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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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[MOD] Cendar Music Pack

24 Jan 2015

Posted by Cendar In: Pioneer Mods

I spent my day to download, listen, sort and convert in .ogg a ton load of music to make this little mod (~600 Mo !!!). I Hope it'll please you!

The music is principally epic, ambiant, or even a little jazzy when docked.


Don't hesitate to leave comments.


Download Link: https://mega.co.nz/#...fq-hWDlpJV8q0d8


Cendar Music Pack 1.0 - 24 jan 2015

by Cendar ( cendarlerouge@gmail.com )


Use with the game Pioneer ( http://pioneerspacesim.net )

Tested with version 20150105 - Mac OS X but should work with other versions.




This mod adds many music to Pioneer. All songs are royalty free.




Put the .zip file "CendarMusicPackV1.0.zip" in the mods folder (no need to decompress)


'My Docs/Pioneer/mods' for Windows '~/.pioneer/mods' for Linux

'~/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/mods' for OSX


Music Credits


All Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommo...icenses/by/3.0/


Except for "intro brass 01" by klankbeeld (https://www.freesoun...ple/klankbeeld/)

found on https://www.freesound.org

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Loading older save files

24 Jan 2015

Posted by Biscuits In: Pioneer

Hiya, I did search but could not find if anyone had any issues with loading older saves. I know the money cheatie is now gone and wanted to load my save from only the last version (before the new stations were added). it seems to fail and crash however. 


best wishes,



  38 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by fluffyfreak )


Arena Commander 1.0 Trailer

24 Jan 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Star Citizen


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So what do you think after play Elite Dangerous for just...

23 Jan 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Elite: Dangerous

Hey Everyone


It's been over month since release and wondering how people are liking or not liking the game (added a poll) so be honest and maybe someone with the power to change it will make it happen. I personally have yet to buy the game and I am holding off until I see more development done to the game to get it to a place to where I think it would be something I would play for a while. I always value the feedback I get from the community on games and whether they are good or not so is the game good?

  199 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by Vuzz )


Play 2296 DOS games for free!

22 Jan 2015

Posted by Gernot In: PC and Console Gaming

Yes you readed right


2296dosgames_zpsu80ehzc2.png2296 dos games







MS Space Simulator:




(i would have liked to show a thumbnail to select some examples, but it seems not to work like i would like it,

"i really hate this damned machine

it never does what i want it

it only does what i tell it" ;) )




all games can be played from within your browser,

no download

no installation

pure fun



but that isn't all


play various classic consoles

from the "Atari2600"

to "VTech sokrates"





Still not satisfied?


ok, you can play one from a quite good selection of "arcade machines", legally and best of all you won't need a single coin.







DOS games might need a mapping of keystrokes to your joystick

but else they run very well


Consoles and Arcade games are "under construction"

sound leaks heavy and sometimes it stutters or the game will hang

but MESS and the archive do their best to fix that

MESS started it together with the Archive to get experiences with the "Java script MESS"


once that works fine it would mean you could play even here a little game directly in the browser.


For DOS games that works already fine.


hurray to the Internet Archive & MESS



And there is even more!


check it out yourself






Since we are here on SSC two additional links of specific interest,







phun_zpsdo8acxn3.pnghave phun


i                   a     t      neverforge     s         w

 s      h       h       a             t             t tetall i

   n   t  a   p         n             i             a         t

     't       t            d             t             r         h


spacewar_zpsmoa9ytcp.pngspace war


read below







attention: "consoleros"


Intellivision now intelligentvision, offers a handful of unreleased or unfinished games,

some of them are reviewed and finished and legal to download for a use in a emulator,

as well as some finalized games which would be also (*have been) avaible on a cartridge.

*have been, because the editions are small, maybe some 100, but come with nice made boxes and overlays,

real collector items.




Latest releases on cartridges was (but not available for download, i understand this, you don't get rich with that, ROMs are expensive to produce)

"Ms. Pac-Man"

"Ms Nightstalker" ok, a female Nightstalker, why not?

