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It was a daring move to follow those weak comm signals out this far into space, but you lucked out. You have found SpaceSimCentral, a station that has been tucked away for some time at the edges of our galaxy where only the brave and adventurous travelers dare to go to seek fame and fortune. SpaceSimCentral is one of the last stops before you set off on new adventures in the vastness of deep space. We do get many travelers that tell great tales of merchandise and even things you can get for free if you know where to look. So, finish docking your ship and check-in your valuables and spend some time chatting with the locals on the station and maybe you will discover something you have been waiting a whole lifetime to find.

Enough of the intro, I'm DarkOne the Admin of SpaceSimCentral and we have been around a few years and are striving to become a great source of news, lore and a file repository for your favorite and upcoming space/scifi gaming titles. I have always tried very hard to make SSC a community where both developers and gamers can discuss what they want to see in games and developers can show off what they are working on and get honest feedback from gamers first hand. To all of the developers out there, SSC has always been very accommodating to developers in that we give them free forum space here on SSC to discuss their games with the public. There are quite a few projects going on here at SSC so you might as well join in on the fun as well.

So have fun exploring SSC, the site is going through some major changes and will probably continue to change for the coming months. But this is for the good and I look forward to peoples opinions on what they think and with any luck I can get some members to write up some articles and blogs about their favorite games so I don't have to do all the work. So checkout what SSC has to offer and do register and let us know of any new games or help us out with locating old mods/patches. Enjoy the community and see you in the forums.

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Relativity - An Einstein's World
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    Full Screen Bug

    billymario - May 25 2015 03:08 PM

    The config.ini is in your ...Documents/Pioneer directory (should be ~/pioneer on linux). Scr...

  • PINBACKPhoto
    Pulsar: lost colony

    PINBACK - May 25 2015 02:32 PM

    Been a while since I had a play around with Pulsar and it has had a few updates with a station wh...

  • impaktorPhoto
    Wanted: new screenshots

    impaktor - May 25 2015 02:22 PM

    I'm getting a feeling of Deja Vu about this. I don't know the percentage of planets that have an...

  • nozmajnerPhoto
    Full Screen Bug

    nozmajner - May 25 2015 02:21 PM

    The config.ini is in your ...Documents/Pioneer directory (should be ~/pioneer on linux). Scr...

  • impaktorPhoto
    Full Screen Bug

    impaktor - May 25 2015 02:20 PM

    yes, the config file in your user pioneer directory. Please refer to the wiki FAQ if you can't fi...

  • billymarioPhoto
    Full Screen Bug

    billymario - May 25 2015 02:13 PM

    When ever i launch Pioneer it goes into a full screen and goes black and nothing happens, i think...

  • NevilClavainPhoto
    Making planets

    NevilClavain - May 25 2015 01:58 PM

    Is it the pioneer engine behind the scene ?

  • shadmarPhoto
    Making planets

    shadmar - May 25 2015 08:52 AM

    An icy rock with liquids:  

  • PINBACKPhoto
    Chris Roberts new Game Star Citizen

    PINBACK - May 25 2015 07:57 AM

    Looks like they got hacked according to this thread on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comm...

  • PINBACKPhoto
    Help playing with mouse

    PINBACK - May 25 2015 07:49 AM

    Moved thread to here. I don't know about the mouse option are you using the 1998 version?, a...

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Full Screen Bug

25 May 2015

Posted by billymario In: Pioneer

When ever i launch Pioneer it goes into a full screen and goes black and nothing happens, i think i need to chagne the resolution, but i can't do that if the game is completely black, is there a file some where i can edit to get the res back? 

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Help playing with mouse

24 May 2015

Posted by ewok In: Classic/Retro Space Games

Hello there been a while since my last post, but back to the post i want help to play with my mouse in the Tie fighter Special edition ( Better graphics and stuff) and the thing is that This version need a Joystick installed ( the 1995 version can be play with the mouse) , i already tried PPJOY but with no luck ( becouse i have windows 7 ultimate edition x64) so there is any other way to me to play with the mouse like the 1995 version or am totally screw?

Edit: i just realize that i mess up with the sub forum if any admin can move the post to the correct one please?

