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About SpaceSimCentral

First off welcome to SpaceSimCentral.com

SpaceSimCentral.com was started in December 2008. This is my first website I have created and I have been learning the ropes on how to create and manage a website ever since. I have also been starting to learn a little bit more php, xml and some scripting. I am a bit more knowledgeable now and have been having a fun time working on the website and making some friends and building this great space gaming community for everyone to use and enjoy.
So why was SpaceSimCentral created? Well I had been visiting various game websites/forums/blogs for years and never was really satisfied with either the content or fact that I had to go to numerous sites to try and stay up to date on my favorite games. So I am trying to remedy this situation by making this great gaming resource for space and sci-fi gaming fans all over this universe.
My goal is to build a website that has almost everything you are looking for in an space and sci-fi game and put it all in one place. The feedback has been great from the members thus far and the population grows everyday and new gaming projects ask to be hosted here. All of this has kept me motivated to stay up late and work on this website for everyone. This site is FREE (and will always be FREE) to everyone to join and to participate in, but please feel free to donate if you feel inclined because it will give you some extra perks and give me a bit of a hand with the hosting fees
So sign-up today and introduce yourself to the community and start chatting with other space and sci-fi gamers. Don't forget to spread the word about our space and sci-fi gaming community today!
See you in the forums….

DarkOne aka SSCAdmin

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