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Old computers now supported again!  


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March 4, 2017 12:11  


A new build is out, 2017-03-04, and it now also supports OpenGL 2.1! So if you've been stuck on a 2014-11-18 build, due to old hardware, now's the time to update!

Please do note, you need to select the lower renderer in the pioneer config file explicitly. Just set: RendererName=Opengl 2.1

Make sure to lift your hat to fluffyfreak, who brought it back to life!

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April 10, 2017 03:45  

i assume this won't help much, do you guys tested this on a old hardware?
because i can't play pioneer on my old machine since winter 2012/2013
then some shader scripts changed respectively added for GL2
but they refuse to work with GL2
thus i assume this won't work either.
up to a certain release i could replace the shader scripts with the old ones
but it ended more or less with alpha31
the failing ones are fresnelcolour.frag & .vert
they will be needed from upon releases of 2013 but produce a error that the certain command isn't present in the library.
maybe it's GL2.1 compliant but not GL2
but GL2.1 helps a shit if you run a old hardware, it's already the next generation.
if you really like to respect older harware you must respect the limitations of directx9.0c
other releases won't work on old machines resp. with older graphic cards
and as far as i know dx9 only supports GL2.0
and well graphic cards of this generation (i.e GForce 7600) only support up to directx9

of course one could update with a newer dx and end up with no more hardware support of dx
which means your graphic card won't work a the right speed and no openGL will work not even he basic one

greets from the past

nonetheless i will give it a try even if i know already it won't work
maybe just to be sure of what i already know, that's at least good for my selfrespect.

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April 11, 2017 12:51  

if that should work out at all it should produce the config.ini first
but unfortunately it doesn't
the error message is where it should be thus i guess it's the proper drawer
but the config.ini has not been overwritten
i pasted the missing line to the existing .ini
"your system does not support opengl 2.1"
(only 2.0 as i said and i'm not sure now what is ment with old)
i knew it

but you don't have to respect that i really run a old system
as long as it's just not works for me it really doesn't matters much

on the other hand if my medion still would run it will support GL3
it seems to me opengl 2.1 doesn't makes much sense
to be really bakwards compatibe it should be 2.0
else you are somewhere in between

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April 12, 2017 06:23  

We tested it on the old hardware that we have available, I asked several people to test it on IRC too, but that's not a very exhaustive list despite my hardware buying habits!

It should run on the nVidia GeForce 7600 as that's an OpenGL 2.1 compatible card, indeed DirectX 9.0c == OpenGL 2.1, it should even work with older nVidia 6x00 series GPU's although I doubt it will as most of them had less RAM on the card. We need at least 512MB of GPU ram and preferrably 1GB.

Do you run Windows/Linux?
How old are you GPU drivers?
Are they official or open source driver (_if Linux_)?

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April 14, 2017 01:21  

Gernot66 what are your specs? If you have an Intel GPU, try using Linux instead of Windows. Intel's driver teams are completely separate and the Linux drivers have a vastly higher feature level.

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April 16, 2017 07:54  

it's a windows xpsp3
but i said you don't have to respect my trashy machine,
it's just the only one i own recently,

if it should or not, fluffyfreak i don't know or i don't mind anymore
i know both the nv7600 and the recent "downgrade" nv7300 won't offer opengl 2.1
probably yes it's xp bound

i had a win7 installed, the board and precessor should support a 64bit os
it worked so far but exactly with the graphic card i got problems.
obviousely a win7 installs a dx11 rightaway and there's the problem with older hardware.
thus i had to remove the w7 and reinstall the old xp.

i have to be very careful what drivers i use for my old xp, graphics, sound, usb
mostly i have to use the original drivers else the system gets unstable
means i lose usb2 or sound or graphic card doesn't works as expected.
i even have to be careful with the automated updates i still receive as pos machine
right last week i lost due to such a update usb and connectivity
fortunately a rollback solved it, but you see it's quite a problem
similar for the graphic card
windows recognized the old driver and offered (fortunately i don't let it install the stuff automated)
a new driver for the nv7300, of course i tried it, but i suspected already it won't work out well, and it didn't.
the recent graphic card is a piece of junk, in the meaning of the word, i recycled it.
couple of month ago i had only a very very old ati running on the same machine and no connectivity because i didn't tried it.
means recently i'm a freerider.
what i use since two years was bunkered in a dark place once and awaited the reaper to come around.

but at least it works and costs 0 (some nerves, it's a reliable board and processor just guess how old she is
i guess you won't find many computer still running with so many hours on the counter, but hmm... a toothless tattery grey, well that suits me i lost also my teeth, get tattery after the brain stroke and i guess i got a smokers leg, i'm slowly dissolving doesn't matters)