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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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    3030 Deathwar Redux

    CrunchyLeafGame - May 03 2016 09:03 AM

    Whaddya know, we are looking at options for zoom right now! :)

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    No Man's Sky

    CaptainKal - May 03 2016 07:20 AM

    Damn! It's a long time to wait, until June 23!!!! :biggrin:

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    3030 Deathwar Redux

    CaptainKal - May 03 2016 07:09 AM

         Just bought it, and I liked this "Firefly/Space Rogue/Han Solo" take of the g...

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    3030 Deathwar Redux

    CrunchyLeafGame - May 02 2016 06:45 PM

    Re Mini GamesCool idea, but we would have to write them from scratch, which would take a long tim...

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    Procedural planets : part IV

    Geraldine - May 02 2016 05:35 PM

    Only one word for this Nevil, beautiful, simply beautiful! :girlcrazy:

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    No Man's Sky

    Geraldine - May 02 2016 05:04 PM

    WOW, I didnt know Dave Gibbons was involved with this. Well, that settles it then for me at least...

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    New game mod: Pioneer Scout +

    Geraldine - May 02 2016 04:44 PM

    Your very welcome walterar and for sure, Conversion is beautiful. I did some low attitude passes...

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    No Man's Sky

    PINBACK - May 02 2016 01:42 PM

    Video about the lore of the game but it mostly seems to be about creating the comic which will co...

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    New game mod: Pioneer Scout +

    walterar - May 02 2016 11:56 AM

    @Geraldine Conversion seems to have multicolored mountains and glaciers, is really a beautiful pl...

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Open Asset Importer 3.2

30 Apr 2016

Posted by fluffyfreak In: Pioneer Mods

There was a bug in the older version of the Open Asset Importer (aka: Assimp) that we used which meant that when loading a "dae" model file it used the materials ID instead of it's name.


This has become more of a problem as distributions adopt the latest versions of Assimp and so we have now updated to Assimp 3.2 for the Pioneer builds.


The problem for mods is that this might cause some graphical errors, textures might be mismatched etc.

The fix for this if to modify the ".model" file to reference the materials name instead of it's ID.


For the Bowfin fighter this meant altering it like so:


-material Fuselage-material

+material Fuselage


To find out what the materials name is you can either open the "dae" file within a 3D modelling program and look in it's material edit/assignment tools, or you can open the "dae" in notepad (or another editor) and search for the older ID like "Fuselage-material" and fine it's name within the xml format of the DAE file itself.


I'll try to help make this transition easier if I can so ask any questions in here.





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The new Avorion Demo 0.8.5 is out - Super Action Mode, La...

29 Apr 2016

Posted by koonschi In: Avorion

Hello everyone,


After the initial post, have another one immediately: 


We released the latest demo for the game a few days ago! You can get it here.


Faster Gameplay

We watched youtubers and playtesters play the game and realized it was far too slow. So now we doubled (!) weapon damage, increased mining efficiency by 20% and ship velocities by 50%. Basically now all those previous lengths are gone!





The new demo features a new turret type: Lasers. These weapons have high damage, medium range and are much easier to aim because you don't have to lead aim your target (they arrive immediately at their location). This makes them the perfect weapon for heated close-combat situations where you have to evade shots by your enemies while aiming. Just keep in mind that they require energy to shoot.




The Super Action Mode

We want to show what Avorion is capable of in case of space combat, which is why we implemented the Super Action Mode for the game. In the Super Action Mode you start out in a combat ready ship, equipped with a crew, system upgrades and 4 lasers turrets and have to fight off neverending waves of enemies. You also get some starting resources so you can either extend your ship before the action starts or repair it between the waves. 






You can find the full changelog here.


We'd be happy to hear feedback from your side considering the demo, and of course we're always looking for testers!



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Avorion on SpaceSimCentral

29 Apr 2016

Posted by koonschi In: Avorion

Hello everybody, we got our own awesome subforum on SpaceSimCentral!


Let me use this post to quickly introduce me, Philipp, Avorion and what it's all about.