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Remnant - a new 4X game on Kickstarter and Greenlight

23 May 2015


Remnant is a real-time 4X space strategy game set in a single planetary system.  Some of the features that make Remnant unique are:

  • Full 3D Battles:  Combat takes place in completely open space with full six degrees of freedom.  No tiles.  No grids.  Simplified Newtonian physics allow movement in one direction while facing (and attacking) another.
  • Espionage:  A complex espionage system involving agents that gain experience and level up.  Capture or assassinate other player's governors, admirals and spies or disrupt their fledgling empire through sabotage and subterfuge.
  • Orbits:  A dynamic map where all planets, moons and asteroids move in orbit as the game progresses.  Colonizing a moon will keep the colony at arm's length but not yield as many resources as capturing the more vulnerable outer planets and asteroids.
  • Logistics:  Resources are local to each planet rather than empire wide.  The transportation of resources from mining worlds to forge worlds create emergent supply lines that are vulnerable to disruption.

Support us on Kickstarter
Support us on Greenlight


Taking place in a pre-warp era, a single planetary system is available for exploration.  Each celestial body is procedurally generated but stems from seven basic types: volcanic, terrestrial, oceanic, rocky, icy, barren or jovian.


Planets of different basic types produce resources in varying quantities.  Food is more easily produced on terrestrial and oceanic worlds but metal deposits are more readily accessible on rockier planets.  Exploring far outside the habitable zone is key to the success and growth of your empire.


There are three main resources in Remnant: food, ore and metal.  Food and ore are produced at a certain rate depending on the base planet type but metal is only produced through the refinement of ore.  You can build structures (farms, mines and refineries) to increase the amount of resources produced by a colony but note that it's only a multiplier to the base planet's rate.  Building a farm on a volcanic planet is not equal to building a farm on a terrestrial planet.  This creates world specialization: farming worlds, mining worlds and forge worlds with the transportation of resources key to their efficiency.  The supply lines that emerge are vulnerable to enemy disruption and need to be protected.


Due to the nature of orbiting celestial bodies, careful consideration must also be given to where and when colonization happens.  Colonizing a planet's moon(s) will keep the new colony at arm's length but won't yield the same resources that colonizing an ore rich asteroid on the edge of the system would.  Plan carefully or risk spreading your empire too thin.


Remnant features a complex espionage system and at the root of the system are the agents.  Agents are randomly generated characters that can be recruited to act as governors, admirals and spies.  Each agent has attributes that dictate their abilities and those attributes increase over time as they perform their roles.  Governors are assigned to planets and boost production.  Admirals are assigned to fleets and boost combat abilities.  Spies are sent on missions such as sabotaging structures or ships, intelligence gathering, kidnapping or even assassinating other agents.


All agents are vulnerable: they can be captured or killed by enemy agents or in performance of their duties.  Governors can be captured or killed if a colony falls.  Admirals can be killed in battle.  Spies can be captured or killed when caught performing a mission.  Losing experienced agents, especially governors and admirals, can be a major setback to any burgeoning empire.


Inevitably, conflict spills over into open war between factions.  When two hostile fleets meet, combat usually ensues.  Combat in Remnant takes place in an open space environment with full six degrees of freedom (6DoF).  Ships can move along any axis and rotate to face any direction.  No grids.  No tiles.

Fleet composition is important to survival and ships fall into three basic types: corvette (small), cruiser (medium) and capital (large).  Corvettes have the advantage of speed and are more easily capable of attacking capital ships where they lack firepower (usually around the engines).  Cruisers fit right in the middle, they're fast enough to avoid being flanked by the corvettes but have superior firepower and should be used to escort your capital ships.  Capital ships have immense firepower and are used to clear out the slower moving cruisers to allow the corvettes to more effectively swarm their target.  In theory (but not always in practice): corvettes > capitals > cruisers > corvettes.


Movement and positioning is extremely important in combat.  Using a simplified Newtonian physics model, ships are capable of moving in one direction while facing another and all ships are vulnerable from specific attack angles.


Although Remnant is a real-time game, time controls allow you to pause, slow down or speed up the game so you will never feel overwhelmed.  Superior tactics and strategy will always triumph superior reflexes.

