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Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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  • sphinxgatePhoto
    Background Music

    sphinxgate - Jul 07 2015 06:35 PM

    Great tune on opensource at soundimage.org for opening scene; http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/'...

  • sphinxgatePhoto
    Moonbase v0.2.7b

    sphinxgate - Jul 07 2015 06:12 PM

    I'm enjoying getting back into the game and some great new additions to the latest beta v0.2.7b....

  • shadowma45Photo
    Chris Roberts new Game Star Citizen

    shadowma45 - Jul 07 2015 02:43 PM

    Yes this game will be like a GTA in space with all the cool trimmings, I think it will change the...

  • GeraldinePhoto
    Drifter for PC/Mac and Linux

    Geraldine - Jul 07 2015 02:33 PM

    Good luck with this CGSColin. I hope you get plenty of sales. :girlsmile:  Still a great gam...

  • SpatrickPhoto
    Pioneer crashes when loading a saved game

    Spatrick - Jul 07 2015 12:17 PM

    Me neither.  I tried Windows 7 and Vista compatibility modes with no success.

  • PINBACKPhoto
    Chris Roberts new Game Star Citizen

    PINBACK - Jul 07 2015 10:29 AM

    Hey the answer is yes, I do rember Chris Roberts saying this would one of the many ways to traver...

  • PINBACKPhoto
    No Man's Sky

    PINBACK - Jul 07 2015 10:24 AM

    18 minutes of gameplay with commentary from man himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=31...

  • CGSColinPhoto
    Drifter for PC/Mac and Linux

    CGSColin - Jul 07 2015 09:33 AM

    Hey again! Just letting you all know that we've started a little thing we're calling "The Ye...

  • MawhrinSkelPhoto
    The Pleiades Corp. & new medium Corvette!

    MawhrinSkel - Jul 07 2015 05:22 AM

    New faction up: Pleiades Corporation [PLC] with accompanying star charts over on the blog. The...

  • nozmajnerPhoto
    Pioneer crashes when loading a saved game

    nozmajner - Jul 07 2015 04:54 AM

    Win7 compatibility mode doesn't make any difference for me.

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Background Music

07 Jul 2015

Posted by sphinxgate In: Colonisation: Moonbase

Great tune on opensource at soundimage.org for opening scene;



'Terraforming Begins'

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Moonbase v0.2.7b

07 Jul 2015

Posted by sphinxgate In: Colonisation: Moonbase

I'm enjoying getting back into the game and some great new additions to the latest beta v0.2.7b.


Especially like the UI for the colonists, lots of potential to balance the training, health and happiness and was the depth I was looking for past base construction.


I'm noticing that my funds are dropping like a stone so I quickly need to figure out how to balance those finances, perhaps I was too generous with healthcare and medical provisions - no wonder all my colonists are super happy and healthy!


Is it my imagination or did the factories in old beta used to generate fuel, can't seem to find a construction that gives a healthy startup of fuel in this version, which I presume is required for the repair yard ships - I'll keep on looking.   Not many low level building's that provide steady income either, science facility brings some money in however costs more to pay the wages of the staff to run it.


Despite a few bugs and crash's does appear to be the most stable version thus far imo.  Keep up the good work and loving the new lighting flares (see attached screenshot).

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The Pleiades Corp. & new medium Corvette!

07 Jul 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space


New faction up: Pleiades Corporation [PLC] with accompanying star charts over on the blog.

The Pleiades Corporation controls the Pleiades Stellar System, a full ‘core’ system of the Terran Imperium. Settled in 2362 by the presumed lost worldship UES Halifax, the Halifax governors set about extracting mineral wealth from all corners of the stellar system and returning it to the populated twin worlds of Paradijis and Eden.


Also some images of our latest Pleiades ship dubbed the 'Medium Corvette' also with a 3D sketchfab view of the model again, over on the blog :)

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Pioneer crashes when loading a saved game

06 Jul 2015

Posted by Spatrick In: Pioneer

I’ve loved playing this game again but I’ve run into a major problem.


The game starts fine and plays well, but when I try to “continue” after exiting the game, or “load” a game, it crashes.  Not every time though.  The one single exception is I have a single saved game that will load.  I’ve played making frequent saves of progress and none, but that ONE saved game, will load without crashing Pioneer. 


Just to be clear, I can start a new game just fine.  The problem only exists with loading games.


I've tried re-downloading Pioneer and playing but I still get the same problem.  I tried making a copy of the good save, deleting the content (in Notepad) and pasting the content from another save, but that doesn't work either.  One thing I noticed is the good save file is very small while the bad ones are considerably larger.


