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Open-world Overhaul now in full swing!  


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November 4, 2016 01:27  

We're back in full swing as public updates resume for PC, Mac and Linux - this time featuring work on the shiny new Open-world Overhaul.
The updates are flying out of the door as the alpha gains more functionality every week. The latest update, UPDATE 5 adds a whole host of intricate combat mechanics such as Subsystem and Engine targeting. Read On!
The previous update, UPDATE 4 adds 'Quick Battle Mode' with the ability to dive in and construct large fleet battles with 25+ different ships. Read On!
Not to mention that you can preview first hand the breathing play-area that is being constructed as your very own galactic sandpit as the single player campaign.
Well it might have been the end of Eve Walters, but her legacy had far reaching implications across Shallow Space. We explore that legacy in a series of snippets from faction press outlets in an epilogue of the Paradijs Lost short story. Read On!

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March 17, 2017 14:23  

There hasn't been many updates since Dec/Jan time frame but I believe this game is still being worked on and the devs are determined to get this out and its still in early access on steam.