Back us on Kickstarter

Thanks for your support.  I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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Partially Open World Space RPG

23 May 2015

Posted by Zuberon In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Recently, I picked up worldbuilding as a hobby. But I also like to program as a hobby. So, a few days back, I decided to marry those two hobbies. Now I am set to create a game taking place in my universe.


It is not going to be anything like the AAA tier flight sims. It will work more like a visual novel. Although, I intend to keep anything anime and teen sexual power fantasies far away from it.



It takes place in space.


Partially Open World:

Lets face it. No open world game can be completely open. So, I am gonna be frank, it is gonna contain as many unique locations as a single lad like me could create with reasonable effort.



I was considering other alternatives for this like grand strategy or colony management(like Ogame.org). But RPG trumped. RPG is the easiest to create. I can just start out with a static themepark ride and then add upon it. RPG(or its very retarded cousing - also known as sightseeing sim) can work at the very least with only locations. And then all the rest can be added on them. When I am talking about RPG, I do not mean the DnD style progress simulator, I mean RPG in a more general sense.


I am gonna start this game out as a sightseeing sim. I am just creating a bunch of locations that one can travel to. From each location one can travel to select few other locations - one can only travel to adjecent locations to origin location. I haven't really thought, what I should do after that. I guess I will have to figure that out.


Idea tank:

-random events

-some sort of menu based combat encounters

-possibility to get hired for one-off jobs

-trade economy

-possibility to buy and upgrade spacecrafts

-characters who could join player's party

-some independent NPC's to coinhabit the world


World itself in general:

Human are at early stages of interstellar flight. Travelling between stars could take up to few months of travel time. Thus, colonies are independent nations, who have alliances with their mother country on homeworld. However they are not bound to their mother countries, if they desire, it would be very easy to break free from mother country. So each solar system is its own domain. (I am aiming towards the ancient creek style colonization).

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Making planets

23 May 2015

Posted by shadmar In: Show Off

Here are some renders, this is GLSL shaders, all procedural, no textures.



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Odd 'shadow' bug on stations.

20 May 2015

Posted by fox In: Starpoint Gemini

So I have another old game to toy with.
I noticed a strange graphic bug I can't google for in a meaningful way. Nothing comes up in my search.

So I'll show it. Please have a look at this YT clip (not made by me):

Skip forward to about 18:00 -- The player ship is orbiting around a space station.
As the ship enters within the shield dome weird shadows are displayed onto the station's hull.
You see this exactly at 18:08

That's the bug.
The odd thing is that this isn't present in the DEMO version of the game.
Any ideas how to make it disappear? Maybe there's a file I can take off the DEMO install and replace it within the RETAIL install? (just a wild hope)

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Witcher 3

18 May 2015

Posted by set In: PC and Console Gaming

It's release time. 

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Alpha 10 - iteration#04: Colony Levels + Faction Levels +...

18 May 2015

Posted by farcodev In: FAR Colony


I paused a bit the audit of the SPM to finalize two part of the SPM I never completely worked: the Faction's Levels and the rules that manage the control of a star system.
These two points can be optional for the scope of the first phase of the game, but they are core parts of the SPM, so since the iteration 4 is about this system, better to complete it.
I also finally completed the design and conditions rules for the colony levels and go to implement them too.

Each colony is ranked in size and political importance by the using of levels, which goes from 1 to ten. Here's the short description of them:

  1. Outpost:  minimum population = 1+
  2. Base:  minimum population = 11+
  3. Community:  minimum population = 101+
  4. Settlement:  minimum population = 1,001+
  5. Major Colony:  minimum population = 10,001+
  6. Local State:  minimum population = 100,001+
  7. Regional State:  minimum population = 1,000,001+
  8. Federated States:  minimum population = 10,000,001+
  9. Continental State:  minimum population = 100,000,001+
  10. Unified World:  minimum population = 1,000,000,001+ 
Out of population requirements there are another ones, like the control of the orbital object's regions, that aren't displayed there.

These levels aren't used only to rank a colony but are (or will) be used for mega projects of infrastructures and others parts of the game.

The ranking is entirely automated, there's no need of a particular action of the player to "level up".

