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Alternatives to Elite Dangerous

22 Nov 2014

So thrown the rattle out of the pram and crying into your milk as Frontier Developments abandon plans for an offline single player game I know I am. For years people have complained about developers just remaking Elite with some fancy graphics and the odd feature added, so it some what ironic that Frontier finally get off the fence and do a new Elite game, they basically just remake Elite with fancy graphics.


So at the moment E:D is just a free roaming space trading combat game but according to God (Breben)Boy's vision at some point in time it will have seamless planet landing and wandering about on ships.station and planets, in less they change their minds.


So whats allows you do that right now, lets start with the free games.


FFE3D Andy mod can be found in the download section here and check the thread here http://spacesimcentr...exture-caching/

Poineer http://pioneerspaces....net/#&panel1-1 not sure which version they are upto now but you always check here http://spacesimcentr...rum/23-pioneer/


Ad Astra http://www.a-astra.com/index.htm

Noctis http://www.reloaded....load/Noctis/34/


Spaceways http://thespaceway.org/


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Elite Dangerous won't have offline mode

17 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Elite: Dangerous
I read this last night and was like WTF, why would they do that? You can still have a online dynamic world to play in and also give solo players that don't care about that their version too. With E:D now stating that is will need a online connection to play, gamers now have a huge gripe in that the game becomes useless to the hardcore fan of the series when the servers close down. As we all know all to well that servers don't stay around forever... yeah they could leverage private servers that could fill the gap, but that shouldn't be the option since you still paid for a game with certain promises and expectations that you should be able to play it as intended today as well as 10, 20 or even 30 years from now with the same experience. People remember Elite because of that experience and you are taking huge part of that element away from people.

Article: http://www.geek.com/...efunds-1609609/

Frontier Developments has made a mistake in my opinion, without the loyal fanbase E:D wouldn't be getting made. You can probably ask the majority of people under 20 back in 2012 do they know what Elite is and have you played it you might have been hard pressed to find young players that played the original. So FD, you owe the veterans and the loyal fans this small feature to your game. Look at what Star Citizen is doing, they are creating Squadron 42 a single player experience that can played (hopefully) outside of the online only world of SC. So it is doable for FD to do this for the fans and I am sure the majority of fans would excuse any delays for this feature to occur.

SSC members what are your thoughts on this and are you going to the extreme and asking for your money back? Do you think this bad press of this news is going to effect your game and the features that ultimately get put in?

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Eve WASD Controls

17 Nov 2014

Posted by PINBACK In: EVE Online

Seen this being reported on different game sites, now I have never played Eve but would this make any difference to the game. http://community.eve...manual-control/




With Phoebe just having undocked, our attention quickly turns to the Rhea release coming on December 9. If you've been watching the o7 show and reading developer blogs you would have already heard some pretty amazing things being cooked up for later this year.

Today I'm going to share with you an experiment that was born out of recent new player experience testing that we have been doing here at CCP HQ in Iceland. CCP Rise covered this in detail at EVE Vegas (you can watch the video here). The short version is that we take standard PC gamers who have never played EVE before, sit them down with a new character and a checklist of things to achieve and then simply observe them play EVE for 30 minutes without any help or feedback. It's really fascinating to take a step back and view some of these early moments, especially the stumbling blocks which are causing confusion or breaking expectations based on their past experience with other PC games.

One of the things we almost universally observed was the initial expectation to be able to fly your spaceship in any direction using the WASD keys on the keyboard. The transition to EVEs flight control scheme of right clicking on things was jarring for some.

So in Rhea we are launching a beta version of keyboard flight controls. They are very simple, the left key points your ship to the left, the up key upwards. You get the idea.


The controls will initially be opt-in so if you wish to try them out you will have to open up the keyboard settings and assign keys to them. We will then be using this opportunity to A/B test the introduction of controls to new players to gauge whether this helps or hurts the on-boarding experience. We also want to see whether this is a path that is worth pursuing for veteran players or whether polishing up the existing controls would be time better spent.

In any case we want to hear your feedback. The new controls will be available for testing on Singularity tomorrow so go try it out there and post your thoughts on the forums. We are also planning a mass test next week which will be very important in validating if this can be allowed on Tranquility from a technical perspective, so if you have the time to spare please lend a hand. There will be more details about the mass test in the coming days on the test server forums.



