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June 17, 2020 05:38  

Looks like someone is a fan of the Jetsons as you play each member of a family going through their daily routine. 

From Steam

Space Routine is a physics-based goofy simulation of a typical day to day life in space.

The player controls the members of a space family going into their daily routines like jetpacking to work, attending school, doing some leisure activities, buying groceries, repairing or changing the car and spending some quality family time.

The game is an original take on the life simulation genre, adding some goofy physics mechanics to the gameplay and a funny retro style with lots of pop culture references that will hit hard on the player's inner child.

Space Routine is a sci-fi look at daily life, that will make the players reflect on their own day to day routines and family life.
Key Features
Physics-based space life simulator.
Take care of your family's needs: health, food, job, entertainment, and love.
Random starting locations for your family.
Minigames that will make your daily office job easier.
Three different space cars to buzz around in space.
Lots of space stations, homes, offices, stores, and space-food-carts!
Play with your keyboard, mouse or joystick.