Like for colonies, factions have levels too.
It determine the rank and capability of a faction in space, and it is used mostly in foreign relations, the SPM policies and also future space megascale projects.

Here's the short description of the levels:
  1. Isolated Colony: the faction own only one colony
  2. Space Nation: the faction own more than one colony, all two located in the same star system, and doesn't control this same star system.
  3. Micro-Federation: the faction have more than two colonies located in the same and/or another star systems. Also the faction can also have two colonies located in two different star systems.
    Additionally the faction doesn't control any star system.
  4. Minor Space Power: the faction control one star system
  5. Space Power: the faction control 2 star systems
  6. Major Space Power: the faction control 3 to 4 star systems
  7. Federation: the faction control 5 to 10 star systems
  8. Macro-Federation: the faction control 11 to 20 star systems 
  9. Empire: the faction control more than 20 star systems
The level's description aren't very original, isn't it? :)

As you can see, the requirement of most of the faction levels are linked to the control of star systems.

This control indicate which faction has a predominance, on a space level, onto a star system.

There are 3 states:
  • Uncontrolled: the star system isn't controlled by any faction
  • Under Control of x: the star system is under control of the faction x
  • Contested Control by a, b,...: more than one faction have the control of the system
To determine if a faction has control or not, a set of rules must be applied, if they all pass, the faction gain the control.

Beside that I working, also on the design level, of the overhaul of the matrix of influence between all memes and policies of the game, with revised and better allocated modifiers.
 The new ones will provide more variations in the results.

I will implement the changes into the XML file when I will complete the overhaul.

That's all for now, stay tuned and thanks for your interest.

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Project Orion

17 May 2015

Kickstarter for a single player space combat game, looking for a modest $7,500 more details on Kickstarter https://www.kickstar...project-orion-0


Website http://www.projectoriongame.com/





Project Orion is a first person space combat experience. It features epic large scale battles, intense dogfighting, and an in-depth storyline. Project Orion takes place in a future where humanity has been at war for decades, only to find that their true enemy, a threat to their very existence, has just appeared. As a veteran pilot in the TDF navy outfitted with the latest in starfighter technology, you are on the front lines of the battle for our survival.

Quick Feature Rundown  

  • Intense fast-paced combat, the core of Project Orion  
  • Utilize the advanced energy routing of you ship to switch strategies at a moments notice
  • Extensive customization and research system
  • Fully featured single player campaign with an in depth story
  • Squadron control system to issue orders to your allies in battle

Platforms and Release Date

The target platform for Project Orion is Steam for Windows, with an estimated release date of mid-August 2015.


Combat is at the core of Project Orion. The gameplay has been designed with a focus on what would give the player the best possible combat experience. For us that meant providing the player with as many options as possible to allow them to define their own unique play style.


The most powerful ability given to the player is the Orion’s dynamic energy routing system. This allows the player to change strategies on the fly by instantly sending your ships power reserves to whichever system you need most. You can use speed to outmaneuver your enemies, power up your shields to survive the most dangerous assaults, or overload your weapons to rain destruction on your foes.





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Pixel Starships: 8Bit Starship Management MMORPG

17 May 2015

Hi Everyone,


Check out our new game Pixel Starships coming end of the year. You can watch our trailer video :)




It's a total starship management in a massive online universe.


You can:

- Build your own starship

- Battle others

- Explore Space


Basically it's going to be epic.



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Elite: Dangerous

16 May 2015

Posted by Soulmirror In: Elite: Dangerous

  I am looking at Elite Dangerous, read about faction system changes with the 1.3 update. I understand there is not a chat bar (typing) and that when you are ingame, you are only playing with the people in you immediate area, with the numbers online being rather small. My questions:


1.  How many people are online with you at the same time?

2.  Does the game feel empty?

3.  Looking at planned improvements to the game, is it worth buying now or waiting?

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Starpoint Gemini 2 on Steam Sale

16 May 2015

Posted by sscadmin In: Starpoint Gemini 2
You can pick up a great game in Starpoint Gemini for 60% off on Steam for this weekend only you can get it for $14.


DLC is on sale too so you can buy it all for under $16, definitely a buy at this price.

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Starfall Tactics: playtest match

14 May 2015

Hi all,

Starfall Tactics team made playtest match video in which we show one of our game modes. It is one of quick match modes that called "Mothership mode".


