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Coronavirus... your thoughts?  

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July 29, 2020 07:19  

I love Pete Rowan! Seen him live several times, usually in what was once my local pub.

Knowledge is a deadly friend, if no-one sets the rules
The fate of all mankind, I see, is in the hands of fools

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July 29, 2020 16:53  
Posted by: @cody

If it keeps mutating as it has been doing, all bets are off!

Totally forgot about mutations of the virus that have been identified, yeah I think your right there Cody.


Posted by: @cody

On a personal note, my cancelled eye surgery has been re-scheduled for August

I hope all goes well with this surgery and when you have it there is no side effects. I have known a few people that have had different laser surgeries to their eyes that fixed everything all up for them and they are doing great. So I hope your outcome is what you expect.


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