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Starpoint Gemini 3  

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September 19, 2019 9:26 am  

Has been suggested that they use the mouse wheel and I just noticed that Space Bourn has done this, so LGM should be able to it.

Some one back in the 90s jokingly said that a space sim was just a Doom clone without any walls. So it's really ironic that devs are now trying to push this FPS control system onto these games.

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September 29, 2019 6:14 am  

short message from LGM about what they have been doing although no date given for the next update.


Greetings fellow earthlings!

In case you were wondering, nope, we haven't dropped dead after Early Access release run, nor have we been abducted by you-know-who sporting big black eyes and the skin tan of a full ashtray. We’re still here, live ‘n kickin’, firing missiles, mowing down enemy fighters… as people usually do. Today however, we wanted to share some details on what we’ve been up to lately.

If you've looked at our planned roadmap, the next big milestone, appropriately named Skillshot, and everything for that oh-jolly-what-a-most-festive occasion is still going according to plan. In our internal version we're already very „skilled“, our missiles are as blind as bats (we might tweak that a bit…) and critical failures plague our ship.

We're preparing lots of goodies for this upcoming update: dumbfire missiles, CSF mechanics, entire skill system, new ship modules, new equipment... and a big bundle of Tough love bug-spray for all the bugs you guys reported!

Thank you for providing all the awesome feedback! The upcoming update will be better thanks to you! And that one is just the first of many.

See you with the new update in a little while. In the meantime, I made a bet I can make a mid-flight precise strike against a small moving enemy fighter using only an unguided capital ship busting torpedo, so I really should get back to that…

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October 1, 2019 4:34 pm  

Hmmm skill tree, I will be interested to seeing how this is implemented and how it affects gameplay. Thanks LGM 👍 

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October 11, 2019 12:14 pm  

Just got it downloaded 918mb, off to see what's changed and apparently the save games will work with this update after they fixed a bug according to the Steam forums. 

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October 24, 2019 1:31 pm  

Games has had a couple of small updates and as I guess they were just hot fixes as they have not said anything.     

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November 14, 2019 11:56 am  

Gears and cogs update should be dropping tomorrow according to Steams updater.

You haven't heard from us in a few weeks, but don't worry. We just kept our head down and worked hard on Roadmap update No 2. Along with the planned update elements, we managed to complete a few more things in advance, so a couple of surprises await you!

No more easy pickings dear space captains. Your ship is loaded with missiles? Fine, your adversaries have plenty of decoys and they are not afraid to use them! You're proficient with cut engines maneuvers? Won't help you – enemies will have tricks of their own with new AI and behavior routines. But you're not helpless – to give you a fighting chance, newly introduced crafting system enables you to be creative and engineer a plethora of items and equipment to enhance your survivability.

Your feedback was also noted, and some improvements have been made to existing features as well. Anyway, without further delay – what's in store for our finest captains this time?

One of the pivotal new systems is crafting. You acquired a dirty amount of credits, but you simply aren't happy with any of the items available at the drydock? Wait no more! Now you can gather blueprints and materials to craft those hard to acquire equipment and weapons.
Collect blueprints from destroyed ships (will be further improved with updates to open up additional ways to gain blueprints)
All items in the game (with some exceptions) are in some form linked into the crafting system, either as an ingredient or as a craftable item on its own
Create anything from better (more complex) items to equipment and weapons

Radiation mechanics
Some of the above mentioned additional gear could come in handy when traveling through dangerous areas, because this update also introduces the radiation mechanics. That’s right! [/i]A nanoscrubber a day, keeps death away[/i], as my mechanic used to say.
rather important visual warnings will scream at you
gameplay effects come in the form of lighter or heavier critical system failures before your hull starts to crumble on a molecular level (yeah… stay radiated long enough and you’ll be a deader)
added radiation areas in all sectors
added VFX & SFX to complement the gameplay effect
added in a bonus of Nanoscrubber equipment to clean that radiation right off. Like a hot shower that removes residual radiation without actually cleaning you… so… yeah… not really like a hot shower. *scours away to find a better-suiting analogy*

