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Casual Gamer - Pioneer Feedback  


Crewman Registered
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May 17, 2016 03:46  


I stumbled across this spacesim (long story) and have been playing it for the last few days. I understand that it is still in Alpha and therefore has a way to go.

First i must congratulate you guys/gals on the sim so far, mathematically and somewhat graphically brilliant. I have had very few problems playing it.

I am no developer or tester but wanted to let you guys know some of my thoughts/issues from an 'outsider' perspective. I hope you will understand that i don't want to get into the issue tracker as i can see you already have your work cut out for you.

I hope this will be seen as a positive to help improve and move forwards.


I downloaded the file 'pioneer-20160512-win32.7z' for my install just the other day (not sure how to get the build number sorry.

AMD FX8350 cpu (8 core)

Dual Radeon HD7770CU (Crossfire disabled)

Windows 8.1 64bit


In no particular order, here are my observations:

Speed lines should be ON by default

Galaxy Map:

  Label Out of Range systems should be ON by default

  Label Uninhabited Systems should be OFF by default

System information (prior to travel):

  Distance to travel from spawn point to object (eg Ethcaneth is 942au !!)

  Technology level of starports should be displayed

System information (after arrival):

  No way to select ships in the system (current 'orrery' seems unusable)

  Locating a ship in search and rescue is very 'hit & miss'

Keymap has settings for various warps however only hyperspace F7 is used

Combat appears to be impossible, need a 'combat computer to at least match the speed/direction of enemy

Messages on bottom of screen (pirate threats) clear too quickly, cannot easily identify the threat or target it.

Flying without autopilot is pretty much impossible however stations selling ships often don't have an autopilot and cannot transfer my own

Autopilot Prograde/Retrograde/etc are redundant to the casual player

Need to select the target system for a mission via a clickable link in the mission description both before and after acceptance

Mission list would benefit from a filter system to show all missions in 'general' area and/or of selected type

There are too many systems with the same name (eg Essand), use coords to make unique (eg Essand 308 or Essandcoh {coh = 308})


Lastly my system always gives the error "GL_INVALID_OPERATION in function ClearScreen on line 407" on loading however game loads and plays.

After some time in game any text screens slow to 1 fps and hdd seems very active. Quit/reload fixes problem. Size in memory 670mb does not appear to change.


Summary, for the early stages of a game it's been a lot of fun and certainly has great potential. I managed to get to 108,000 credits and bought a Mola Mola for the extra tonnage. I look forward to following future progress.

Captain Registered
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May 17, 2016 09:30  

Hi TycMozo,


Thanks for the feedback, I've actually put a PR in to discuss making the autopilot available everywhere as a result of this.

We'll probably talk about the rest, some of it just needs better teaching, like flying the ship manually between planets, it's actually easy once you know how but finding out how to do it... well that's horrible 😀


There's something about AMD GPU's, more specifically the drivers, that just doesn't like Pioneer and certain configurations :/

Also it's interesting that you get that issue when clearing the screen which is extremely strange as it's probably the simplest operation in the engine.


Glad that you're enjoying it so far anyway.



Crewman Registered
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May 17, 2016 11:12  

I forgot to mention, whilst i have two gpu's installed i don't run them in Crossfire because... well drivers 🙁

I have just tried enabling Crossfire and receive the same error (as mentioned, clicking 'ok' on the error then clicking 'Pioneer' tab in the taskbar and game loads fine).


My AMD info is attached.



Also i have triple monitors with one landscape desktop (Eyefinity 5040 x 1050) and Classic Start Menu (task bar) only on center montior. Game loads and runs fine on center monitor even at 1680x1050 full screen (center monitor only of course).