"Spina the Bee" a previously unreleased game from Intellivision



a few interesting candidates


"Space C*nt"

a "AstroSmash" for adults, "programmers proof-of-concept" as they say,

it's besides of the "hmm?" (what the heck had he in mind) somewhat harder to play.

They say "finished", of course it's fully playable, but the images on the score table aren't the same as in the game,

but maybe that's just a trick to keep us playing, because everybody excepts "they might appear - maybe on a higher level?"

Uses Intellivoice, but only to spell the title, some crazy dude put a 10min clip on YT playing back only the title screen.


"AstroSmash Competition"

has a opening screen to enter a time limit for competitions.


"Space Shuttle"

i would say the very first Shuttle Simulator, unfinished while playable, uses Intellivoice to guide your mission,

imo it would have been the most senseful use of this hardware add-on.


"Donkey Kong 1 Arcade"

enhanced graphics and added the missing two levels, additionally you can select between "Mario" "Toni" & "Bruno", each one is different to play.

i guess "Toni" can climb ladders with the hammer and "Bruno" can jump with the Hammer, or something like that.


"Super Chef Burger Time"

nothing else as "Burger Time" with more levels.


"Robot Rubble"

finished, it turned out very well, i know the prototype and played this release, it's simple but not bad.


"Same Game & Robots"

"Same Game" is a puzzle game which is know also under a different name

"Robots" is a "Berzerk" clone with Intellivoice support.


"Space Patrol Teaser"

A PD game from "Joe Zbiciak", the teaser Edition has only two shortened levels.

alternativly you could get from his SDK-1600 site "Spice Patrol", exactly the same as the teaser version only with different graphics,

instead of the "moon mobile" you "drive" a pepper shaker (or whatever that should be) UFOs have been exchanged with pumpkins i.e.


But in anyway "Joe" deserves a little fee for his continous effort he made in programming Intellivision games,

fairly one can say without him this revival of the Intellivision would have never happened.


He wrote the "CP-1600 SDK" (a assembler software development kit) and the emulator JZINTV,

which is quite good and it's used in the "Ultimate Intellivision Console" based on a "raspberry PI".

It supports the original hardware add-ons, original controllers but as well USB joysticks/pads.

He's a real hardware->software crack, but a nice person with a good sense for humor.

(somehow he reminds me of TomM)

You can find him lurking around on AtariAge forums.

When i registered to AtariAge, i criticized a few things on JZINTV, i didn't expected he is present there,

but he didn't took that in wrong way and started to explain me all kinds of hardware related stuff.



only available in cartridge

"Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents" (LeftTurnOnly is a small team around JZ, i guess he founded it for the release of "Space Patrol")

it's a absolutely cute game, if i got my inty in my hands it will be the next i really buy for it, it's so sweet,

i only hope one is left for me, ordering can be diffucult for me because i own no credit card neither a bank account.




My choice:

"Tag-Along Todd"

A PD demo-game (from Joe), more a developers toy as a game, but playable, marked as "unfinished" but only because it's a developers toy.

Another programmer added Intellivoice support and a lowering fence to the game as well as a advance in hardness.

If you "won" a round the next round is one step harder, it starts at "3" and i have to say "6" is already difficult.

the object of the game is to clean your frontyard from some rubbish (cans) while "Todd" the annoying boy from next door

likes to force you to play with him a Intellivision game, it starts with "Let's play..." if he catches you "Let's play... Soccer" i.e.

The ideas he implemented made out of a pure demo to show how to program in assembler a persuer a playable funny little game.

It shows it doesn't needs much to make a game, just a few crazy ideas...






The Intellivision fonts you find exclusively here:



But even "vectronic" is a "space-age" looking one, i always liked how it appeared in "VECTRON" one letter drawn after the other with a buzzing sound.

It's funny and i don't know what we thought, text will be displayed in this way in future?

"bss bss bss bss bss bss bss put"  clear screen - next "bss bss bss bss bss bss bss put" it would take days to draw a text in this way.

But it looks cool and sounds great.


A quite similar font is used as well in a old coin-op "Exidy - Star Fire" a good "StarWars X-Wing" clone, for it's time.

