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SP2 Post mortem on Gamasutra  


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Blog about the making of the  game from Mario Mihokovic



A long time ago…

No, this isn't another story about Star Wars or the upcoming movie and new weird-looking lightsabers. This is a story about three brothers who believed that even long-shot dreams could come true. This is a story about Starpoint Gemini 1 & 2. A story not yet told, at least not from my point of view.

We loved Freelancer, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy and many other space simulation games. At the start of our work, in the corner of a small apartment's kitchen, a topic of many discussions was, "Are we insane?" We've seen how such space games are made, the beautiful offices and equipment dev teams have...and just a glimpse of our "office" and three homemade PC's were enough to start us questioning our own sanity. But then again, we were young, eager and so determined to give it a go. If it was meant to fail, we'd fail with style, at least.


With almost no budget and limited manpower we would need a small miracle. The first game had its issues -- it was not perfect, but it had something. Starpoint Gemini was a game you will either love or hate. Many loved it, simply because of its imperfections and mostly because they knew how many people and how much sacrifice stood behind it. Professional voiceovers? Forget about it. We were programming in the kitchen during night, working during the day to earn money to invest in development. Voiceovers were done mostly by us, on lousy equipment and crappy conditions, but it had its charm. Despite that, recording these first voiceovers proved once and for all that our acting careers will be short-lived.