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[Sticky] - New Registrations - PLEASE READ -  


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October 30, 2016 06:29  

Hello Everyone

Welcome to

If you didn't already know SSC ( is a space and sci-fi gaming community that discusses everything related to those topics. So if that interests you, then dock your ship into the station and enjoy the stay. Over the years the site has seen many changes and very recently changes that may have pushed some users away because spammers that were just awful. It looks like that has calmed down and the preventative measures I have in place currently has at the least slowed that stuff down a bit for now.

The site is stable and running again so I am sorry for the major maintenance to the station that caused the user experience to suffer. I hope I can bring SSC back to the way it used to be. So thanks for sticking around and the support from all of the SSC veterans 🙂 and glad to see new pilots docking to the station everyday and staying a while.

Note to all: I am no longer manually approving all site registrations, this process should be automated now

Have fun everyone and discussing your favorite games, tv shows or movies in the forums. All opinions and postings are welcomed. Enjoy!