I'm on a Windows 7, 64bit machine.


I would appreciate some help solving this as I’ve had a blast playing and I’d like to be able to save progress.  I’ll post a link to the good saved game and one that doesn’t load without crashing.  I'm hoping someone will try one of the bad files and see if it fails on their computer too.  That will indicate whether the file is bad or the issue is with my computer.


Here is the good save file.



Here are several bad ones.




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Derek Smart Blog About Star Citizen

05 Jul 2015

Long blog from Mr Smart about the current situation going on with Star Citizen and crowd funding http://dereksmart300...tellar-citizens Some interesting points in it but as always with blogs take them with a pinch of salt.

  233 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by XenonS )


Subspace Continuum

03 Jul 2015

Posted by robske In: Classic/Retro Space Games

no topic of this yet here?! What is this blasphemy! Let's enlighten this heap of spacejunk immediately!



Subspace Continuum now on steam!




  90 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by harley9699 )


Can't play game - GL_INVALID_OPERATION

03 Jul 2015

Posted by Uighur In: Pioneer

Hello everyone.


During the loading sequence, I get the GL_INVALID_OPERATION error.


My specifics are:


Intel Core  i7-4500U (1.80GHz / 3.00GHz  Turbo Boost)

System  8Gb RAM

NVidia GT-740M 2Gb DDR3

OpenGL version 4.5

OS Windows 8.1 64bit


The latest ,still perfectly working release, is 20141118


From that version onward, I am no longer able to play. (Since switching to OpenGL 3.2)


I attached the Opengl.txt file. Thank you in advance.





  186 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by Uighur )


Objects In Space

03 Jul 2015

Spotted this on RPS the other day, looks like it could be a interesting spin on the space trading game.http://www.rockpaper...rading-stealth/


Website http://objectsgame.com/



Objects in Space is a modempunk stealth space-trading game set in Apollo – a huge cluster of star systems dozens of lightyears away from Earth. You are a lonesome ship’s captain, buying and selling wares in order to keep your bucket of bolts afloat and stay one step ahead of pirates, organised criminals, corrupt governments and shady laws.

Combat in Objects in Space sees ships treated more like submarines than dogfighters. You’ll be running silent, planning manoeuvres far ahead of time and engaging in deadly games of cat-and-mouse with nebulous enemies.

You will command your one-person ship from the captain’s chair. Encounters happen far outside visual range, so rather than close-quarters space shoot-em-ups, you’ll be poring over magnetic, gravimetric and radiation scanning arrays trying to locate tiny boxes of metal sometimes flying at millions of miles per hour massive distances away hoping against hope to get a missile lock.

It’s up to you to keep your ship’s systems running as quietly as possible, going fully ‘dark’ if you have to, just floating with your current trajectory and speed, hoping to avoid showing up on anyone else’s scanners as you traverse some of the most dangerous shipping lanes in space. Of course, one slight calculation error and you may veer off course, forcing you to leak highly detectable emissions to correct your mistake. Be careful.

The Apollo cluster requires absolute vigilance at all times. As you travel from one system to the next, trying to eke out a living, you’ll have to keep your eyes on your scanners at all times. You’ll have to differentiate in the blink of an eye between an asteroid and a hostile ship.

Your ship is completely customised by you, down to the tiniest component of each module. If your battery craps out, it’s your own fault. You decided to go with a cheap Ventarii battery in the first place, and it was out of your stubbornness that you thought a Connext Hap Node built for an Enceladus cruiser without an adapter would be a good idea. Silly you.

You can play it safe in the central systems or design your ship with the ability to outrun, outfight or out-hide your opponents and make your fortune in the outer rims. But be careful! You are just as easily prey as predator in deep space…


Gives the following games and media as inspiration.



  • Super Star Trek / EGA Trek
  • 688(i) Hunter/Killer / Sub Command/ Dangerous Waters
  • Street Rod
  • Lightspeed/ Hyperspeed
  • FTL
  • Privateer
  • Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
  • The Terran Trade Authority books by Stewart Cowley


But what it reminds me of most is Omnitrend Universe https://www.mobygame.../game/universe_

Should be one to keep an eye on.

  118 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by ExpandingMan )


Latest IndieDB news: Some Semblance of Order (new Ship!)

02 Jul 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space
New ship model unveiled over on Indie DB in the latest news round-up 'Some Semblance of Order!'

Also covered is a general report of progress, we talk about the reasons for putting up the new roadmap page and there's some fresh media in the galleries showing off the new 'Status Indicators' with ships now able to hide in asteroids and nebulas.

