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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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Space - The Return of The Pixxelfrazzer
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Yargis: The Beginning
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Aeden's Journey
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The Leviathan

29 Mar 2015

Posted by shadmar In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

Proof of Concept Teaser for The Leviathan.
Developed with the assistance of Bord Scannáin na hÉireann/ the Irish Film Board
Created by Ruairi Robinson. With a script by Jim Uhls (screenwriter of FIGHT CLUB)


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IGG Crowdfunding Countdown Annoucement!

25 Mar 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space
Sooo here's a quick update from us; we're busting with excitement here with e-mails flying about getting the finishing touches ready and heavily testing the alpha demo to minimise some of the bugs.
Over on IndieDB there's a potent announcement of the impending IndieGogo campaign (no longer Kickstarter, explained on page) we talk about the progression of the game to closed alpha, there's a cool GIF of a station exploding/disintegrating and a set of serene HD wallpapers of partially eclipsed planets to take a look at!
Here's the latest video from Brian as he tests one of the alpha builds running on his mac in OSX with commentry.

  70 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by MawhrinSkel )


First Triple Elite Player in Elite Dangerous

24 Mar 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Elite: Dangerous
Wow this is impressive at the speed in which %OnePercent% completed that task.... all I have to say is use that 10K Pounds to get a social life because he needs to get out more and away from Elite. He said he averaged 12-16 hrs per day playing.... I am lucky to play a game that much in a week :)
Read about it in the thread on the elite forums here:

Anyone here getting close to achieving that Triple Elite status?

  94 Views · 5 replies ( Last reply by de5me7 )


New website with spacecraft catalog

24 Mar 2015

Posted by martinExospace In: Exospace

we run new website. The Spacecraft catalog is filled up by 3D models of colonisation equipment based on existing space technology.


Are you interested in some existing or conceptual spacecraft? Let us to know, we will do best to put in to the game.

  48 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by martinExospace )


Good space shoot em ups

22 Mar 2015

Posted by NatanSharp In: PC and Console Gaming

I like very much classics space shoot em ups since i was a child and i had an amiga 500.

Recently i liked very much soldner x especially soldner x 2 because it's easier than the first, better balanced.

Anyway i'm looking for some good space shooters with modern graphics and a balanced difficulty level.

For example sine mora it's beautifull but frustrating.

Can anyone suggest some good space shooters?

  101 Views · 0 replies



18 Mar 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Sci-Fi Movies and Television

Well the classic 80's arcade games are coming to earth to destroy us :)

Yup looks so cheesy but I will watch just because I will have a laugh at how they use this video games in the movie to destroy us. But I will wait until video.


  74 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Human Extinction Simulator

17 Mar 2015

Came across this game on Steam and looks interesting.

And here is a video explaining the game well.

Here is the official trailer:

And the website: http://www.machine22...ctionsimulator/

What do you think any one played it?

  78 Views · 0 replies


Modding questions related to scale and physics

17 Mar 2015

Posted by Monkeybtm6 In: Pioneer Mods

So im new here but ive known about pioneer for a long while. very impressive project.

But ive got some questions related to modding and possibly editing the source code.

Im curious if i can edit the scale of celestial bodies or distances between them?

Like scale things down where star systems are only about 1000/2000 KM in size, i know its not realistic but that's the point.

Also is there a way to edit the Newtonian physics to either remove it entirely or just tweak it to have inertia dampeners?

  127 Views · 6 replies ( Last reply by fluffyfreak )


Help With Flight System

16 Mar 2015

Posted by Duder963 In: Pioneer

So, I'm new to Pioneer and it looks really cool, but I can't control my ship for crap. Any help on how to set it to "WWII dogfights in space" mode or just help to control the Newtonian flight would be great. I'm using am XBOX 360 controller

  275 Views · 9 replies ( Last reply by nozmajner )


Is there any known fix for the text issues?

15 Mar 2015

Posted by FStyle In: 3030 Deathwar

I'm trying to run this on Win 7 Home Premium, and having the garbled text issues that were apparently limited to Win 8 and Win 7 Ultimate (I guess home premium might just be ultimate with a different label, though). Is there any known fix for this, or at least a known cause?


Also another issue came up that I'm not sure is a bug or what. The stations seem to be busy basically forever, and sitting around spamming tab never gets any other response other than "try again in a few seconds". Maybe I just got unlucky but after 3 restarts and multiple different stations, I was never able to get them to say anything else.