Avorion is a procedural space sandbox where ships, stations, asteroids and everything else is made of blocks of arbitrary sizes. We wanted something different than the standard voxel look, so here we go.

Ships and stations are either generated by the game or built by players. Avorion focuses more on experiencing things while flying your ships, and less on building. We want to put our focus on exploring, flying, combat, questing, looting, trading and the like. Avorion supports co-op multiplayer and day 1 mod support. We want to make a game that we ourselves would enjoy, so there will be no f2p, microtransactions or anything similar. You buy the game once, you get the full package, no hidden costs. 


The game started out with an idea of mine where I wanted a space game that would allow ships to break apart at the points where you hit them. Everybody knows this situation: You shoot the large carrier and the it explodes always the same way and never at the point where you actually shot it. I was annoyed at that and decided to make a game where destruction of ships would be totally dynamic. In order to be able to stem the work that would be necessary to create a game of such large scale, I decided to procedurally generate the content of Avorion.


The game got greenlit in 9 days in December 2015 and motivated by its success over there I decided to develop the game full time once I'm done with my degree. Which is now. I asked an old university buddy (Philipp aka Qui_Sum) for help, and now we'll be developing the game together.






What's Avorion about?

We want to give players the freedom to play in any way they want. It's a sandbox, so we think you should be able to play in as many ways as you want. For example you don't have to fight all the time if you don't want to. 

  • Be a mercenary: Fight for coin or hunt down pirates who attack convoys. 10 (and counting) different turret types can be used to equip your ship. 
  • Be a merchant: Avorion features a trading system with over 100 (and counting) trading goods and factories that use those goods to produce new ones. Found factories that attract NPC traders that will sell and buy.
  • Be a miner: Use powerful mining lasers to gather resources from asteroids and sell them. Find asteroids containing materials or other valuable goods like noble metals and found mines. 
  • Be a pirate: Raid helpless freighters, steal their cargo or smuggle cargo. Enter other ships and steal them or even start wars with entire other factions.
  • Be a scavenger: Find old wreckages or smuggler's stashes and loot them for valuable resources, upgrades or turrets.
  • Be an explorer: Equip your ship with a strong hyperspace drive, fly through wormholes and find new territories. Don't want to found a mine on an asteroid? You could just sell it for a profitable price to the nearest faction. Or give it to someone for free to improve your relations to them. 
  • Be a captain: Build and manage your own ship. While building is relatively easy and less micro-intensive as in other ship building games, you will still have to place blocks in a smart way to successfully build large ships. Resources like crews and energy will have to be managed as well. Finally you equip your ship with turrets, cargo bays and system upgrades that will give you the edge over your enemies (or friends).
  • Be an admiral: Nothing stops you from building more than one ship. Actually you can build as many ships as you want (well, at some point your PC might complain, but hey, there's no other limits)! Or equip your ships with Hangars that will store squadrons of fighters.




Most importantly: Most of these features are already implemented. The game has been in development for over 4 years prior to all this, I started dev'ing the game as a hobby alongside my studies of computer science.


Condering the already present features: I started doing a series on youtube where I present and explain various features of the game. I will post these updates here as well.


What's still to come: 

  • More dynamic events happening in the galaxy, such as freighters calling for help or pirate attacks
  • An arcade-like story leading the players to the center of the galaxy (we don't want to make the story too restrictive, it's a sandbox after all, think of something similar to terraria's story)
  • Boss fights
  • More of everything. More weapons, more gameplay, more things to do. Basically make the game more alive than it is now.

We also have a kickstarter going right now, so if you like the game, please help support us, so we can develop it full time until the Early Access Release (Avorion got greenlit in December, yay)!


Should the kickstarter not get funded, then we will still continue developing the game as it has grown very dear to us and we have no intention of throwing all this away. But we can't promise anything considering the schedule, and most likely we will have to work other jobs to support us until then, so we won't be able to make it our top priority.


You can get the demo on the official website of the game.


I hope you guys will enjoy the game as much as we do, and hopefully we'll see each other ingame!