"Work on Omega continues with a Medium Corvette model being unveiled, the artists now report they are ‘in the swing’ but there’s a short break while one of them disappears on holiday for a week. You can view more angles of this great ship over on the blog site soon (Category: Omega) and take a look at the forum posts while you’re over there, plenty of people with some interesting things to say have gathered there."

Check it out!


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Endless Sky - trading & combat, similar to Escape Vel...

01 Jul 2015

Posted by zahni In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Hello SSC! I'm looking for beta testers for an open source space trading and combat game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Even if all you have time to do is download it and let me know what OS you're using and whether the game runs, that would be a big help. (Mac OS X, 64-bit Windows, and Debian / Ubuntu Linux packages are available.)


In Endless Sky, you start out in a tiny space ship and can work your way up to a massive warship or a fleet of freighters by carrying cargo or passengers, completing missions, or plundering pirates. You can install new engines and weapons, or save up to buy bigger ships or escorts. The main story line takes about 8-16 hours to play through, or you can ignore the story and treat it like a sandbox game.


More screenshots, a gameplay video, and downloads are available on the website:







  155 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )


The Battle of Sol

01 Jul 2015

Hey Everyone,


It's about time I introduce myself to this fantastic community (honestly, I should have done this ages ago).  My name is Christopher Stockman and I'm the design lead behind the newly released space-combat game, The Battle of Sol.


Also, I was the design guy behind the space-combat game, SOL: Exodus which released back in 2012 (before everyone and their mom started making them again)  :)


So what exactly is The Battle of Sol?  


Back in early 2014 I acquired the original game's IP and assets, got most of the original team back together, and we set out to make a PS4 version of the original game with some improvements.


Along the way we ended up basically remaking the whole game.  The Battle of Sol is the end result.


Here are the features:


- Over 20 missions featuring 2 distinct, flyable ships.

- All new game mechanics; give wingmen orders, manage ship subsystems, enhanced targeting, multiple missile types, and new ship physics

- All new environments, sound FX, music, and visual FX.

- All new story and VO featuring top-named talent. 

- Revamped AI, some mission branching, and much more.


If you're a fan of space-combat games please check it out!  


Steam link:




Launch Trailer link:










  196 Views · 8 replies ( Last reply by StocksBPG )


Wing Commander (1-5) questions

30 Jun 2015

Posted by XenonS In: Wing Commander Series

Hello folks,

the only WC title I have played and highly enjoyed is Wing Commander Privateer (1+2), also there is a very nice game conversion based on the Vega Strike engine.

What I missed and never played are the main WC series WC1 up to WC Prophecy (WC5) for which I have a couple of questions.


How do these games play on modern computers, especially WC1-WC4 ? Can you play WC1, WC2 out of Dosbox ?


I know from videos that the in-game missions and the Story are the major gameplay elements, but can you edit your own missions or deviate from the set missions to freely explore?


Are there mods for WC1-WC5 ?


Thanks very much for your feedback!




  166 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by XenonS )


Heat Signature

30 Jun 2015

Could have sworn we had a thread about this but I can't find it, Any how Looks like the game had some work done on it and according to RPS http://www.rockpaper...me/#more-251007 you can sign up for testing.


  146 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by ExpandingMan )


New Roadmap Page Now Live!

30 Jun 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space
A number of you have requested a breakdown of how the project is progressing in the form of a Roadmap.

We're pleased to say that after a weeks hard work the new Roadmap page is now live! There's plenty of information over there presented in a clear and easy to understand format and the headings in the roadmap section expand to reveal more detailed subheadings and descriptions.


Of course the information provided is just an estimate but do check it from time to time because as well as keeping you informed, it'll also keep us organised and we'll be updating it frequently.

Head over and check out the new Roadmap page.

  71 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by MawhrinSkel )


Sirius Online - Freelancer type MMO?

27 Jun 2015

Hi space-folks,


While cruising the net yesterday, I found a game I haven't heard of yet! It's called Sirius Online and it looks a lot like a Freelancer clone in an MMO setting. The servers are down until the 31st, however it looks promising. Right now they've got a ways to go in community size and exposure so I figured I'd give you all a heads-up! 


Their website is:



Currently you can grab early access as part of Indiegala's Friday Bundle for about $3.20. Seems well worth that entry price to me. 



And finally here's an obligatory dev preview to check out:



  176 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


XO character artwork revealed

26 Jun 2015

Posted by chairliketeeth In: FPS, Strategy and Tactical Scifi Games



In XO you’ll need to deal with a myriad of personalities in your fleet. Your leadership will either inspire loyalty and sacrifice, or drive your people to treachery and sabotage. Who you choose to elect onto your council will affect your entire fleet.




