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Perpetuum online is closing - Announcing the Open Perpetuum Project  


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January 31, 2018 13:16  

Announcing the Open Perpetuum Project

Perpetuum-online is a sandbox MMORPG. Avatar Creations has formally announced the end of development activity for Perpetuum-online, but they are providing a server application for the community to use for their own purposes.

As a result of this, we have established a group to dedicate, consolidate, and organize community members and resources to once again bring Perpetuum back and introduce it to a new generation of players.

The Open Perpetuum Project aims to continue development on Perptuum, and run a persistent, freely accessible server that continues to feature the community effort in making the game better. Together we will generate a better balance, content, and establish a persistent perpetuum-universe that we have always wanted and can all enjoy.

The decision to close the Official server at the end of Jan has prompted the OPP Dev team to rocket forward with our development.

We know that A LOT of players have been in contact with us to release and we have not wanted to release a server that is not up to our satisfaction. However, we also recognize there is a need to respond as best as we can to the community and the issues with the game that we were all familiar with.

We have teams working on balance, Island design, content and the economy. As these areas are developed they will be added into the game. We are now moving forward into an accelerated Alpha server throughout February. This is both a stress test and bug hunt. So if you want to play on our new map design, this will be your chance. We will be engaging in this stress test for a month and then there is a server wipe and a live deployment March.

In the OPP Server you can start as an industrial or as a syndicate specialist. Faction allegiance and bots are the next level on. We hope this helps you recognize that we also lament the loss of the official server, but there is hope. Come be a part of that hope and give us your feedback.

The Open Perpetuum Project server is free to play, but the game cost 4.99 in steam.
or come join us in discord

Discord: (Use the OpenPerpetuum Category)

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February 5, 2018 07:35  

If the OpenPerpetuum Project needs a forum I will gladly create something for it here so it can have a home? So whomever is running the show for the project if they want some forum space on SSC I can create this. I can always make a download folder for upload/downloading files as well (currently users do have to be registered to download/upload files)

I never got around to playing this game and would like to give it a try at some point, I am sure the community will make some nice enhancements to this game and I am excited to see what Perpetuum will be like in the months and years to come.