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Pioneer and German Pioneer forum clean up  


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August 7, 2016 20:33  

Hello Pioneer fans

I have been on a mission to clean up and update SSC. So in doing some cleaning I see that the 'German' forums for Pioneer haven't been used in over a year and info in there is probably out of date. Is this forum area still necessary?

This goes for posts in the Pioneer main forums as well. If there is posts/threads that need to be cleaned up just let me know here in this post and I will take care of it.



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August 8, 2016 09:04  


we've never spoken before, but I'm on the dev team, since a few years back, and nowadays it's mostly me, nozmajner and fluffyfreak, since Brianetta, robn, and jpab have stepped back.

I'm not sure how fluffyfreak or nozmajner feel, but I wouldn't mind un-pinning some of those old outdated posts, like:

- We no longer have nightly builds, robn has (sort of / almost) left the project, and we no longer have alpha builds, so I'd like this unpinned:

It doesn't give any accurate information. Latest download of pioneer is always from our website, it's never "stable" or "nightly"/experimental, it's just "most recent".

- I'd like this unpinned as well, it's 3 years old, and not up to date anymore. How to contribute is on our wiki.

- This aught also be unpinned:

as all links in the top post are 404 (our wiki no longer resides on github), and we now have maintained, up-to-date, information on how to contribute to pioneer on the wiki, as I mention in the last post of this thread (2 years ago).


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August 8, 2016 15:35  

Hi Impaktor

Glad your carrying on the torch for Pioneer. 🙂

I unpinned those for you. There is 24 pages of posts in that forum area and I was going to start to go through them. Since Pioneer has changed so much since 2010 should I just delete posts that are before a certain date so people don't have any confusion on information about Pioneer?

And the last post in German Pioneer forum was over a year ago, if anyone can read German if any of those posts are worth keeping? If no one responds I will just remove the whole forum area with posts included. I am doing some cleaning up for my site upgrade and pruning very old or posts that don't really have any informational value out of the system.

Thanks for you help on this.

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August 9, 2016 00:22  



The no idea about the German forum as I don't read it.


There's a lot of older posts that it might be interesting to keep around, is it possible to archive stuff older for us? Perhaps just as a zip of the stuff so we don't lose the project history etc?

A lot of it gets referred too on an ad-hoc basis and Pioneer takes so long to develop that a post from 3 years ago can still be something that I'm actively working on 😀


If not then it's fine by me 🙂



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August 9, 2016 04:32  

I hope tho you will leave this thread intact Dark One. Reading over it again I can still feel that excitement I had back then when Tomm first posted about "his little project" he was working on. :girlcrazy:

I recall as soon as I saw it, I immediately posted news of it on the Frontier forum and to this day that thread is still going. You will find lots of familiar faces in it and a few who are sadly missed.  Anyways, it was the SSC who got the scoop first and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  :queen: 

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August 9, 2016 08:07  

Hi DarkOne  :hi:


SSC is the birthplace of the Pioneer project and its derivatives.

I think we all want to preserve what is historically relevant, even fights.  :derisive:

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August 9, 2016 08:36  

You guys won me over, I will not remove a post from this area. I will probably get rid of the german area if no one comes forward that they actively use it.

If anyone comes across a post that has messed up links, images or text. Let me know so I can fix it or least edit the post to remove the unworking elements.

Thanks everyone, as always love the passion 🙂