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variety in space stations?

25 Jul 2014

Posted by Johnny7 In: Pioneer Mods

so i was wondering are we gonna see some variety in space stations. Maybe stations from elite and some stations from imagination?



Maybe Stations like these





then maybe add some spin to make it realistic?

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I'm 46 years old and looking for a specific, ridiculo...

25 Jul 2014

Posted by flightgamer In: Classic/Retro Space Games

I think it was a dos game but it was basically a whole screen (black and white) full of a spreadsheet with constantly changing values. A complete txt sim.

Very complex but the only graphics was a small square inset map that used characters like )^#@) to represent the surface of the moon for landing (top down).

A flat landing spot might look like this








I remember it was fascinating because it was so difficult. Any ideas?


Thanks for even taking a stab at this   :)

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Imperia - the First 5X 4X Game - Free Alpha Available Now...

25 Jul 2014

Greetings SpaceSimCentral netizens!

My name is Steve Hawkins,  and I am a lifelong player of most games 4X, as well as sim games, strategy games, civ games, alien extermination games, board games, war games, solitaire games, and games that require you to think in space for just about any type and occasion. I am currently working on my most ambitious project yet, Imperia - the first 5X 4x!!

Check out my cool new free project 4X game at imperiagame.wordpress.com!

Basically, in Imperia, you are a new 18-year old emperor who is trying to jump-start the new Human Empire, which was relocated from Earth to a different quadrant of the galaxy almost 1000 years ago. The game plays at the surface like a standard 4X, but your power as an emperor is based in large part how much your people support you and how loyal your cabinet, viceroys, and governors are to your cause.

In addition, you were born with a strange ability: to read the minds and thoughts of others. It is not always perfect, but when it works, it is always accurate. As a leader, this ability is very valuable to determine who you can trust. Your goal, if not in action, is simple: to restore the Empire, to reclaim your standing as Emperor of the known quadrant, and to revive the previously proscribed Lazarus Project, the rumored path to immortal rule.

That is, if you're not killed by your people first... in Imperia, the 5th X is... eXist.

In Imperia, you do not have unlimited power. Unlike virtually every other 4X game out there, you can not do anything at anytime. You have a small pool of Admin (ADM) points that you spend to do basically anything, from issuing edicts to communicating with characters in the game to meeting with your cabinets to undertaking personal actions. As you age, your pool will gradually increase, reflecting your increased familiarity with how to 'make things work' as an Emperor.

Edicts are another major difference from other 4X games. In Imperia, you might simply change a planet's name by clicking the button, typing in the name, and that's that. In reality, changing an entire planet's name would have serious repercussions! So what you might have used to simply 'do' in other games now require Edicts. Edicts are laws that you pass to do things like reorganize sectors, change a system or sector capital, build or upgrade starbases, change what a planet produces, etc. Each planet has a certain amount of ADM to use to actually enact the Edict - this will make large projects on small colonies impossible to do unless there is support from its system and sector capital, and perhaps even the Imperial capital! Admin represents all the planning, infrastructure, transport, ships, manpower, etc. to do planet-shaping things, and abstracts nicely the concept while eliminating micromanagement. Also, ADM is tied up until an Edict actually goes into effect/is completed - thus, an Edict that is dragging along and taking much longer than you thought will tie up your government unless you cancel it or speed it along - and both decisions have consequences!

While your word as Emperor is law, there is no way to force how long an Edict actually takes to plan, execute, and complete. And this is where the other major system of Imperia comes in - the character system.

Characters populate Imperia (much like Crusader Kings games) - they have their own stats, age, wealth, traits, and ambitions, like you or me. They can be manipulated to do what you want - perhaps, and you will often find yourself bribing or sweet talking a system governor who is holding up an important economic stimulus in their system, or perhaps calming down a sector governor who you just took away an entire system from to give to a closer sector, or promoting a loyal viceroy all the way to a sector governor who will be absolutely loyal to you - the character system in Imperia is a powerful and immersive aspect of managing your empire. Character stats are hidden from you until you reach a certain intel level (increased from interacting with them, or placing informers to gather information), and even then the number is a wide range until your intel increases sufficiently. This is a problem when a character's loyalty is reported as 88 (out of 100) but it it actually a 41! The rule of thumb: Watch what characters actually do, not what they say. They also gain traits that affect their decisions and relationships with you as they age. They can die and retire, or be 'retired' by you - either by forcing them out of office or by more 'direct' measures. Don't get caught!

