AlphaZero AI displa...

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AlphaZero AI displaying human intuition  


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December 7, 2018 6:57 am  

I enjoyed reading this article because we are getting closer and closer to actual human AI. What an achievement this is, the computer taught itself chess and learns from its mistakes and creates its own strategies based on past matches. Which is really what we do, computers are just different because they actually remember every game and its outcome, we don't 😉

I know there is two sides that think AI going to destroy the world and the side that thinks it will help humanity achieve great things. I believe in that our society will just advance really quickly when AI can do things we cannot. Like deep space exploration or exploration where humans just cannot go. Helping us unlock the unknown and also learning to trust that the AI will have your back in all situations (unlike humans in some situations)...

So the world is definitely changing I am just hoping to witness it and maybe even benefit from it. Would be nice to live to 150 without body issues 🙂