GPU".

Here's how you make sure of this:


Go in your NVidia Control Panel > Display > Adjust desktop and position

Here it should read:

Scaling: Fullscreen
Performing Scaling on: Display


My personal tweakings are here below, I'm  using Nvidia Inspector, but you can simply make a game profile in your NVidia Control Panel.



Anisotropic filtering: 2x
Anti-aliasing - FXAA: Off (You can also set this on, but then switch off AA - Mode, will look worser but enhance FPS)
Anti-aliasing - gamma correction: Off
Anti-aliasing - transparency: Off
Anti-aliasing - Mode: 2x (this can be switched Off and FXAA On for better performance but don't set both to On)
Anti-aliasing - Setting: Improve app setting
CUDA - GPU's: All
Multi display: Single monitor performance
Max pre-rendered frames: 2
Ambient occlusion: Not supported
Threaded optimization: On
Power management: Max Performance
Texture filtering - Anisotropic optimization: On
Texture filtering - Quality: Quality (turn it lower for better FPS, but lower quality)
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Clamp
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization: On
Vertical sync: Off (important)
Triple buffering: Off (important)


In-game settings:


In the grafics options, make these changes:


Vsynch = OFF (if you set it on, you must ALSO set it on in your profile!)

AA = OFF (your profile will overwrite this and AA will be enforced by your card)

Shader quality = Normal

All Shadows = Off  (try turning these on if you don't have FPS problems)

LOD / Field of View = can all be set up to 30 (more with a powerful card)

Gamma: Change it to your satisfaction (I increase it because all these stations are rather dark...)


You should run fine with any 16:9 resolution, start setting the resolution to your native resolution and go down (still chose a 16:9 ratio) until you are satisfied.


I hope all this will help you as it did for me. :cool:





  141 Views · 0 replies


Iota Persei

21 Apr 2015

Posted by HugoRAS In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Hi All, I'm working on a space simulation game where you fly around from planet to planet, finding things, trading, listening to people's stories, fighting, etc. The main aim, though, is to put as much scientific realism in as possible: atmospheres are modelled well enough that wind, temperature, atmospheric constituents all become relevant. The space ships are modelled fairly accurately: the computers direct the thrust, and run C#, and can fully control the ship even if you're not there (although you can control the ship without it if need be, although it's harder).


The next few releases should see weather, animals, plants, biology, chemistry, and other things.


I'd really like people to try it and see what they think. Comments and feedback would be great.







  272 Views · 9 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Stop Motion Space Adventures

19 Apr 2015

Posted by SpaceRider In: Show Off

Hi everyone,

some of you may know me as the progammer of "Cosmic Explorer". However, a while ago I discovered a new hobby: Stop Motion with Lego bricks or brickfilms in short. So for all who are fond of space exploration similar to STAR TREK, I created the series FUTURE BRICKS, showing the adventures of a team crossing the universe while seaching and delivering rare parts. The team is an experienced captain (Asko), an unexperienced navigator (Claude), a clever alien engineer (Nigosch), a female astrobiologist and doctor (Linda) and a robot (T4C2, often just called "T4"). In the first episode, they are not complete yet and get to know the robot, but then they will have lots of adventures together. Currently, there are just two episodes, but more will follow (stop motion needs a lot of time for creation):

Episode 1: "The Secret Of The Scrap Planet"


Episode 2: "The Strange Asteroid Rain"


The language is acutally German, but the subtitles show the English translation, so it should be easy to understand for people who do not speak German as their mother tongue.




P.S.: I am not a Youtube partner, so I will not get any money from higher click rates. I do this just for fun.

  116 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )

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