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Sol 0 - A Mars colonization RTS game

16 Nov 2014

Hi Space Sim Central,


I came across this site recently and it's really awesome. I've found some really great games that I'd missed.


I'd like to show off my game, a Mars colonization RTS called 'Sol 0'. Here's a screenshot that gives you an idea of what the game is like:




The goal is to balance food, water, power, and oxygen and use the minerals and resources on the Martian surface to grow from the first rover to a self-sustaining colony that can survive independently from Earth.


I'm trying to get the game through Greenlight, if you like what you see here feel free to support the Greenlight page:




I made Sol 0 using the free version of Unity, so if anyone has any questions regarding Unity development or how Unity can be used for real time strategy games, feel free to ask.


The website is: http://www.solzerogame.com

  106 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by Pyros )


An introduction and an announcement of future of pioneer...

15 Nov 2014

Posted by impaktor In: Pioneer

First I should introduce myself to those who don't already know me. I'm part of the pioneer dev-team, and if you've been by #pioneer (irc) anytime during the past two years we've most likely talked. I haven't signed up here until now, since I've felt content with other channels used for development.

For those curious, some of my contributions that are most noticeable on the player side would be the Trade analyzer/econ improv, Advanced Radar Mapper, Second Hand BBS advert,  an improved money format, the reputation system, and the more rare News BBS event, plus some other stuff.

Twitter is alive!
I've now shouldered @pioneerspacesim and intend to use this as our channel towards the rest of the world. Unlike the (broken) bot/buildscript, every build will not be tweeted, but rather, tweets will go out when noteworthy things happen that players will feel upgrade-worthy or great progress to the project, such as our recent addition of Chinese, or new/updated ships such as the Lunar shuttle, major bugs fixed, or the recent return of Mac OSX builds.

Please help us make Twitter nicer looking
I was thinking we aught to have a nicer twitter header picture, some examples here. The problem with the pioneer screen shots page is there are too many to choose from! Some suggestions/guidelines for a header:

  • Since we're showing Pioneer, it should be without any mods, so just vanilla Pioneer
  • Something scenic, that looks good in 3:1, twitter recommends 1500x500 pixels.
  • No text or coordinates from screen dump.
  • Perhaps not any space stations since we're, hopefully about to throw them out.
  • If using a ship perahps a nice one from Mandarava-Csepel line showing ships unique to pioneer, and in line with future direction

(Looking at some nice examples some play with simple geometrical forms, others with symmetry, some have a minimalistic approach.)

So in summary, if you happen to have some nice looking 3:1 scaled pioneer screen shots or art feel free to share it here.


Thanks for showing interest!

  184 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by walterar )


X: Rebirth 3.0

15 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: X Series
Here was a decent video showing off some beta footage of the 3.0 patch.

Still this game has a lot of Steam negative comments and i hope soon this evens out after this patch and the upcoming DLC. But I have to give Egosoft some credit they stick with it.

  188 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by Braindead )


Wayward The Terran Frontier - Zero Falls

14 Nov 2014

Posted by dezgard In: Wayward Terran Frontier



Figured I would come in here and introduce my project.


It's very much alive.

Kickstarter here



Wayward Terran Frontier was the original project, and it was meant to be a multiplayer cooperative galaxy exploration RPG where players could command a big space ship as a team and explore the galaxy looking for loot and adventure. The first kickstarter didn’t work out, but the team gained an artist through kickstarter so we decided to rebrand  and redesign the project as Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls, a single player space exploration and adventure RPG.


You play as a human captain stranded in an uninhabited star system that happens to be full of conflict and mystery. There was a cancelled terraforming project in this system which has left behind an abandoned yet habitable planet and a lot of infastructure. There are multiple factions which have set up shop in the area for different reasons, for some reason an elite paramilitary organization has been commissioned to protect the abandoned planet, and other groups have moved in to support their efforts and profit off of local resources. Your task, given to you by the AI that woke you up, is to land a ship on the abandoned planet, and it won’t be easy.


The gameplay centers around an upgradeable space station where the player can use a special matter furnace to convert raw materials into new ships and weapons and equipment. The station also offers a risk-free home base for the player to engage in crafting, farming, and ship design activities between adventures.


Outside the station the player will find a large semi-procedural solar system with asteroid belts, space stations, ice fields, pirate raiders, civilians going about their daily lives, and deadly mercenary forces patrolling for people like you. The game is very open in design with a focus on free exploration. There is a huge amount of space to cover and there are interesting things hidden everywhere for the player to find.