AI, behavior and the untold story of the Terminator mindset
To keep a perfectly balanced equilibrium, as all things should be, we've also „equipped“ your adversaries too! AI, both friendly and hostile, received a fresh batch of AI routines. Don’t be surprised if the enemy suddenly drops a mine in your face to ward off any of those nasty ideas you had about destroying him. As far as the untold story in the subtitle goes, it will remain untold :P.
Besides coming in all types of ships, the NPCs now also come with a whole range of different behaviors. Some are more aggressive, some lean more on the defensive side. Some like to keep close to you, like an over-clinging ex, while others will keep their distance like you have the plague.
AI will now utilize a bunch of different flight maneuvers to gain the upper hand when attacking or to get away when they’re in your sights.
AI becomes increasingly more complex as you progress through the game.
NPCs will now use decoys to avoid getting hit by missiles. Of course, not all and not all the time
NPCs can now drop mines when their ships or egos are threatened

Moving on…
The previously implemented portion of the campaign also got a fresh coat of paint (and then some) in its upgrade process, but most of the changes in this update will be visible in the freeroam portion.
The focus of this update is enriching the gameplay, giving You, the players more to do and ways to do it. Many elements of this update are also a prerequisite for some of the upcoming gameplay mechanics, planned to be rolled out with next update!

Almost forgot about how we…
…rebalanced the hell out of a lot of things
different wings now have a different number of turret slots.
player ship hull module HP increased significantly
player ship shield module HP increased significantly
player weapon energy cost increased somewhat (in some cases significantly)
overall weapon damage increased (smaller increase with scatterguns as they were OP to begin with)
Player shield recharge increased
Player shield reboot time reduced
higher tier NPCs deal significantly more damage
higher tier NPCs have significantly stronger hulls and shields
Freelance jobs are paid a lot better. A number of changes and a major rebalance overhaul are coming in the next few updates!
Loot drop value is increased across the board.
boost speed decreased and now varies depending on the engine installed
cruise speed decreased to 300 for all ships
player ship modules prices

…oh and also how we…
…overhauled the entire flight model
A number of booster and cut engines tweaks and upgrades
Completely rebalanced flight-related stats (much faster lateral and backwards movement for example)
Added a few missing controls and made a lot of overall quality-of-life improvements

In the end, we leave you with our mandatory long list of the other stuff we made for this update. The honorable mentions if you wish. Feel free to pick your favorites!

ADDED: new equipment and additional equipment tiers
the already mentioned Nanoscrubbers take that accumulated radiation edge off
Higher tier decoys lure angry missiles away
Booster injection gets some of that juicy fuel back into your booster to keep going
Mines of all shapes, sizes and damage types will knock your enemies flat to the other side
ADDED: a whole lot of additional missiles (specifically higher tier missiles)
ADDED: 4 completely new weapons to purchase and use
ADDED: more weapons of the higher tier persuasion
ADDED: Missiles can now be found in loot drops
ADDED: new ship modules in drydocks
ADDED: new difficulty settings – easy, normal, hard, insane
ADDED: VFX on NPC ships when damaged. Effects increases progressively as hull drops. It also makes very damaged NPCs easier to spot.
ADDED: In-game HUD now shows the names of equipped and swapped weapons
ADDED: In-game HUD now shows live stats of weapons/shields/missiles
ADDED: NPC ships can now move and shoot following a specific path, if need be
ADDED: SFX when upgrading skills
ADDED: SFX for incoming enemy missiles and launched missiles
ADDED: a HUD warning if some action cannot be executed
ADDED: Steam controller support
ADDED: new equipment items
ADDED: Equipment now has short text info
ADDED: In-game panels can now be toggled via keyboard shortcuts
ADDED: camera shake effect when hitting an asteroid
ADDED: Encounters now have an ease-in period. they get more difficult as you progress further
ADDED: huge hollow asteroids that ships can fly through and use as cover
ADDED: enemy ships now spawn with different tiers depending on map difficulty
ADDED: new event when player enters the range of specific object
ADDED: outlaw faction ships now have appropriate trails
ADDED: player engine/trails change color depending on speed and currently used flight mode
ADDED: explosions on asteroid destruction
ADDED: title cards in campaign missions
ADDED: several types of enemy behavior templates
UPDATED: the way how missile damage is dealt. ALL damage is handled as blast damage. The further away from the detonation epicenter you are, the less damage you receive, as it should be.
UPDATED: controller software keyboard
UPDATED: color schemes of HUD waypoint and info icons
UPDATED: default reputation with certain in-game factions
UPDATED: balanced NPC vs NPC damage variables
UPDATED: collect all option works properly, players can remove items from cargo
UPDATED: NPC ships have different, more realistic firing arcs
UPDATED: HUD reticle more visible and has variations depending on equipped weapon
UPDATED: campaign missions in chapter 1 reworked and polished
UPDATED: cutscenes in campaign chapter 1 have been upgraded
UPDATED: improved visuals in nebulas
UPDATED: faction reputation alignment system has been reworked
FIXED: text alignment in station/bar dialogues
FIXED: all barman dialogues are now skippable
FIXED: shortcut for buy/sell trader buttons work properly now
FIXED: resolution setting in launcher will be properly saved now
FIXED: freelance mission ships are properly marked now
FIXED: impact explosions on ship hull work properly now
FIXED: player ship shield regeneration variable works properly on load
FIXED: scripts for freelance mission ending now work properly
FIXED: in-game dialogues work properly when paused
FIXED: possible resolution problem when automatically choosing setting in launcher
FIXED: launcher will no longer crash if Steam isn't running in the background
FIXED: NPC ships will target and hit player properly in all situations
FIXED: When changing control settings in launcher, resolution won't abruptly change with it
FIXED: Player is no longer stuck in photo mode when using it
FIXED: camera works properly when using the controller and holding down LT to follow target
FIXED: menu footer is changed correctly when using HOTAS
FIXED: key binding in controls cannot be duplicated anymore
FIXED: target locks will appear in correct positions now
FIXED: numerous HUD errors when playing the Spanish language version
FIXED: branching dialogues won't break anymore if using HOTAS/controller
FIXED: various controls binding issues with HOTAS and controller
TWEAKED: visual controls input when using HOTAS