You yourself have a starring role as well through Influence. As you make choices through your rule, you will start to gain different types of Influence. Nationalist Influence is the 'good' Influence, which calls to action for your Empire and the pride of humanity. Tyrannical Influence is the 'evil' Influence, which is used to threaten and intimidate characters into doing your will - but using it will have other repercussions. In addition, craven characters will gravitate to emperors who stray into Tyrannical decisions, and vice versa - you may have to make some tough choices about removing (or trying to!) governors who can't stand your alignment!

The game is about less micro and more about making the large-scale decisions that shape an Empire. You will not be building 10 Science Labs to accelerate research; instead you will designate a planet as a Science Conclave and try to install a viceroy that is aligned to the need for research, allowing that planet to grow organically - with a few nudges along the way. You will not be building transports and endlessly clicking materials to go from planet to planet - instead, you will set up trade hubs that serve as collection centers and build starbases of appropriate sizes to move materials and food along from your Imperial capital to sector capitals to system capitals to normal colonies.

From an 'explore' standpoint, no longer do you have to build and design scout ships, set a destination, and micromanage exploration and colonization fleet. Would a real emperor do that? Edicts cover just about everything you would want to do as an Emperor on a exploration level, from surveying new planets and unexplored systems to creating outposts to creating colonies. You just create an Edict on an unexplored planet or system and your people will do the rest (eventually).

As mentioned earlier, planets are not micromanaged. They are very complex entities whose actions are governed in part by their population, the stats of the planet itself, its viceroy, and most importantly its primary designation. All planets have at least one primary designation - examples would be a farming world, a manufacturing center, a heavy military world, a scientific conclave, a prison planet, etc. Designations basically shape how a planet will evolve. Depending on the size of the planet, up to 2 additional 'secondary' designations can also be assigned to more round out a planet's development.

The population of your Empire will ultimately decide whether you live long and prosper (ha) or die at the business end of a pulser. Populations have their own unrest, age, type, job class, popular support, and needs. Each 5000 people are considered one 'pop' (similar to the Victoria system, but much more granular) and they can change jobs, age, die, have kids, migrate to other planets, or even leave your Empire altogether! They can also starve, grow angry, and revolt. In addition, if they are happy with the Empire (and are paid enough) they can be hired as informers on your planet to watch your viceroy and governors stationed on a planet to get to better know their stats... and potentially provide blackmail material!

All of what I have talked about is already in the game. As of now, I have spent about 7 months on it here and there and the game is functional, generally free of errors or bugs (the nasty kind, not always the logic kind) and I am about to release it as a free hobby project on Sourceforge. Right now the game is at version .311a so you can see there is a long way to go. Soon, science, diplomacy, warships, garrisons, events, and plots will be added, as well as eventually other empires - and a alien threat!


Here are some screenshots (WIP)













If you are interested in playing Imperia, or want to know more, I have a developer blog that has tons of screenshots and media at imperiagame.wordpress.com - here you will find a developer timeline, and the download link for the free alpha! You can also check out a podcast at Space Game Junkie here: http://www.twitch.tv...kie/b/548267251!

Again, thanks for your time in reading this and your interest!


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Is there any space game with XCOM tactical battles in space?

24 Jul 2014

Posted by AcesHigh In: PC and Console Gaming
You know... like you have the ship, which you can maybe improve (like XCOM bases) than you enter in combat either inside a ship or on planet landings and the game has tactical battles similar to XCOM?

  98 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )


Mission problem

24 Jul 2014

Posted by Tinker In: Pioneer

I just came across this and so far I am impressed.


Once I get to know mt way around I am hoping to have time to contribute to modeling, missions and manuals.


I have come across a problem with a mission, I am in Sol system andwas offered a mission to check out <Dione> in Sol system, to get the mission I needed to buy a radar mapper, which I did, and left the station to find Dione. I cannot find Dione nor anything about the radar mapper.


The wiki has not a lot yet but posts here indicate that targeting a ship uses the radar mapper to display details, from this I assume Dione is a ship somewhere in the Sol system, but I can see no way to find out where it is, have I missed something obvious?

  111 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Tinker )


Mod question

22 Jul 2014

Posted by NeonStar In: Starshatter

Greetings, Just have a couple of queries in regards to the mods available for Starshatter. Namely, is there any difference between these two mods since they share the same name 'Starblazers' except for one being a rar file and the other a zip file.







  Will be posting some more queries, so hope you don't mind as I explore more stuff. 



  145 Views · 8 replies ( Last reply by NeonStar )



21 Jul 2014

Posted by Gazz In: Shallow Space

So I stumbled over... packs.




Going with naval terms it goes something like this:




Task Force




I'm sure you can pick a much better term than "pack", which makes one think of armed rabble rather than an organized military.