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VO feature-length podcast with John Bergman

29 Apr 2016

Posted by Phaserlight In: Vendetta Online

Here is a feature-film-length podcast with the creator of Vendetta Online John Bergman, brought to you by "Space Game Junkie":


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3030 Deathwar Redux

27 Apr 2016

Posted by MV2000 In: 3030 Deathwar

Extended version on Early Access tomorrow


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New Video, Story & Open-world Overhaul article!

26 Apr 2016

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space

Hey there! Been a while - we have some interesting developments to share.

The first is a video showing off some of the changes to Shallow Space with the UI, zones system and ship movement which now using PhysX. Also, it's our 50th video as we continue the voyage - checkout the channel page, we've been recording since day 1!

We have the new 'Open-world Overhaul' blog article (#5) including ramblings about where we are with the update and what we're eluding too. It's nice little round-up of the recent events as we continue to remould the game making the most of the procedurally generated glory we've stumbled upon.

"The game also now has a rudimentary AI that will simulate such tasks as auto-attacking, mining and trading (soon to be extended with patrolling etc.) and it’s all driven by a background concurrency simulator dubbed ‘Cerebrus’..."

We'll also talk about the zones system and beyond and look at how we might tackle the complicated beast of the zone map. Check it!


Also, part 3 of the latest installment of lore; 'Paradijs Lost' is now also available Commander!

'The flames outside burned away and Jack’s body relaxed. He gave the engines a little more boost and the kick of the prime mover transmitted through Eve’s seat. She saw a mountain range in the distance, sharp cliffs and buttes coming into focus as they closed in. A sinking feeling filled her.“That’s our destination, isn’t it?" '


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MOD: Quality of Life feedback thread

22 Apr 2016

Posted by ZeroGScott In: Space Force: Rogue Universe

My Quality of Life mod for Space Force: Rogue Universe is now available at:




What's New in Version 1.0.0:


  • Overall menu text rewrite
  • Ship System & Equipment Popup Help rewrite
  • Load screen tips rewrite
  • Civilization background description rewrite
  • Tutorial text changes
  • Class rename and rebalance
  • Item sort order changes
  • Ship descriptions reformat
  • Armor and shield types relabeling
  • Dock, Trade, and Satellite icon changed
  • Trade Ship Icon changed
  • Nano Bot Icon changed
  • Armor/Shield Icons changed
  • Minimap Player Location Icon changed
  • Cursor & Cursor Flare image changed
  • Fire Mode Icons changed


Any problems, comments, feedback can be posted here. Heck anyone willing to let me know if it works would be welcome as well. A lot more to come too, this is only the beginning!

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Procedural planets : part IV

21 Apr 2016

Posted by NevilClavain In: XFrontier



Those last days, adding some shaders for Rayleigh and Mie atmospheric scattering. As do all those interested about this topic, I based my work on related awesome Sam O'Neil's work


Adapt S.O'Neil shaders to my framework was not so easy; I got scared and I thought I would never make it, all this because of some stupid pitfalls I finally resolved,  :victory: and now I'm happy with the result, even if the FPS took a hit once again  :(


Views from space :












Views from surface:









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20 Apr 2016

P.O.L.L.E.N is a strikingly beautiful first-person space thriller where everything can be interacted with. Operate any object or machine and explore their hidden features as you expand the story inside the Research Station M.

Website: http://pollengame.com/

Gameplay Trailer:

Release Trailer:

The game looks well done, I swear it was talked about here on SSC I just didn't find any posts about it or I was searching wrong :) But there isn't too many space thrillers out there so if done right this could be a great game, probably even better playing this in VR for the immersion factor.

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update v1.8

16 Apr 2016

Posted by PINBACK In: The Precursors

Update to v1.8 for the game can now be found in the download section (thanks CaptainKal :good: )

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15 Apr 2016

Posted by Bromstarzan In: FPS, Strategy and Tactical Scifi Games

There's Stellaris (Paradox) on the horizon, coming 9th of May 2016! Looks quite interesting.

Teaser video here.


