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Game Developers or Modders Please Read  


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November 22, 2014 12:53  

Hello to all of the developers that visit and currently call SSC home.


I just wanted to make developers aware of what SSC will do for them to help get their game noticed and create a community around it at the same time. The more interaction you have with a community the more interest you can create around your game (and of course features and uniqueness count too). But with that in mind, here is a few things SSC provides to try to help the little guy:


Forum area for your game:

If you are a developer or even a dedicated modder and working on a space/scifi game title and you need a forum to start building a following around your creation and in doing so will help get desired feedback on your game or mod. 


How does this help me?

SSC is a growing space and scifi community (I can probably say the biggest) and we get a fair amount of visitors on a daily basis. So just people seeing new posts from the mainpage or from scanning the forum areas here you will get exposure. And thing about it the exposure your getting is probably the best type because everyone here likes space and scifi games. You will also have moderator privileges to your forum area as well.


What do I have to do?

All you have to do is PM the admin and I will create a forum area for you. What I will need for this is a 1-2 sentence description of your game and a link to your website.


Is there anything I owe or pay?

Nope. The forums are free for you to use, all we ask is that you use them and not let them site idle. Would be nice if you linked to the forum area on your website/blog/Facebook but not necessary. SSC grows with traffic and the more traffic we get the more people could see your project.



Developer Title:

If you are a developer of a game title you just need to let me know when you register and I will make a title for you (ex: <game name> Developer). Sorry modders no special titles for you until you get over 150 posts and then you can make your own.



Download Area (both free and paid):

Right now anyone can create free or paid for downloads on SSC. The uploader of the package is full in control of all aspects of the download. SSC is only providing the bandwidth and the space for the download and it will handle the PayPal interaction and send proceeds to the file uploader (minus the fee, since SSC will assume all paypal fees). Currently SSC percentage is set to 20% of set price by the author, I will lower this as more people use this functionality. Please read the rules about the download area here:




Thanks to all the developers and modders that make being a space and scifi gamer a great thing. It is nice seeing this explosion in this area of gaming and we area seeing a lot of great games and ideas come from them. The station is always expanding and will always make room for another ship to doc. So enjoy SSC and like always tell a friend and spread the good word.