  106 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Stardrive II

13 Mar 2015

Here is the latest StarDive II trailer

  165 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by ExpandingMan )


Star Citizen PAX East 2015 presentation

12 Mar 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Star Citizen

Some nice reveals in this video.

  88 Views · 0 replies


Star Citizen 100GB in size

12 Mar 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: Star Citizen

Seen a post on dosgaming about this with a link to the dev post in question https://forums.rober...Comment_4591962



As I have already said, I would not count on this. The game compression and asset removal is unlikely to yield such high gains that we will be able to reduce our client size to 30-40gb. The size and number of assets that are left to deliver means that our client size is much more likely to be 100gb.
Also, yes we are optimizing game patching for speed and to only deliver diffs, but this is unlikely to reduce actual patch size. Again, each patch has 100s of assets, each of these assets are at times 200mb, this leads to 2-6gb patches, and if we end up doing a file type re-factor and have to re-download 30-40% of the assets on the hard-drive, then the patch will be 14-20gb.


Think they will need a bigger USB stick if they still intend to send the game out and if they don't I don't think I will be downloading it any time soon.

  120 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by ExpandingMan )


X Rebirth 3.50

12 Mar 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: X Series

Patch 3.50 is out on Steam. http://steamcommunit...193267298626913



Our latest update for X: Rebirth is now available. New features include:

• New generic missions and new upkeep missions for easier station management.
• New ships: The new Onil mining ships available in the Canteran shipyard in DeVries.
• New "Container Magnet" which helps to attract nearby collectables to the player ship.
• Easier navigation through text search field in map.
• New FXAA graphics option.

And among the many other improvements in 3.50 are:

• Improved station manager and station owned ship trade behavior.
• Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
• Improved response of player owned stations to nearby player ships being attacked.
• Completely reworked Russian localization.
• Improved support for UI-modding and much more...

We also have a Free Weekend running on Steam until the 15th of March for all of our X series games, and the very first Alpha test version of X: Rebirth for Linux is available through Steam Play.


Only 26 meg in size, thought it was going to be bigger.

  260 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by PINBACK )


Planet Zoom Vid

10 Mar 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: Infinity: Quest for Earth

Is this the long expected final video before the Kickstarter for Battlescape?  who's knows.



Very nice :cool: although some what lacking in the cloud department.

  107 Views · 0 replies


I-Novae Screenshot Thread

10 Mar 2015

Posted by INovaeGene In: Infinity: Quest for Earth

Hello all.  I figured I would post a link to a screenshot thread from our forums here as we try to ramp up public releases in advance of our impending crowd funding campaign.  I hope you enjoy :)





  193 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by Arkenbrien )


Star Citizen Ship Damage Demo

09 Mar 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Star Citizen

I loved this and combat is going to be great with all these effects, I'm such gfx are ramped all the way up. I would be interested to see what it looks like at medium and lower settings. But the damage modeling is looking good and will be fun to get out of your ship after a long run and check out how the ship faired on the mission(s) and decide whether to fix it up and make it all shiny again.

  150 Views · 3 replies ( Last reply by sscadmin )


Aegis Retaliator Pre-Flight Check

09 Mar 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Star Citizen

These videos are damn impressive and really shows off why I need to upgrade my PC's gfx card before official release.

  116 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by ExpandingMan )


New Capital ships and weapons in the latest vid

07 Mar 2015

Posted by MawhrinSkel In: Shallow Space
Latest development video for Shallow Space, a 3D RTS in production. Vincent Van Diemen, producer of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, joins the team (more on that over on IndieDB) and we are nearly ready to head up the crowd funding.
Bit of a punchier promo video from us this time after a scenic build-up. Development shifts temporarily to dressing up the graphics to add a little more wow factor, explosions get a lick of paint as does the general ambiance - under the hood the rudimentary mining mechanics are put into place.
Join the fight, sign up to the newsletter and get notified of crowdfunding updates!

  154 Views · 4 replies ( Last reply by MawhrinSkel )


X Games on Steam Free Weekend 13/15 March

07 Mar 2015

Posted by PINBACK In: X Series

According to IncGamers site http://www.incgamers...end-update-3-50 the games will be on Steams free weekend along with the release of XR patch update to 3.50 and a permanent Steam price cut.


As the site does not bother to give any source for this and I can't see anything on the official or Steam forums we will just have to wait until next weekend.

  323 Views · 7 replies ( Last reply by Incognito )

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