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The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

PC and Console Gaming

This is a 'free for all' thread where you can discuss any games available on the PC or consoles.... yeah I guess you can include Mac.


Space/SciFi Combat and Simulation Game Discussion

Talk about all the standalone single-player and multi-player based space and scifi combat or simulation games of the past, present and future.


Space and SciFi MMO and Multi-Player Only Discussion

Discuss all of the current, upcoming and past space and scifi based MMO's (Massive Multiplayer Online) and Multi-Player Only type games.


Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Do you have a space or scifi related open source or free indie game game project that you are working on that you want to get some feedback and attention for? Post info on your project here.

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FPS, Strategy and Tactical Scifi Games (1 viewing)

This area is to discuss FPS (First Person Shooters), Strategy and Tactical based games that don't always involve 3D space combat (ex: Fallout, Wasteland, Mass Effect, X-Com, Deus Ex, Halo, ect...)


Mobile and Web Gaming

A lot of gaming is starting to move in a different direction from traditional PC/Consoles to handheld devices (Android/iOS) and web based games. This area will be for discussing all of the mobile, web, telnet, flash, silverlight, unity and java based games and technologies.