LGM Games team


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December 14, 2019 1:14 pm  

New trailer for the game and the next major update should be sometime this month.

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December 16, 2019 1:56 pm  

I have watched a few videos on youtube about peoples impressions and they are complaining more and more about the story and missions. Now in LGM's defense this is still early access and I am sure the story in concept is done, its just executing it right in game. Missions could probably be tweaked as early access progresses and you get more user feedback. People tend to forget early access means they are still actively working on the game 😉

This is why my policy is I don't play the games at all until they have at the least been released, but usually I wait longer and wait for a few patches to hit before taking a game for a spin. But from the videos I have seen they are definitely doing a Rebel Galaxy Outlaw style of game. I will be most interested in the player mechanics and and how they put in the rpg style elements into the game. Because now that this is first person you have a much more controlled aspect to combat and your abilities. Where as before you were always in a 3rd person point of view executing commands for the most part.

So this is new ground in a way and look forward to see this game progress over next year.

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December 18, 2019 12:36 pm  

And the update is downloading now as I type this, 730 odd meg update to the game. Will have to give it a play at the weekend.

Greetings captains!

Just before the holiday craziness kicks in, we've reached the third milestone. That means we're offering, just in time, some fresh new ways to expand your experience of the game and fill any free days you might have coming.

This update looks exactly as a December gift basket is supposed to look – a little bit of something for everyone!

You've already explored the available game areas? Good – now you have new ones to check out, including some pretty familiar planets. Or, you've mastered the combat system and you're unmatched out there? Awesome – Boss mechanics will make sure there is something out there you haven't seen yet and that WILL be an adequate challenge! Also, if you're bored of your everyday bartender – new businesses have opened onboard new stations and planets.

Besides the obvious additions you can't miss, a huge chunk of improvements is a mandatory part of each update – missions, equipment, AI, HUD elements, ADAH companion etc...

Anyways, to avoid spoiling the surprise, here is the entire changelog, and you can unwrap the presents yourself as soon as update is downloaded.

In case you want to take a sneak peek into what's „in the box“, there is a new short gameplay video trailer that speaks a lot more than words:

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December 23, 2019 3:05 pm  

Game had another update the other day about 160 meg, might have been some sort of hotfix as I can't find any mention of it, not had any time to play the latest update, but hopefully will try over the next week. 

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January 18, 2020 10:23 am  

New update coming tomorrow and a price increase, but the game is currently on sale with 25 percent off.

Hello captains!

Hope you had a splendid holiday season with many presents and sufficient time too play your favourite games!

We are starting right where we left off – with an update. Starpoint Gemini 3 is rushing to reach first half of planned major updates, and this update marks another step towards that goal.

This time, as we already mentioned in earlier announcement, unexpected paths of game development took us in a little bit different direction, and in order to avoid wasting any valuable time, we had to modify previously planned elements for this update. Few things planned for Update 4 will be delayed for Update 5, while several features from Update 5 is moved ahead for this Update. After next milestone, feature list from both Updates should be back in sync. Apologies if this will confuse some of you, but when we executed tasks for this update, we realized some features simply need to be forced to a more complete stage immediately as they can cause a chain reaction later. Following next milestone, everything should be back in pre-planned order as stated on Rodamap.

