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Docking Impossible ? Can anyone confirm please  


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May 19, 2016 2:48 am  

My manual flying skills are good enough to succeed at Search & Rescue but Taylor City - Ayingre -11,-6,0 is proving a step to far !

Initial approach:



Next day and a fuel tank later:



My savegame at it's neighbour:



Could anyone confirm this so an issue can be placed ?

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May 19, 2016 4:37 am  
Hello @TycMozo Welcome!


I see two problems here.


1) 20 passenger cabins is overkill. A ship of these characteristics should not support more than 8.

Never fly with more mass than you need; you can buy the passenger cabins required to fulfill a mission, and sell them when not needed.


2) In general, the engines thrust of ships of Pioneer vanilla have very little power to handle certain cases, like this one.

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May 19, 2016 6:13 am  

Ok much appreciated thanks.

Reason for the cabins is the loss of 300cr each. I wanted to play legit so have not used any money cheats. However i have since sold 8 of them as i'm unable to complete more than two passenger missions without time running out.


Thanks for taking the time to check it out (and the welcome !).