"Wolf pack" (WW2 U-Boote) was an aberration because in German "Wolfsrudel" has slightly different connotations.

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In search of old late 90s SHMUP where you protect the earth.

21 Jul 2014

Posted by FlightJunkie In: Classic/Retro Space Games

So the game goes like this:


There is the earth at the center of the screen and your ship can only move around it.

  Your purpose is to defend earth by shooting incoming projectiles. If the projectiles scored a hit on the planet, it would loose a chunk.

There were also AI ships that I think tried to shoot your ship directly instead of earth.

  The Graphics were full 3D and in the menu there was a battle going on between AI ships. I think this game recieved a sequel that went full 3D space combat.

  128 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by FlightJunkie )


Crew Experience

20 Jul 2014

Posted by Gazz In: Shallow Space

Engage your capital ships in combat to improve your officer’s skills...

What kind of scope are you thinking there?
I don't mean in all gory detail but more a general direction like...

  • A ship has one captain and that's the only one who can gain experience.
  • Number of officer slots depends on the size of the ship.
  • Not an officer but the crew as a whole gains experience.
    When replacing losses, the experience is somewhat "diluted" by the new recruits.
  • An officer has a "class" and designed to have a very specific skill set. No best-at-everything crew.
  • Free skill choice from a skill tree.
  • Ships and experience are retained between "missions".  (WH40k: Final Liberation style)
  • You only get to choose 3 officers to bring into the next mission. The others are lost to you or "have different assignments" like an unavailable mercenary in Jagged Alliance.
    Ships and setup will depend on the mission's needs.

It can't be Runequest or it wouldn't work in realtime but if skills are tangible and have meaningful effects (no level 7 in Shiphandling) then a swift selection would be possible.

  95 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by Gazz )


Thoughts on Slow Yaw?

19 Jul 2014

Hello all.  As many of you probably know, Elite Dangerous features a yaw rate which is much much less than both the pitch and roll rates.  Apparently, in ED this is a universal feature of the flight model and not just a peculiarity of particular ships.  As many new people are coming into Elite with the standard beta, many of these people (myself included) have been complaining on the Elite forums.  Over there, most of the posters fanatically defend FD's choices about the flight model.


People are always so much more amicable on this site than in game forums, so I was curious how does everybody feel about the slow yaw rate?  Is it just something that Elite devotees are fanatical about, and these people are also being seen in other (particularly SC's) forums, or perhaps I'm not in the minority, and most people hate this feature as much as I do?


As for my own thoughts on this, I try to keep an open mind, but I just can't see a good enough reason for it (and I'm not necessarily saying that something else shouldn't be done to take the place of it).  The two things that the defenders of the slow yaw say over and over again are that it "prevents turretting" and is "more fun".  The latter is completely subjective.  To me, it is most definitely not more fun.  Also, I really can't understand why turreting+rolling is SO much better than just turreting that it can possibly be worth the awkward feel of the very slow yaw rate.  Believe me, in ED the roll rate is VERY fast so it's very hard for me to imagine the actual impact on peoples capabilities being that significant.  


Sometimes people say that without the slow yaw, playing a space sim requires "no skill".  This is of course absurd, and not really worthy of further comment, other than to say I challenge any one of those people to a game of Unreal Tournament and see how well they do, since it requires "no skill". 


I think I can show what I think about the slow yaw with an analogy.  Suppose I were to make a first-person-shooter in which the look up/down rate was much much slower than the look left/right rate.  It would encourage jumping.  It would provide some additional ways to evade your enemies.  It would definitely reduce whatever "turreting" there is in the FPS.  Being so jumpy might, on occasion, for some people be "more fun" but most people would hate it, and find it a completely unacceptable feature, regardless of what problems some people think it may solve.  I've been shocked to find out that most people don't feel exactly the same way about the slow yaw rate.


Ultimately, I'm actually very ok with this as a feature in ED.  It's an oddity, and that's ok, different games should feel different.  What absolutely chills my soul, however, is the idea that this will become a universal feature of every one of the new wave of space sims.  A lot of people have been asking CIG for this feature in Star Citizen.  That would make me very upset.  It's annoying, silly, and it's just one more thing that makes it that much harder to feel a little bit like you're flying a spaceship.


My solution, that I think would keep everybody happy is to make different ships have different capabilities.  Some could have great yaw, some great pitch, some may be mediocre at both.  That way, different ships would actually feel quite different (so we get SOMETHING out of the bad turning), we'd all get what we'd want, and everybody would be happy, right?


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I'm wondering if anyone out there could recommend a g...