In this game mode, players start off with a limited amount of resources and a Mothership that can be used to spawn spaceships. The destruction of your Mothership is one of the loss conditions in Starfall Tactics.
At the start of each match, players choose what ships from their pre-built space fleet will appear on the map, similar to selecting what cards from your deck will go into play in a game like Hearthstone.
Right from the beginning and all the way until the end of a match, each player accumulates a special resource. A mothership grants you a slow and steady income of this resource by default, but controlling points (power nodes) on the map provides a significant boost that will allow you to accumulate it much faster. During a match, this resource allows players to spawn/warp more powerful/specialized spaceships from your fleet.
As a player, you have to make a choice - do I spend the remaining resources and bring out a few smaller ships or should I wait a bit more and spawn a big, powerful vessel? What is more important right now?

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Space Engineers source code made public

14 May 2015

Keen software have announced that they are giving free access to their source code for Space Engineers alone with a $100K fund for modders who want to do total conversion of the game more detail on the site http://blog.marekros...-access_40.html



Space Engineers – full source code access, total modifications and 100,000 USD fund
Today we have a very important announcement for our modders and our community. We decided to give you 100% complete access to Space Engineers’ source code. This comes as a continuation of our decision to give more freedom to modders and community.
Please do not confuse this with “open source” or “free software”: While we are opening the possibility to read and alter Space Engineers and VRAGE source code, we’re not making Space Engineers or VRAGE free.
I have spoken about ideas like this in my previous blog post - http://blog.marekros...gineers_15.html but back then we were assuming we would open only some parts of the game. Later we came to the conclusion that opening the entire code base will be much better for everyone.
Modders can now develop the same way Keen Software House developers do (this however does not mean we will stop working on the game).
During the last few months we have been removing parts of the obfuscation on the Space Engineers executable and libraries. After that we  uploaded the source code of Space Engineers and VRAGE engine on GitHub as a private repository, let selected modders look at it and provide us with  feedback, and today we’re making the repository public.
There are very few game studios that have ever done this, probably none during their early access period. It’s an experiment that someone has to try, and the chances that it will be beneficial for the future of Space Engineers is high and worth taking the risk.


Could be some interesting mod turn up for this although there will be no doubt be some limitations on what can be made.


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The Evolution of Solotra.B Video

14 May 2015

Posted by SCAREKRO In: Solotra.B

Check out a short video which shows the progress of my game from January 2014. Awesome chiptune by Ozzed!

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13 May 2015

Posted by Waervyn In: Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Anyone of you play Aurora 4x?

It looks extremely daunting, but it might be something I could get in to. People compare it to the Dwarf Fortress of the 4x genre, which immediately peaked my interest.


It look extremely boring, but apparently it's amazingly deep!


  148 Views · 1 replies ( Last reply by robske )


Hello from Jumpgate!

13 May 2015

Hey All.


So i posted this in the introductions thread also. But i think this might be a better suited place for it! :)


My name is Sean, I play a game called Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative, My pilot name is -Magoobie-

So the reason i came here! Is to share with you guys a little about  Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative (also Jumpgate or Jumpgate Classic and commonly abbreviated as JG or JGC) is a space based MMORPG in a science fiction setting for the PC, released in North America on September 25, 2001. In the game, jumpgates are used to travel from sector to sector, Within each sector you will find many things to explore.. Maybe an old artifact a relic from the great collapse? Which could be a much greater piece of ship technology say an engine or a shield. Maybe you're more of a trader and will just be doing fly by as you pass by to your next dock and increase in fortunes, Maybe you're an econ worker, moving commidities and building ship equipment to keep stations stocked and replenished with gear that is always needed! Maybe you're a miner.. Looking for that specific type of roid for a mission or maybe you're more of a money guy and want to mine Purer asteroids for commidities to sell rather than ore. Maybe you're not really a trader or a treasure hunter or a miner at all.. Maybe you are looking for the thrill of combat against an alien menace..Maybe you are a bounty hunter.. a pirate..maybe you are part of your factions military. As well all 3 of the main factions all have their own miltary force that You can fly for and be part of... Maybe you're just a factionalist who believes the others are lesser and should be eradicated..Maybe you want to start a squad..Further your goals.. share those goals with others and become a force to be reckoned with, within the JG universe? The nice thing about jumpgate.. Is you can be any of these things and more! It is really up to you.. The game can be played however you like. There really aren't many limitations at all :) The near Newtonian physics make it a challenging and fun experience to fly.