You can download this "arcade machine" for free and absulute legal use from the MAME project,

since some offered MAME a licence to distribute them for private non-commercial use as a reward for keeping it alive,

which is a fine act from my pov, let's hope more copyright holders will follow this example:




who let the smoke out? In case you didn't know, all electronic devices operate using smoke. You can prove this quite simply - if you let the smoke out of any electronic device, there is an incredibly high likelihood that it will no longer work. If it does still work, then there is still enough smoke left in it for it to continue operating.


  96 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Gernot )


Grey Goo

22 Jan 2015


From the makers of star wars empire at war.


Looks to me a lot like a mix between tiberium universe and supreme commander :)

  54 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by robske )


What ship is this?

21 Jan 2015

Posted by Cruisin1500 In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television





I know my sci fi ships and shows and I've never seen this one. But two shows I have not watched are Andromeda and Farscape...

  156 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by ablativepotato )



20 Jan 2015

Posted by CaptainKal In: Mobile and Web Gaming

Rock, Paper, Shotgun mentioned it. You can play it here.

  125 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by ablativepotato )


Sid Meier's Starships

19 Jan 2015


I hope it will have more substance than BE.

  101 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by robske )


Angels Fall First

18 Jan 2015

Just a small update.


'Angels Fall First: Planetstorm' renamed the game to just be their 'universe' name since it is their first commercial game.  Thus, now it is just 'Angels Fall First'.

They started their greenlight campaign, and were expecting to release some videos in a small media push for votes, but they ended up getting greenlit before they actually released a video.

Here are some videos anyways.


A trailer:


A gameplay overview:


Don't expect a release any time soon still.  They just wanted to get the greenlight campaign out of the way right now so that they can just release when they are ready.

  157 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Galaxy on fire 2 full hd and space rangers hd

17 Jan 2015

I found this game on steam ( http://store.steampo...2010/?l=italian ), seams to be good at least looking the video. As anyone played it?


What about space rangers hd? It's not  a real space sim but more similar to space pirates and zombies.

  194 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by NatanSharp )


Plancon: Space Conflict

14 Jan 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Mobile and Web Gaming



I don't have a apple so I cannot give this a try, but it looks interesting.


Website: https://itunes.apple...ict/id680585948

  124 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by CaptainKal )


The Zero Theorem

14 Jan 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

Pick this up cheap on DVD at the weekend and if you like any of Terry Gilliam past films watch this.




  56 Views · 0 replies


VoiceAttack Elite:Dangerous

13 Jan 2015

Posted by NanoTech In: Elite: Dangerous

Im sure many of u know the english HCS VoicePack for Elite. Looks like a german Version is out now.

Check this out.....

  78 Views · 0 replies


The wow awesome moment/event thread

12 Jan 2015

Posted by robske In: X Series

Post here any moments in X Rebirth which you consider awesome/whatevs and discuss them!




I was trying to chase down a titurel freighter here while it was boosting. The hard part about this was trying to keep lockon on the targets, while avoiding point defense fire and at the same time trying to stay in the fairly small 'gravity well' of the titurel to make sure i remained close enough to damage it. If you fall out of the gravwell, you will need to deplete all your shields on manual boosting if you want to have a chance of catching up. The boosting also caused you to shake around constantly, forcing you to constantly adjust your strafing and speed. In the end I failed to take down its engines so i could board it, because it came to a station which blew it to bits.

  201 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by robske )


Release Dates and Crowd Funding site?

11 Jan 2015

Posted by tuklap In: Shallow Space

Any Information for this? 

