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Found this site by chance  


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October 10, 2020 15:22  

Google is just great. I searched for elite first encounter and found this site via FrontierAstro. I know I remembered the title wrong but google corrected it. Games just comes and goes for me. Play for a while and forget. Since C64 and Amiga era, I just feel that all games nowadays are the same or similar, just with different or better graphics. But one game stood out for me, the Elite series. I played it a lot on the C64. Then I played Frontier on the Amiga. But my favorite is Frontier First Encounters. Back then I could only acquire the floppy version for the DOS. I live in Sweden and things advance slow here, even today. It was later at my late 30s that I found the CD version of First Encounter on ebay that I really played. I went to great length to build a classic PC with external synth and all to get the full experience. The PC performed worse and was more expensive then the lates PC at that time. My friends called me mad. But I could play First encounter with the best sound and performance ever. Man those were the days... Today, thanks to this website, I'm just gonna go with the FFED3D on my laptop. Just manage to download all necessary files and it just looks amazing. Excellent work. Thank you.

Sorry for the long introduction but I also need to say that I still have the original boxes of both floppy and CD version of Frontier First Encounter.

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October 10, 2020 15:50  

Welcome aboard, amigo!

Frontier Astro iis a worthy site, and there are a few old Elite heads hanging out here.

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October 11, 2020 04:32  

Welcome to the forums Frezzon.

Still got my original copy's of Elite and Frontier, never played first encounter when come out as I was still using the Amiga and the Amiga version was binned.

Played FFED3D but not recently and thinking about it, OMG is it really 12+ years since it come out. 😯 

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October 13, 2020 05:25  
Posted by: @frezzno

I just feel that all games nowadays are the same or similar, just with different or better graphics

And I feel that you are entirely correct in thinking so!

Welcome to the station Frezzno

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October 13, 2020 09:19  

Welcome to SSC @frezzno

I will admit I am still kicking myself for getting rid of some of my older hardware (C64, Amiga 500 and the games that went with them) luckily there is emulators out there and I can still experience some of my childhood games from time-to-time. For the most part you are right, a lot of the space games or just games in general are rinse and repeat with better tech. I will say even though I am irritated it isn't done yet but Star Citizen is really doing some great things and changing out thoughts on a space game and same with Elite with the upcoming/future patches. All we can do is wait and see.

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