Sorry if this is old news, couldn't find any Stellaris related by search function.

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Starfall Tactics WIP: Get your fuel, Cassandra and Eagle...

15 Apr 2016

Posted by Relampago In: Starfall Tactics


The time has come to present you another couple of ships created with love and patience, and a finished Fuel depot. And no, you won't be able to date them as our previous news was a great april fools joke... maybe...


Bruno is finally going to have a beautiful friend - Cassandra! Another cruiser in line to bring more pain and let you show your extraordinary microcontrol skills. Although Starfall Tactics gives you an optional, but very useful ability, to create a group of units using hot keys and set target locations for them and attack order, you shall not forget about specific game features. Line of fire and ship collision are not things ships will look to by themselves - you need to position your ships right, preventing them from ramming each other and staying off friendly fire. In exchange your tiny friends will have a very valuable ability to easily evade most projectiles and laugh at slowly turning dreadnoughts.


Make your opponents cry with a sweet pare of Bruno and Cassandra!

Fuel Depot

Here, let's talk a little bit more about exploring the Galaxy: you could read in one of previous WIP articles that travelling across the Galaxy will need a certain amount of fuel, which costs some in-game currency. This sounds a little bit hardcore, but in fact if you are attentive enough and saved money for long space trips to the edge of the Galaxy, have a strong fleet to fight against ambushes and know in which star systems you can find fuel depots - fuel management will not present a big problem to you. Really.


Always pay attention to the fuel level, otherwise, left without fuel and almost immobilized, you run the risk of becoming an easy prey for pirates and every single enemy fleet which is able to destroy you to get all your goods and chattels.


The second cruiser for the Eclipse faction, Eagle, is another small and fast vessel to add into your collection. Despite of having really small engines visually, it actually has enough power to be a very quick and maneuvering ship, at least if you equip some appropriate modules.


As the ship is separated into two parts, it's obvious that some models of it have two weapon and engeneering bays for the left and the right sides - so, there is a chance that some modules can't fi this ship. But don't worry too much, as small squad of these cruisers can bring a lot of unpleasant moments to your rivals - be sure to save some place in your fleet for the Eagle!


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Dieselpunk Lancaster Gunship.

15 Apr 2016

Posted by Wingclaw In: Show Off

Hy all. Here's an Avro Lancaster Gunship I put together in a hour or 2.

The Lancaster is a friend's but the spaceship parts are frum http://www.pioneerspacesim.net

I had thought about making a mod for Pioneer but I want to contact them first to see if its ok.


I'm a sucker for anything Dieselpunk. Anyway enjoy. Tell me what you think, Like it/ Hate it. :)


Attached File  LANCAST gunship 1.jpg   39.1KB   2 downloadsAttached File  LANCAST gunship 2.jpg   32.63KB   0 downloadsAttached File  LANCAST gunship 3.jpg   30.05KB   0 downloadsAttached File  LANCAST TIPE 2 gunship .jpg   39.83KB   0 downloadsAttached File  LANCAST TIPE 2 gunship 1.jpg   37.4KB   0 downloadsAttached File  LANCAST TIPE 2 gunship 2.jpg   36.08KB   0 downloads It's quite big! Attached File  dvg.jpg   41.85KB   0 downloads

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Suggestion: In-game advice!

12 Apr 2016

Posted by addeps3 In: Pioneer

Hi! Really enjoying the game, just visited the very useful IRC and got some great tips there.


Just kind of wondering, or reflecting, if I had received that advice in-game, or even on a web page it would've made my whole first experience way more fun.


For example I've been doing delivery missions, I now afford to put in some passenger-cabins and can make more money.


I also received some great tips on how to do search and rescue missions, those seem like fun!


I'm honestly in a hurry, I know that *everyone* involved in developing are extremely busy, but these are just my two cents.


By the way, if there actually is an advice-page I'll be extremely embarrassed.


Anyway; thanks a lot, and peace out!


P.S. Nvm, I'll try and figure out how to add in-game text and suggest it at the usual place, thanx, boy Ive got a lot of work ahead of me, hahahaha

  207 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by impaktor )


Major VR update and submitted to Steam Greenlight!