So, what is the cornerstone of this update? I'd say there are three pillars - first infusion of extra life into our Universe, then new Starchart to give you much better tool when understanding where the heck you're going and how this Universe looks like, and finally pretty extensive batch of improvements and fixes to existing features based on what players reported and suggested in forum discussions. Those of you that participated in them and threw ideas at us, will certainly recognize what we're talking about.

Once you boot up the game, how will these changes spice up your life? It's simple really – open a Starchart and notice you have a proper map that shows much more details and area objects. Each object has a pop up window describing in short what a specific location is, where it's exactly located and what's its purpose. Starchart also has 2 layers – local sectors and overall Universe map. Second layer allows you to cycle through all distant Star systems and see what local maps are available. Best thing is – you can access and browse sector maps within a specific system map even if you're not physically located in that system at all. Ladies and gentleman, you can now snoop around and determine your next target for pirating even if you're sitting half a galaxy away!

When your spying of global maps is over, and you finally hit the road in any given direction, be careful of traffic – it's gotten a helluva more dense. Trade convoys, individual ships going about their business, everybody using T Gates, Starpoints and Nav Buoys... you'll see much more stuff happening around. All these events are to be considered as a welcome opportunity or simply as greater variety of targets to plunder. But beware of unintended consequences – AI got first batch of updates, so trade ships and convoys will have armed escorts that won't sit idly by while you plunder the hell out of them.

But, enough of me talking, here's the entire changelog. Read through it as you wish and feel free to jump into game and check out the changes for yourself.

Oh, and, when you start cruising around, little surprise can be found – double tap forward key for max throttle.

ADDED: New Starchart system, both visually and functionally
ADDED: Added info notes on starchart locations
ADDED: Dynamic map system with overview of all systems and sectors
ADDED: New locations and objects markers are now added to starchart
ADDED: New cutscenes when using fast travel via Nav Buoys
ADDED: Nav Buoys now have visual effects showing direction and destination point
ADDED: New game starting scenario – Outlaw
ADDED: Seed in random generator, adding more variety when statring new game
ADDED: NPC ships now use Fast travel objects and follow various behaviours
ADDED: Convoy system, meaning existence and behaviour of convoys and escorts
ADDED: Ship convoys near space stations
ADDED: Ship convoys near space structure clusters
ADDED: Ship traffic entering and exiting Starpoint
ADDED: Ship traffic entering and exiting T Gates
ADDED: Ship traffic entering and exiting Nav Buoy structures
ADDED: New ship model from Outlaw faction – Guerilla fighter
ADDED: New ship model from Outlaw faction – Stalker scout ship
ADDED: Hotkey to enable constant speed without need to hold forward movement button
ADDED: Ambient sound in bar on Delta station
UPDATED: Decreased number of spawned enemies near stations when player is low level
UPDATED: Map locations and objects near planets Extera, Earth, Caterton and Sora
UPDATED: Jeepers Creepers boss fight now works properly in any situation
FIXED: Missiles don't occassionally disappear and now have normal blast effects
FIXED: NPC ships now follow intended proffession behaviour
FIXED: Errors with loading when jumping to distant sectors
FIXED: Objects for fast travel (Starpoint, T Gate, Nav Buoy) are now of correct, civilian faction
FIXED: Targeting of gas collector ships now works correctly
FIXED: After dock, player marker on starchart will now resume normal behaviour
FIXED: Loading sequence allows ship collisions to work as intended
FIXED: Encounters will now spawn on correct positions
FIXED: Encounters will now use correct faction alignment
FIXED: Proximity trigger on stations now has correct values and doesn't interrupt level loading

Largest portion of this update is aimed at creating more vibrant and alive universe. And everything added this time for this purpose is just a beginning of creating a very vivid and lively feeling. Also, many features are only just a foundation for massive chunks of the game that are yet to come.

This time we can also announce that before next major update, we will be pushing out another not planned upgrade with some neat features that are nearly done but need a little bit more testing.

You're welcome to try all of this out, and bombard us with your opinions!

P.S. following this update, and in line with previously announced plan, price of Early Access Starpoint Gemini 3 will be increased for the first time. If you're interested, you still have several days to use original price + current discount!

Fly safe!
LGM Games team

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