18 Jul 2014

Hey guys. I've just registered, but I've lurked here for years. Like many on here, I do like space sims, but have always struggled to find one that fitted my needs.


Basically I'm looking for a sandbox type game (honestly doesn't matter if it's 3D or top-down 2D, as long as it's not ancient), that puts you in control of a ship which is preferably a large ship, but if it's a 2D top down game then imagination can go a long way :). I'm not really interested in 'dog fighting', which is what 90% of the space sim games seem to revolve around, but rather a game centred around exploration and random procedural generated events and what not. Of course I don't mind combat, but every new game out there these days seems to be 'accept trade mission or fight pirates mission, rinse, repeat'. 


A good example would be FTL with actual controllable gameplay.


I mean consider the Star Trek Voyager series for an ideal storyline in terms of gameplay. Your ship is stranded thousands of lightyears from home, your mission is to find a way home, but you have to traverse through uncharted alien galaxies, upgrading and repairing your ship along the way and meeting new species good and bad.


I don't think such a game exists unfortunately, but anything flexible and sandboxish like that would surely fit the bill.

  350 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by orionsyndrome )



18 Jul 2014

Posted by Gazz In: Shallow Space

It was briefly mentioned on indiedb but more in a to-be-determined kinda way.
Modding Unity is no different from modding any other game. It's a matter of how you set it up.

It's not something that gets added late in development. At that point it's a lost cause.

  • Game data files that are not packed into one Ginormous Resource Archive.
    (Take a look at Grim's Unity Asset Editor / ModDB ?)
  • If files are packed into one GRA, do "loose" but modded files override the default files in the GRA?
    "Loose file support" makes mod development a lot faster because you don't have to unpack/repack for everything you try. And modders try a lot of things.
    It can even be helpful with development because you can have (and test!) "temporary changes" in loose files before submitting them to the proper archive.
  • Can part of a file be overridden with modded data or can something like "the file with all ship data" only be replaced in it's entirety?
    Partial replacement of data makes it far more likely that multiple mods can coexist.
  • Are AI data or AI scripts (what actors do) accessible or is A Better Sail the only thing you can mod?
  • Is the math that drives the procedural generation moddable?
    If you think modders are scared of a bit of math you are fooling yourself.
  • What kind of parts / files make up "a ship"?
    Can one add a turret at a new position without going all hardcore with 3DSMax?
  • Something like Steam Workshop is pointless until there is a modding scene for your game.
    In the case of SWS it doesn't actually do anything beyond letting people download mods. It doesn't solve file conflicts or anything useful like that. It's purely for downloading.
  • Are there dev tools that modders could get their hands on?
    No, we're not looking for polished GUIs that "help" us by hiding all the good stuff like bitmasks and flags.

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Orders while paused

18 Jul 2014

Posted by Gazz In: Shallow Space

What's your stance on it?


Me, I see it as an equaliser to an AI that can change it's focus instantly and give complex orders to many ships in practically no time.


It's also an opportunity to allow the manipulation of low level systems like the energy or shield settings on a particular ship. Configuration like that is pointless to have in the game when you can't stop time to delve into detail like that.

It simulates you having a staff of competent officers who are supposedly doing things like that.

  81 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by lightgemini )


Star Ruler 2

18 Jul 2014

A friendly reminder that the early access of Star Ruler 2 is coming in shortly.





And yes, looks like we're still able to create insane-sized ships.

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Video of programming session to add special effects

17 Jul 2014

Posted by DocDarkstar In: Spacemasters


See what a unity programming session looks like when creating the spacemasters game.

  96 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Out There

16 Jul 2014

Original on the ISO platform Out There is coming to the PC/Mac http://www.outtheregame.com/omega/ with new content and is available to pre order on the site, their also looking to get on Steam.



The sci-fi indie hit blending resource management and interactive fictions goes multi-platform with additional content.
New alien breeds, new space ships and a brand new ending.
More than 50 new interactive stories.
Uncharted planets and environments delivered by a new graphic engine.
Extended soundtrack by award-winning composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn.
Free update for owners of the original version on iOS and Android.


ISO trailer.


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Yargis Spaceship Shooter

16 Jul 2014

Thanks for all of the support you provide to space sims! We wanted to get some feedback on our Yargis Greenlight page, because we are only getting about 10% of the Steam users votting yes, and would like to get your recommendations to improve.


Please reply back and let us know how you would vote and why?



Also, let us know your thoughts on our spaceship shooter.

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POLL: Ship Designs

15 Jul 2014

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space

So while the prototype is being assembled and tweaked and the visual effects are being constructed, we are also researching into the creation of the custom made fleet to replace the low poly models that we are currently using once the funds start rolling in.