Game Engine Specs

The game engine is completely custom, built on .NET and the XNA framework.

  • Infinite world + hand made content: The world is divided into massive sectors with different biomes that procedurally generate environments. Then our team manually enters those areas and hides loot, enemies, secrets, and story elements as if it were an easter egg hunt.
  • All objects enterable, alterable, creatable: Game objects use a data structure where meta-data is embedded into the artwork which allows object interiors to be created on the fly. That means we can have hundreds of thousands if not millions of objects in the universe, and while each object you see has the overhead of a sprite, entering the object instantly generates a full interactive, destructive, and meaningful interior complete with moving parts, loot, fancy atmosphere and energy calculations, and sometimes enemies. That also means any ship you find can be captured, reverse engineered, modified, and created by the player.
  • Insane combat damage model: Ships don’t have hitpoints, they have modules linked to tiles. When you shoot a capacitor it can start fires that will spread across the ship consuming oxygen. When you shoot a reactor it can explode sending pieces of the ship flying off into space. When you shoot the bridge you might hit the captain and end the fight immediately. Ships are considered dead when their crew is dead.
  • Data driven design: Objects really are sprites, and can be put directly into the game with nothing more than an image editor. We want people to use the engine for creating their own content.

Release Status

The game is being tested by friends and family. We are preparing a version for press that we hope will be done real soon, if you are interested in a review copy you should register on the store and send us a message with the contact us form: contact us




More Info:

Official Website

My Twitter

YouTube Channel




Check out the media section for more HERE




  125 Views · 9 replies ( Last reply by dezgard )


Freelancer Mod Suggestions

14 Nov 2014

I just started playing Freelancer, and it's my first space sim. What are some mods that I absolutely MUST have?

  127 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by Geraldine )


Tomorrow Land

14 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

Looks interesting and since this is only a teaser it really doesn't reveal much.


  58 Views · 0 replies



14 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

This looks like a good movie.... and from Neill Blomkamp so the story is probably a good one.


  64 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Enhanced planet textures for FFED3DAJ & texture caching.

14 Nov 2014

Posted by AndyJ In: FFED3D
I just thought that I should post this because although FFED3DAJ v1.10a has had well over 300 downloads, at the time of writing nanite2000's enhanced texture packs are unfortunately lagging far behind - with the planet skins/textures at around 70 downloads. :dontknow:

To get the best visuals from this latest build then I recommend that you add the following texture packs by nanite2000 which have been created specifically to accompany this build: Enhanced planet surfaces, Enhanced metal surfaces, and optionally, Cockpit icons and Planetary information graphics.
(There is an album of images for each of the texture packs here)

Without installing the planet surfaces textures, you won't see textured cliffs at shorelines or molten surfaces on volcanic planets!

The planet surfaces and metal textures have instructions within their archives, but in short: extract your choice of either the high, medium or low resolution image files into the Textures folder.

Please note also that to make full use of the planet terrains, an edit is required to the ffed3daj.cfg file!

Find the line that says customTexturesFilename=textures.cfg
and change it to either: customTexturesFilename=textures_nanite2000_skins.cfg
or customTexturesFilename=textures_nanite2000_terrain.cfg

The difference between the two settings is an aesthetic one: whether the larger rocky planets / moons are displayed using a single high-resolution "skin" to cover them, or draw their terrain using individual textures.

32bit users, especially with lower available memory would be best to stick to the low or medium resolution textures as the additional images do use quite a lot of additional memory.

64bit users with 4GB+ of memory don't need to worry as the game can fit them in as well as all of the models (modelPreLoad=99)

I'm sure that everybody reads the 'readme' file, but I'll also take the opportunity to highlight that users with graphics cards that have 2GB dedicated memory are recommended to try enabling the new experimental texture load settings in ffed3daj.cfg:

These settings will cache all of the game textures in video memory rather than system memory. (including the new high resolution files)

Users with 1GB or less graphics memory will need to experiment with the last 3 settings and the medium/low resolution images. Users with 256MB to 512MB graphics memory would likely only be able to use the first two settings for a small memory gain.

It would be useful to hear some feedback on what works for graphics cards with less than 2GB, and will surely help other users tweak their configurations.