11 Apr 2016

Posted by GFLMercury In: Go for Launch: Mercury

It's been a very busy week! 


Version 2 of the VR demo is now live (monitor version to follow later this week). The new demo adds the following...


External views at all points of the flight.

Detailed, accurate external models of the capsule, escape tower and rocket.

Detailed cape canaveral launch site map.

Complete graphics overhaul.

New lighting effects.

Loads of little tweaks.


And the game is now also on the voting stage of Steam Greenlight, please vote here if you'd like to see the game published! http://steamcommunit...s/?id=663510309


And if you would like to help fund (and pre-order the game) the kickstarter is here! https://www.kickstar...-launch-mercury




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MOD possabilities coming...

10 Apr 2016

Posted by ZeroGScott In: Space Force: Rogue Universe

Hey I just wanted to post to see who is around and still tinkering with this game and what kind of interest in having a mod or two. I still find a certain charm in this game that draws me in and I want to give it a little more respect to hopefully make it more approachable by others who could appreciate this little gem.


My thoughts are to make a Quality of Life mod that cleans up some of the poor english button labels and general discription text. Try to make things a little more smooth on basic GUI usages. General icons cleanup, etc.


Other areas I want to go:


 - An item and weapons pass that re-balances or at least simplifies the weapons and items so there's not so much overlap.

 - A redesign of all systems and quests related to them.

 - Potentially redesign/Add ships and Bots


This will all depend on how MODable things really are as I poke around with the files. Most of this looks doable and I've modded this game in the past but never got it to a finished state. Major game mechanics won't change much as they are hard wired in the game engine. The systems and quest redesign has the potential to be a massive undertaking as the editor for the game isn't available any more so it would take going through each system file and manually adding blocks of code. Do able but it will take some smarts to make sure its efficient. If it ends up taking too much time then MAYBE I could try to make an editor for them. That's not a promise though. Time will always be an issue and I don't want to slog around getting stuck on things too much. This is just for fun after all.


I'll try and post regularly with any progress and ideas.


Please feel free to comment and post any ideas and things you would like to see improved. I've already redesigned the classes to make them more interesting and their description text more clear at profile creation. The main menu button labels are more clear now as well. I'm still making lists of things I want to clean up but something soon should be released for a Quality of Life mod.


Again, who's around and willing to test, let me know and enjoy!

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EVA Transitions

10 Apr 2016

Posted by sscadmin In: Star Citizen

Looks like zero-g combat is improving least from the standpoint of player control, looks pretty good so far.

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Damage Control

08 Apr 2016

Another one of these games where take command of the crew of the ship http://store.steampo...1_7_7_151_150_1


website  http://www.highlandgaming.com/




Control your squad of engineers and maintain your ship, and it's crew, until it reaches it's destination. Careful planning and timing will be required to place the right resource in the right place to tackle the dangers of deep space. The environment is brutal and unforgiving and sudden bloody death comes quickly to the slow and unwary! Only your team stand between your sturdy ship and it's faithful crew and certain death. Take command!


  • Relentless Action The air is venting out of your craft, the lower decks are completely ablaze, and asteroids are pounding the hull to smithereens. It's nothing you can't handle! Grab your tools and get started!
  • Full Campaign Mode Take control of your engineering corporation, earn funding by taking on jobs across the galaxy and use the funds to take over the competition!
  • Tactics and Management Prioritize your tasks! Do you rescue the injured crew member? Or stop the fire on the next deck? Equip your engineers with the right tools for the job!
  • Planning and Timing Your tools will run out of charge, and the ship has many paths to your objectives, where will you go first?
  • In space no one can hear you.. The crew have reported strange noises coming from the air vents. Not to worry. I'm sure it's nothing.


Hi every one! I'm Ross Edgar, the lead designer and developer of Damage Control. I've very proud of what we have created so far and I'm very excited to share it with you today.

