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November 18, 2020 13:03  

An amigoid, that's fine.

A short intermission, just an undocking scene not more.


Dated 2001 "Far Gate" looks worse in quality as FFE, the models look like paper cutouts.

Perhaps you get an impression what i dislike at it (the whole appearance). While you find still very similar strategic space games as browser games as i noticed. The gameplay could be good this i don't know, but music and graphics raise no appetite for this game.

While "Millennia" (even if i neither played it yet) makes appetite from the first sequence on when you find yourself in the alien ship.

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November 18, 2020 18:22  


Dont know how helpful this could be to you Gernot but I uploaded many builds to ModDB over the years, going all the way back to Alpha 7, s20dan uploaded that one, but I did all the others. I thought that, perhaps one day, those old builds might come in handy to someone. Someone like you maybe? 😀

I might even have older builds still on a DvD somewhere. I certainly remember playing Alpha 2 as that was the very first build let loose if I remember correctly. Remember how excited we all were when Tom Morton first announced Pioneer? Great days Gernot! For a time, we took over the Frontier Forum! To this day I am convinced that Oolite, FFE3D and Pioneer finally convinced David to bring out his new Elite game. These 3 kept the Elite dream alive in those barren years and for many, still do! 😎 

Anyways, here is that ModDB link.

It was fun reading over those old links. You can still feel the excitement and passion in the posts. FE2 was, and still is, an amazing achievement.

I don't think I ever played Millennia, was it a PC only title? If it was and pre-2000, that would explain it as I only used Amigas back then.

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