[edit] corrected the .cfg filenames for nanite2000's textures

  244 Views · 11 replies ( Last reply by AndyJ )


[Puzzle Game] NightMare (free)

14 Nov 2014

Posted by dangnhoc In: PC and Console Gaming
My first 2D GAME : NightMare
Genre: Puzzle
Status: In Development
Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE
Developer: Ung Hoang Phi Dang 
Past of Dang , the bad days, and despair..
Dang want to write a new script for its own life.
So, Dang was trying to find the diary and write in it…
3 chapters :
chapter 1 : Love Story
chapter 2 : Realistic life and dreams
chapter 3 : secret
Have a cutscenes in the game
three secrets in the game
time to complete the game 20 minutes
coming soon,...
last november 2014.
I would like to an organization event when it's complete, prize is $ 39.99
 If you are interested in this event.

  87 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by dangnhoc )


White Space

11 Nov 2014

Short bit On RPS about a procedurally generated planet bounty hunter game http://www.rockpaper...od-white-space/ Did not hear any mention of space travel between the planets so it sound like the start planet will be a hub where you take missions and upgrade the ship before getting access to the other planets.



Theirs a gem of an idea in this but you really need to be able to get out of the ship and chase the target on foot or in a vehicle or though a city as well as just flying over a barren terrain.

  113 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


So is Elite: Dangerous ready for release?

11 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Elite: Dangerous
Well it was announced a few days ago that Elite Dangerous was going to be release in mid-Decemember. Now the question I ask (since I haven't played it at all yet) is it ready from those of you that have played in the beta for a while. Is there enough content to have a successful release and is it ready for the masses to play?

I watched that future of E:D video and its amazing on how Elite is trying to mirror Star Citizen's image of their game. For me, we can never have enough space games as long as they provide value and immersion. I am looking for immersion, it has been a long time since I have been lost in a game world where you have to pry me away to eat :)

My concerns and why I have waited to play Elite: Dangerous is because I didn't want to have my hopes killed as to what I have been waiting for in a sequel. I didn't want to see the hate generated around X:Rebirth happen to E:D so I am hoping that released game is closest to what I have been wanting to play and see.

What is everyones thoughts on this?

  331 Views · 10 replies ( Last reply by SerialKicked )


Frigate Firing Fixed Gatling Gun

10 Nov 2014

Posted by brianpurkiss In: Shallow Space



A quick screen grab of a Frigate firing their fixed gatling guns. 


We can't wait to show off these guys swooping in and out making passes. And the dogfighting? 

Gonna be awesome.

  118 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by AnastasiusFocht )


Games Like Rodina?

10 Nov 2014

I love the concept of Rodina, but the demo lags like crap on my pc.  Is there anything similar that would run with my Intel HD graphics card?  I can't get a new pc for a while.  I really want a game like Rodina where I can explore and interact with my ship as well as planets and, of course, space travel.

  227 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )



08 Nov 2014

Guys and ladies!

My best friend and I have been searching the www for a looooong time now. We have been searching for an old space sim game called Xenography. At least that's the name we rembenber it as. We KNOW we've played it somwhere between 1998 -2002. We can't find any info about the game. No vidz, no pics, no text. PLEASE! If you know anything about this game, post everything about it here!

  155 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by Ebethron )


Infinity planet rings video

07 Nov 2014

Posted by PINBACK In: Infinity: Quest for Earth


Is this the video we have been waiting for and does it signal that the Battlescape Kickstarter will be appearing soon or are they just showing off the graphic engine?.

  186 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )


Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens

06 Nov 2014

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

I thought there was already a post about Star Wars 7 but I couldn't find it so if everyone doesn't know this is in the works...

I found a little tidbit today:

J.J. Abrams started filming in May. Disney has set the release date for Dec. 18, 2015, with a new film every year for at least five years.

Am I reading that right... I think that is a mistake personally. The last three films suffered a bit and you would think with a release schedule like this that quality would suffer. Or they want to make sure they finish movies before the now old Luke, Han and Leia are still alive and healthy. Another tidbit is that C3PO might not be in the movies but R2D2 will be. Will be interesting how the fans will treat the new SW movies and Disney is taking a expensive gamble. Yeah the movies will make money regardless but could they be epic movies?

JJ Abrams already stated that he will not be directing the next Star Trek movie :(

  134 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by Goomich )


Homeworld - Remastered

04 Nov 2014

I played Homeworld once before a long time ago, but, since I know most of you guys have a hard-on for Homeworld or Homeworld-esque things, 



  176 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by MawhrinSkel )

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