  151 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by brianpurkiss )


Runpad: Sit and Play

11 Jan 2015

Posted by Caleb In: Show Off
About this project
Runpadplay is a young game hardware company formed by gamers. We love videogames and we are true enthusiasts of virtual reality. As such, we really like the new technologies that are being developed nowadays. As players we are used to playing for extended periods of time but unfortunately for us, the movement platforms aren't a real option. We love them, but they really make you work out!
So we started working on a project that could enable you to run in virtual reality without transforming your PC in a gymnasium. This is how "Runpad: Sit and Play" was born, a device that allowed us to move around the different virtual worlds with the intuitive movement of our feet for hours but without getting tired.
Runpad Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstar...ad-sit-and-play

  94 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


[Help request]My indie mmo DarkLancer

09 Jan 2015

Posted by Fenrisus In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Hello there! I am creating a browser space mmo game in Uridium Wars/DO style. The game based on WebGL & HTML5 and with server side on C# (Networking by SuperWebSockets). Not Unity or Flash :cool:  Pure HTML5/PHP + JS.


Well how they looks:


Some screens:






Currently, i am lack of skills for create a good items or ships graphics (Thats why i am using old Uridium Wars ships with official premission from their authors), and cant pay alot of $$$$$$ for it. That is indie project. I will be hapy to change icons/items for my own, but lack of ways for it self. Thats why i am asking for help =)


If you are interesting in that game, and also, can help me and have a some free time for it - you are welcome! I am really needed items, UI icons for finish that game (and ships, but no have a hope to find cool graphics artist for free(for first time)).

I am understands - each work should be payed, but now, i can offer only... teamwork on it! I am already ends do the game engine. After release, helpers will achieve their benefits!


In other way, i can go to kickstarter but... on those screens, my content - only planets, stars, clouds and space "background", not a UI icons or ships... And that is sad, i dont think about supports from peoples on kickstarter with that content... nothing to show off. I am programmer, not a 3D artist =(( Anyway if you are interested and may help me with graphics, please, let me know!







  243 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Fenrisus )


The last known whereabouts of KS-1916

07 Jan 2015

Posted by DerrickMoore In: Pioneer

Greetiungs, and Welcome aboard I am your captain and we are going to safari Antares, 600 light years away (this is my 3rd attempt to make it there, the first attempt failed because I was going the wrong way for over a year and then... they got into an area they couldn't get out of. 2nd attempt got a little farther, but I went into hostile territory and couldnt get out...but I made a map I'm going to follow this time, avoiding Cannes system if possible.


(can I post from my dropbox screenshots directory?



did that work?


As you can see the ship is fitted out well for what I assume will be a 3 year trip with 30 multi-billionairs as passengers on a sight-seeing shooting safari ( I may have forgot to bring guns).




I took her for a test trip, here we are blasting off from London, heading East, I think we accelerated to about 1k a second, and we followed the ground at 25,000 feet. We were chasing the sun, and by the time we were over Florida day has slid backwards for us to morning on the Eastern Coast of North America.




that's Florida down there, what's left of it after global warming and the ocean levels rising just 8 or 10 feet.




then over the Missisippi river valley towards the Rockies. (I'm from Savannah, Georgia, so I always try to fly over my hometown in Pioneer)


you can just see the rockies peaking over the horizon. by the time we were flying over the Rockies (I'd decsended to 15k feet to give the passengers a good look out the windows) .... we took off at London at night the previous day and now it was noon, just 20 minutes later... in two minutes we'll serve tea and leave Earth for a Short trip to Sirius (turns out the standard hyperdrive that comes with the Deneb  just gives us a jump of 3.6 light years so after Sirius, getting a new one put in.






  337 Views · 11 replies ( Last reply by Gernot )


Need some recommendation.

06 Jan 2015

Hi guys.


I read reviews of X Rebirth about building economy and really love the idea of building my own empire, so I went ahead and purchase the game.


Can't say it's exactly what I thought... especially the fighting mechanics. I don't enjoy tryin to shoot enemies the way it is at all. I was hoping I could equip myself and my mother ship with tons of combat drones, build tons of small fighters and have them fly around protecting me like swarm of flies. However what I get was just a poor way to ride 1 drone at a time with no way to command fleets into combat :( Not to mention every single space stations looks exactly the same... entire universe of copy paste.


So I would like to plea for help, if anyone could recommend me a better spae game where I can trade, mine, build my own ships/stations and pruduce fleets, please. Old & retro games are fine too.


Thank you a bunch!

  406 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by robske )

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