Damage Control is currently in an alpha state. To explain what we mean by that - it's playable (very), but it has some bugs, and not all the features are implemented. When all the features we want are in we will call it beta, and commence bug squashing. So.. whats currently in?

  • Basic Menu screens and Options
  • Basic Campaign Mode
  • Basic Freeplay Mode
  • 7 Basic Levels
  • 5 Basic Damage Types and the tools to fix them : Hull, o2, Radiation, Fire and Crew
  • Basic Music and Sound Effects
  • Basic Particles and Lighting effects
  • Basic Save/Load system

.. when you write it like that it sounds un-impressive! But trust me, when you see it all running together it's a glorious, bombastic, hectic and violent chaos management game with lots of room to expand!

Our immediate short-term goal is to get to just before beta stage, then get Greenlit (see?), then do an Early Access release. Why? We really want to get feedback on the current feature set and catch anything we missed before we freeze the feature set and commence beta development.

Will we charge for the Early Access game? Yes we will. We need to keep the lights on and cover development costs like art and marketing, but it will be at a heavy discount from the full price as a thank you to everyone who buys the game. We are investigating adding users who contribute suggestions, bug reports and ideas to the game as NPC's or even playable characters. Watch this space!

So what do we plan to add to the game before Early Access?

  • More levels. The levels will be split into "stages", you can only unlock a stage after completing the current stages levels to a particular standard. More on this later.
  • More damage types. Collapsing superstructures, Gas Leaks, Loss of gravity, Electrical Damage are just some ideas we are throwing around right now.
  • Campaign Cards. Cards, earned during the tactical phase, that you play during the strategy phases to confer bonuses and buffs.
  • Level Hazards. We think that large, industrial spaceships would have lots of moving parts. We want to add crushing pistons and slicing lasers to the environment.
  • Device Management I want you to manage your ship, not just stick it back together. We want you to insert fuel rods into the engines, activate shields and dump radioactive waste overboard!
  • Alien. An alien monster is onboard! It will hunt throughout the ship and can only be scared off by the flamethrower. Think of it like the ghosts in pacman, except the ghost is a bloodthirsty monster. And the maze is on fire.
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • European Language Support
  • Full graphical options
  • Full tutorial

Phew. It's a large shopping list, but we think every one of these ideas adds more value to the current game and we cannot wait to see it in game and see players having fun (and complaining) about all of it!

If you have any comments or questions I'd be pleased to respond to you directly, or via the comments page. Thank you for reading.

Ross Edgar.
Highland Gaming.



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Shallow Space in a Groupees Bundle

08 Apr 2016

Posted by sscadmin In: Shallow Space
Hey everyone

Saw that Shallow Space was in this bundle and I thought everyone should know about it and it helps out charity.

Checkout the bundle here: https://groupees.com/bm24

This is a good way for maybe people on the fence to pick up the game and give it a run and give the developers your feedback.

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The "Correct" Control Surface for Most Games

05 Apr 2016

Posted by ExpandingMan In: PC and Console Gaming

Ok, I usually don't start ranting about things out of the blue like this, but I've had some recent experiences which very much call for a rant.


Here is a big problem with a huge number of contemporary games:

One badly needs some sort of analog control for translational motion, but controllers are terrible and the mouse is wonderful.