Below you'll see five ship sketches depicting various styles of ship, any one of them could be used as a baseline to design the human fleet. Which do you prefer? If you have any comments, suggestions or maybe even sketches or screenshots of your own that you feel would help, we would very much like to see them.



  659 Views · 12 replies ( Last reply by AnastasiusFocht )


Vocal Response Compilation - Have your Ship Talk back!

15 Jul 2014

Posted by Gomisan In: General Coding and Mod discussion

Firstly let me say I hope this is soemthng that will interest people on these forums. It's had a great reception in the Elite forums and it's time to share it a bit more widely.


What Is It?

The VRC (Vocal Response Compilation) is a custom recorded computer voice for your ships computer. A professional voice artist has worked with me to create a versatile and useful collection of responses that you can use with VoiceAttack to have your ship computer respond to your every whim. (if you haven't checked out VoiceAttack.. do so, it's a voice recognition program that works brilliantly with games and it's only $8 itself!! )

It's specifically designed for use with Space Sims and Space Combat games like Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen and other Space Sims such as the X series


Where Can I Get It?

You can buy it for only $3USD here https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

Anyone who buys this pack (and I'm charging VERY little for it) will get updates for free as long as I'm adding stuff.

Thats the link to buy the Female English Voice Pack. It's only $3 USD, so we think it's a no brainer.


How Do I Use It?

Basically you can just extract the files to your HDD, then when using VoiceAttack tell the program to play a sound, and point it at the sound you want played.

One of our helpful users Inaeem has posted the following info:

The definitive VoiceAttack threads and setup introduction below may prove useful. Commander Flaks Voice Controlling Elite: Dangerous - A Guide is truly extraordinary. I’d recommend downloading and utilising a predefined profile kindly made available by fellow Commanders which you can further customise to suit you specifically. You’ll need to extract the zipped file; I use 7-zip file manager.

Once you’ve acquired a profile you can import through the dropdown options under profile (top left hand side of the main VoiceAttack menu). If you want to apply a new sound, edit a command (first icon top left-centre of main window) double-click on command (edit profile window) and select other on the left hand side of the edit command window, next you’ll need to scroll down (other stuff window dropdown) to select play a sound and select browse for application icon to locate a new sound clip. Please do persevere it’ll be second nature in no time, VoiceAttack is beyond revolutionary. Take care and Elite!



YouTube video behind the spoiler...


Also, if the phrase you want isn't there, you may be able to construct it from parts, another user gave us this tip:

I had to make up a couple using two comments ie "Navigation" and "Off" but found you need to add a 1 second pause between or you just get "off".


Just make the pause the length of the fisrt voice clip, that stops the second one playing over the top of it (which negates it entirely)


What's The Latest News?

We're updating the pack frequently at the moment, adding extra responses, fixing any issues reported with the current set.

UPDATE 07/7/2014


Wow, to make up for the quiet weekend I got stuck into adding samples tonight. I'm uploading the latest file as i type and it's now reached about 70Mb zipped. That's almost 400 samples to use! A few sci-fi quotes and tributes including Marvin, Holly (Red Dwarf and even Chris Roberts (This is Bull****!). I re-edited a couple more that I noticed may have been getting cut short and tweaked the volume on some of the earlier ones. I realised after uplaoding had started that I may have left a couple of duplicates in, so I'll tidy those up in a mini update later.

I've also updated the support email address, it's in the included readme if you need to get in touch.


What Else?


I've worked with professional voice acting talent to create this huge set of voice responses for Elite and other space sim games. We think it's pretty cool, and hopefully so will you.

This pack is in English, and has a female computer voice. I'll be releasing English Male, and Polish Female packs as well, but its a time consuming process!

Use this with Voice Attack for an awesome immersive experience. In fact a future update will include pre-made VA profiles for Elite and Star Citizen.

Anyone who buys this pack (and I'm charging VERY little for it) will get updates for free as long as I'm adding stuff.

It IS a work in progress, I'm releasing it early to get a feel for how it's received. You WILL get a LOT more audio files as I release updates.


Where Can I Find You?

We have a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VRComps

I have also setup a support email address for bugs/questions: support at tglmultimedia.com


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Vote for F3D for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Progr...

14 Jul 2014

Posted by F3DGames In: Cimmerian Space

Hey everyone!


F3D is now competing for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Programme, and we strongly believe that we will give you a much more exciting Cimmerian Space by winning this!!


AND! You have a chance to win an XBOX1 by just voting!!


SO, vote for us here: http://www.stuff.tv/microsoft/meet-uks-38-most-exciting-startups-part-1/feature


Thank you guys!!



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