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LineWars VR has just been released for Oculus Go and Gear VR  


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November 2, 2019 07:17  

Hi all!

Silly me, only now found this site, even though I have been playing and building space sims since my original LineWars game from 1989! Anyways, I just released LineWars VR, so I thought I'd let you know a bit about my new game.

LineWars VR is a virtual reality re-enactment of the early 1990's cult classic game LineWars II. Pilot any friendly space ship in huge space battles containing dozens of ships, by teleporting between ships at will. Protect your star base, save the Princess from pirate scum, and defend humanity from an alien invasion! Or, play against (or with) your friends in several multiplayer scenarios. Fast-paced adrenaline-pumping space action!

Some feature highlights of LineWars VR:
- Huge space battles, up to 50 ships in a battle.
- Three different ship types to fly.
- No super ship against cannon fodder, your ship is about as powerfull as enemy ships. Skill counts!
- You can teleport between friendly ships at will (automatically if your current ship gets destroyed).
- Nine (9) missions in the single-player campaign, all missions have 10 levels.
- Multiplayer support, all missions can also be played either with or against a friend.
- Runs at 72fps with native 1.4 render scale on Oculus Go, at 60fps even on Samsung Galaxy S6.
- Dynamic lighting and sharp flicker-free dynamic shadows (not common on mobile games).
- Highly detailed cockpits with working instrument panels.

YouTube trailer:


Oculus Store Link:

I wonder if anyone here still remember my old LineWars and LineWars II games? 🙂


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November 2, 2019 13:15  

Hi Patrick welcome to SSC

I remember both of your games, they are actually in the download area of the site. Been a while since I have played them thought to be honest 😉

Your new VR re-envision of the LineWars games looks great from what I have seen so far, unfortunately I currently don't have a VR headset yet. Is there any plans to make this playable without one in the future?

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November 2, 2019 14:18  

Hi, and thanks!

Sorry, no current plans for a non-VR version. I've been playing only VR games for several years now, so I'll probably not have sufficient motivation to work on a "pancake" version of the game.


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November 2, 2019 16:14  

Cobras! I like Cobras! Alas, no pancakes! Welcome to SSC, amigo!

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