We’ve been working on the character artwork for several weeks. Finding something that matched the visual style of the starships and planets was a major challenge, and we’re very pleased with the results.




The faces are generated using a system we lovingly call Mr. Potato Head. The shape of each face, mouth, eyes, nose, and accessories will create a unique group of people each time you load the game. We’ve created different parts suited for male, female, and gender neutral characters.




Think of XO‘s gameplay as the tactical interface used aboard a battleship – viewed through a holographic interface like the HoloLens. In the universe where XO takes place, I imagine citizens create their own personally unique AR goggles using sophisticated replicators; 3D printers that can make almost anything, allowing function and fashion to meet in strange ways.




XO is heading to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight on July 20th! Please mark your calendars and sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll remind you on day one. Thanks for all your support so far, we can’t wait to show you the new gameplay trailer… coming soon!

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Curiousity on Zeta Reticuli

25 Jun 2015

Posted by DevinJAM In: Pioneer

I was watching some the Alein Franchise today and I was curious if Zeta Reticuli was in the game?  I looked up that it is a real star.

  179 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by impaktor )


Faction: The Mineral & Fusion Corp.

25 Jun 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space
There are 8 human factions in the Shallow Space universe: 
  • The 3 core empire factions with overall control of the majority of humanity. 
  • The 3 mighty corporations, nipping at the emperors heels for dominance 
  • The 2 subversive authorities living outside of the core worlds of Shallow Space in the fringe colonies nibbling at the edges of the Imperium.
Some of the factions are further split into subordinate authorities or companies, some with Elite units and/or special abilities.
Find out about the first revealed faction; the 'Mineral and Fusion' corp over on the freshly revised Shallow Space blog... here
[Abbreviated: MFC] The second of the major corporations, MFC was quick to follow other corps path to riches through the accumulation of resources in the historic Sol system, however their claim to fame was the construction of a safe fusion reactor, the basis for all future civilization.

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Introduction and Star Wars Space Combat Testing

24 Jun 2015

Posted by wookieejedi In: Freespace I & II

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and say what a cool community you all have here.


I am wookieejedi and I am the lead developer on the Star Wars Original Trilogy mod. Our goal is to create a game that recreates the space combat from the Original Trilogy. We are using the actively worked on and surprisingly powerful Freespace 2 engine for the mod. If anyone is interested in testing the mod, has any questions or wants to help just shoot me a message or reply. 




Here are just a few images if anyone is curious. 




  214 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by wookieejedi )


Unending Galaxy

23 Jun 2015

Unending Galaxy


After a full year of development, Unending Galaxy has just been released as a stable 1.0 build. While the quest to make an all-in-one space simulation is far from finished, it’s still a nice milestone in itself. I can’t thank enough everyone who’ve shown support in any way, shape or form, it means a lot. You can vote for Unending Galaxy on Steam Greenlight too :)



Unending Galaxy is a top down 2D sandbox, simulation and strategy game based in space. The game allows you to play at any level from being a small time pirate to the ruler of a large empire. You can fight, trade, explore, build factories, and amass a fleet to form your own faction and conquer others’.


The universe is dynamic and fully simulated, NPC ships live their own lives, factions are able to conquer territories and conduct diplomacy while their economy influences their military production and capacity. Missions are generated based on what’s actually going on in the galaxy, instead of what is usually the other way around.


Unending Galaxy is available for Windows PC. It's a 100% single-player, offline game with no DRM or advertisement.



Main Features

  • Large maps featuring hundreds of sectors and thousands of NPC
  • Play on both hand-crafted and procedurally generated maps
  • 8 factions, 80 ships and 50 station types, dozens of weapons
  • Sandbox gameplay: mine, trade, build, colonize, fight, destroy, scavenge..
  • Control multiple ships and switch between them at will
  • Build your own empire from the ground up
  • No in-game loading screens, real time gameplay with active pause
  • Multiple starting scenarios
  • And, of course, pirates, space monsters and crazy robots !
  • Excellent soundtrack by Alexander Jordan

You can also check the detailed feature list on the wiki.


Where to buy ?


The basic edition is available for free on the official website and while it's not as content packed as the deluxe edition, it's advised to try it first to make sure the game is running well on your system. The full, deluxe edition of the game is currently available at the itch.io and IndieGameStand stores for 9.95$.






forum mods: I know I already have a topic for UG in the free indie section, you can delete/lock it if you want to. UG isn't in early development (or really free) anymore, thank you :)

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