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Planetary Prospectors: A.R.M. (Asteroid Resource Mining)  


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November 8, 2015 08:44  

Been eyeing this on the Steam store, looks like some sort of Miners war/Space engineers type of game, it's in early access so it will have some way to go before it complete.

looks like you fly a mining pod rather than a ship and from the videos it's a first person cockpit with a number of systems to activate, has a newtonian simulation and destructible asteroids and they also say they you will be able to have fleets and stations later in the game.





-Open world Multiverse centered around Non-linear story lines

-Procedural Generated near infinite Universe

-Fully Destructible Environments

-Simulated Newtonian Physics based on hard science

-Component and Systems damage

-Psychological Survival Horror mixed with Quest and RPG elements

-VR and HOTAS/Gamepad Support

-Mining Community receives points and rewards for finding bugs and coming up with new ideas



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November 21, 2015 11:22  

just the fact that it uses unity as its engine already makes my opinion go all into negative, even though the rest sounds nice. Just especially because the rest sounds nice and feature rich, im thoroughly worried. Unity is by far not the best engine to code games with complex game mechanics on. And its physics are also not something to really be positive about. Just take a look at the issues ksp has with unity (quite a lot, most of which have been ducttape fixed by ksp devs where possible).


So the concept sounds very nice, and space engineers and starmade could defo use some competition, but the choice of engine imo is very very poor.

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November 21, 2015 22:07  

I'm waiting for a sale myself.


Weird looking sky box is the odd thing which has caught my attention.