Now this seems like a come buy this game kinda speel.. but the great thing about jumpgate is its now privately run on a private server... The game is free to play and it always will be :)!


Now i've honestly played this game since it was in Beta.. I was 8 years old when i first started playing and i've played on and off ever since (I'm now 24) I have never played a game that i'll keep going back to so frequently..It is known jokingly amongst the guys/girls that play as 'Jumpcrack'.. Once you start playing.. It really is that addictive :)


I type all of this at 6am in the morning so i'm not 100% on the ball. However I do urge if you've never given it a try.




Go there! download the client, Make a character. Download the updater (Its in the news posts). Run the updater and i hope to see you in space soon :)


If anyone here does decide to come play  please don't be afraid to contact -Magoobie- in game for help getting started etc :) Always happy to help.. as is alot of the community who play jumpgate. We are a family and we want you to come join us :)






and a sample of some PvP fun :D



Thanks for reading!

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New Sci-Fi Strategy Game from IGG Canada/Focus Group Testing

12 May 2015

Posted by NeilIGG In: Mobile and Web Gaming

Hi there SpaceSimCentral folks,


I'm a member of the design team at IGG Canada based in Vancouver, BC and we are in development on a new sci-fi strategy mobile game.


To help guide us through the process we are looking for people with a love of sci-fi who are willing to be part of our focus testing. As a participant you will get first-look access at our vision for the game, art, features and pre-release versions in addition to credits that can be used in any IGG game. Most importantly, you can help shape the development of what we believe will be a terrific sci-fi game.


The mods have ok'd me sharing this link to the focus group sign-up form: http://eepurl.com/bmUpGP


If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them as best I can. Thanks for your time and I look forward to sharing more of our game as we progress.

  116 Views · 2 replies ( Last reply by NeilIGG )


What might be the name of this old robot-space PC game?

11 May 2015

Posted by AplAy In: Classic/Retro Space Games

Hello there!


I'm 26 years old and I am looking for an old 3D PC robot-space game that I remember I played a demo version (but I don't know if the full game was ever made or not) of from good ol' PC Gamer CD-Roms.


In the game you are exploring planets that you land on (or you maybe started on a planet already, I don't remember) and you walk around in a kind of a robot suit, but you can also jump out of it and explore the planet on your own and gather resources (I think) and build stuff on the planet (I think). I remember it was really fun and cool playing, so that's why I would like try to find it again.


The game's graphic quality reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D, very big and obvious pixels, so I think the game probably appeared during the 1990s.


Thanks in advance for the help! / AplAy.


EDIT: I have looked around some more and I found Mechawarrior 2 which seems to almost match in the graphic quality I remember. However, I did not remember any shooting any sorts of enemies. I remember the game more being a "sim city" like game, although in the 3D and you walk around in a robot suit you can jump out of and you collect resources to build something or just explore.

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Exploring the various facets of Shallow Space

10 May 2015

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Here's a list of the royal ton of resources we keep updated. If you like the game subscribe to the ones you use even if you don't use them much, sometimes an increase in numbers automatically guarantees us more exposure - especially Facebook.
On the main website, we blog about patch notes - exploring some of the decisions we've made and post musings about direction. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the site.
IndieDB this ones a biggy - normally gets the vids and screenshots first due to high coverage and we also post more general high-quality summaries of progress once or twice a month. The more clicks on that link, the higher our ranking which = more exposure.
Twitter if you care to hear the incessant ramblings of possessed space junkies
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Facebook - Business marketing on Facebook 101: Likes = exposure, really do click like it helps us MASSIVELY
Reddit - an unusual platform built for you to talk about things rather than things to talk about themselves. We use it because when something gets attention it REALLY gets attention.
YouTube - If you're passionate about the project spend a little time going back through the archive - we've literally documented the creation of the game from Day 1.

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