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Welcome to SSC

Another year has passed on the station time seems to move slowly way out here. You have docked your ship, don't be a outcast... interact with the pilots and help us find all the news from all over this sector of space. Enjoy the stay, and pickup after yourself ;)


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Welcome to SpaceSimCentral

Welcome to SpaceSimCentral

Introduce Yourself to SSC

You have finally traversed the vastness of space to find SpaceSimCentral, one of the most obscure outposts in our known space. Now that you have arrived you can relax in knowing that you are protected by this community of space going adventurers. So be friendly and introduce yourself to your fellow adventurers.


SSC Administration

Any and all news related to will be posted here. If you have any issues, gripes, complaints or recommendations please post them here. I should be able to get to your post/issue with 24-48hrs.