Let me give an example: I've recently obtained a Steam controller and have gotten into some controller oriented games, in particular Dark Souls.  When playing Dark Souls, one thing about it quickly became abundantly clear to me: Dark Souls would be better with a mouse.  Yes that's right, Dark Souls, would be far better with a mouse.  Why does nobody play it with a mouse?  Well, in part it's probably because of a rather silly console culture that has grown up around that game, but, a far better and more legitimate reason is that it is simply absurd to try to control your character's movement with a keyboard.  You just need to have an analog control for this, absolutely, no exceptions.  Before some hard-core Dark Souls fan goes absolutely ballistic on me for advocating a mouse (which he probably would in any case) let me give an example of why this game badly needs a mouse.  In Dark Souls it is very easy to fall off a cliff while fighting unless you are very, very careful.  If you don't believe me, just touch a few bloodstains near a cliff, and you'll quickly be convinced that I'm right.  Part of why it is so easy to fall of a cliff while fighting is because most of the time you are playing with your view locked on some enemy.  The reason to do this is that it is very hard to control the direction of your view at the same time you are dodging and controlling movement on a controller.  In order to control your view, you have to TAKE YOUR THUMB OFF THE DODGE BUTTON (a big problem in Dark Souls), and not just a little bit, a lot.  Now, I'm sure some people play that way (I've given it a shot a few times myself) but, let's face it, it is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.  This sort of issue comes up A LOT.  Recently I've played through the breathtakingly lovely Hyper Light Drifter (though it is 30fps, they don't get a pass on that) and once again, the character movement demands an analog control, which is just fine with me.  When it comes time to aim a gun however, you are forced to use the LEFT analog thumbstick (yes the same one used for character movement).  Aiming is horrendous with a thumbstick in any case, but there is another control surface which is very, very precise for aiming in twin-stick shooters, and it is called a mouse.  


The solution?  Use a mouse with your right hand, and an analog thumbstick with your left.  Presumably, you now have practically unlimited buttons (my mouse alone has more buttons than the Steam controller) and you don't have to "grip" anything.  This is clearly what is called for.  This ALMOST exists, but developers, manufacturers and players are so agonizingly slow to embrace new control surfaces (if ever at all) it usually is a far-from-ideal solution.  There is something called a "gameboard" or "gaming keypad" (search on Amazon) which are made by Razer and Logitech.  The problem is, that in Razer's case the "thumbstick" is more of a joystick hat (i.e. no analog input whatsoever).  The Logitech version of this mercifully has a bona fide thumbstick (though annoyingly lacks mechanical keys), which actually DOES support analog input, but sadly this doesn't solve the problem.  Despite what seems to me like a good faith effort by Logitech, most games simply don't support this type of input.  You can map it to a "joystick" input (although this is still more trouble than it should be), but most games with controller support do not have joystick support, and in most cases it wouldn't matter anyway because said games do not support that type of mixed input.  The only game I have been able to use this successfully in has been Elite Dangerous.  Usually, one is forced to map the thumbstick to keyboard input, largely defeating the purpose.


As a long-time PC gamer, I am far more comfortable with the Steam controller's track-pads than I am with a right thumbstick.  The right trackpad feels far, far more precise to me, and I can even use it to control the mouse cursor on my desktop if I am not in arms reach of my mouse and it doesn't make me want to hang myself.  However, it is still no substitute for a mouse.  It also simply does not have enough controls for space-sims, and the need to actually hold a controller, rather than letting it rest on a table, makes me extremely doubtful that any controller design could remedy this.  In a space-sim I need 2 dimensions for lateral translation (ok left thumbstick), a joystick or mouse-like input for rotation (ok, right trackpad) buttons to fire weapons, switch weapons, countermeasures, targeting (ok, I guess the Steam controller has enough triggers for all that), power management (XYAB? though I now would have to take my thumb off the trackpad), throttle (wait what? if I use the left trackpad I'd have to take my thumb off the lateral translation controls, that doesn't work, if I use XYAB I have to take my thumb off rotation, which might work for power management but definitely not for throttle)... but oh shit, actually there are three generators of SO(3) and I also need a way to roll... well you can see where this is going, you simply can't use a controller for most space-sims.


So in summary, yes, it's good to have an analog thumbstick like controllers have, but you also need a mouse, and lots of buttons.  This isn't impossible, the solution is very simple and it ALMOST exists.  So, I guess I'm just begging everybody to please, please, put effort into supporting this.  Please Logitech and Razer, come out with "gaming keypads" with analog thumbsticks and a whopping big number of mechanical keys and please, please game developers, support these as controller inputs and also allow mixed input with a mouse.  I know I'm never going to get this, but I just needed to make this shout into the void.


And finally, if anybody doesn't believe me that a mouse is both more precise and "faster" than either a thumbstick or a track-pad all I have to say to you is this: Good luck with Unreal Tournament.


End of rant.

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