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Star Citizen Backer unite!  


Lexa Stanton
Crewman Registered
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March 24, 2017 21:18  

Hi I am a space sim fan,

And Particularly Star Citizen I wish to play something else in the mean time.
Can you suggest me something accessible and not too hard?

If you already know about SC feel free to join me in my excitement.

I am really looking froward StarSand boxing between the stars. And I wondered if I could make some friends here.

So anyone?

Fly safe, Lexa Stanton.

Supreme Dark Emperor Admin
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April 2, 2017 13:38  

The thing is there isn't too many games that has Star Citizen look and feel too it, there is a reason why SC is taking forever and that they are trying to stick in everything that we have ever dreamed about. But in doing so you will soon not be able to compare games to SC because no one developer is going to have the funds and time to invest in a game of that scope. So I guess what aspects of SC are you looking for? because there isn't many games that allow for planet landing and adventuring... have you tried any of the Evochron games?

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August 9, 2017 05:08  

Hello! That would be great!