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June 10, 2019 10:01  

Howdi ...

I love all things space ... even applied to go to Mars ... have a large 10" SCT computerized telescope, may build a radio astronomy antenna and reciever just as a hobby but will probly never get built; too busy playing No Man's Sky ... I have played all the great MMO's out there they all have come and gone for me ... I helped Take On Mars be what it is supposed to be with a Resource Mod that took me 5 months to make, only to realize it crashes the game every 10 minutes; so you have restart it every 10 minutes; at least it is the best Martian simulator out there.

Occupy Mars looks hopeful ... thought Genesis Alpha One was gonna be great ... Star Citizen No Comment I have a Freelancer DUR that is the largest ship that can go through any portal; unless they change that and I have totally wasted my money there ... No Man's Sky has given me promise to make a little corner of a vast NMS Universe, mine ... perhaps I will make my own Monolith there ... I stream NMS often I may be addicted to it doesnt matter ... NMS has come along way since it's beginning, but got there faster than any Space Sim out there, that has it all ... most importantly, what I call Interactive Multiplayer ... and they are still progressing NMS. Have taken many pictures there now ... I guess there is a Galactic Hub people can join but it will probly be too filled up, as in bases on many planets ... really awesome bases though ... I dont have that kind of time to play NMS, it is only a major hobby for me right now, and I highly recommend No Man's Sky ... That Is Why I Am Here !

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June 11, 2019 07:30  

Welcome to the forums Moonraker.

With you on No Man Sky, just wish they would improve the space part of the game.