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Update 4.0  


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November 19, 2015 10:25  

Beta patchnotes. Source:


Release Notes 

Version 4.00 Beta 2 (202854) 

• New Feature: Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions. 

• New Feature: Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more). Feedback welcome

• New Feature: Time acceleration using SETA (feature functional but item not yet available). 

• New Feature: Player ship jump drive (feature functional but item not yet available). 

• New Feature: Economy logging and statistics (feature not yet functional). 

• New Feature: Flight School tutorial. 

• Added 'Fly to position' order selecting a position via map click (Replaces 'Fly to Zone' order). 

• Added ability to interact with on event monitor while controlling drones. 

• Added option to start autopilot to current mission target. 

• Added radar while remote controlling drones. 

• Added heat damage from engine jets. 

• Added savegame compression. 

• Improved small ship AI to use boost in combat situations based on pilot skills. 

• Improved behaviour when following mission target using autopilot. 

• Improved HUD toggle now toggles more elements and works in more cases. Feedback welcome

• Improved mouse accuracy in menus. 

• Improved station manager logic to better coordinate multiple owned ships. 

• Improved FXAA colour-correction. 

• Changed default setting for menu display from "Side Console"-mode to "HUD"-mode. 

• Fixed trade ships assigned to stations not respecting their new commander's subordinate range. 

• Fixed being able to issue multiple transfer orders for the same wares when using ware exchange with a station. 

• Fixed another scenario that could lead to incorrect amounts of unavailable units. 

• Fixed incorrect quantity of bought fuel cells on 'Refuel' order if the ship had already some fuel. 

• Fixed several bugs with Marauder Pirates not being able to steal dropped containers from their targets. 

• Fixed several cases resulting in ships getting stuck when following other ships out-of-sector. 

• Fixed missing command info for mining drones and for transport drones picking up ware containers. 

• Fixed stations complaining when player destroys an ownerless ship. 

• Fixed broken game controls after interacting with a trade offer while controlling a drone. 

• Fixed aim-at-indicator being displayed incorrectly when remote controlling a drone. 

• Fixed rare cases where objects showed incorrect outlines. 

• Fixed area damage increasing with lower framerates. 

• Fixed issue where a 'static' effect remained over the event monitor during the plot. 

• Fixed Particle Repeater weapons building up heat slower at higher framerates. 

• Fixed player ship not being able to enter highways with an open menu. 

• Fixed rare case of missing highway/gate/ship group target elements after starting/loading a game. 

• Fixed rare case of non-working input controls after starting/loading a game. 

• Fixed interact menu not always being on top of other target elements when using mouse/gamepad controls. 

• Fixed current target not always on top of all other target elements. 

• Fixed target elements not always on top of other target elements which are further away. 

• Fixed rare cases of clicking on a target element actually targeting another object. 

• Fixed target elements jumping when interacting with it while controlling a drone. 

• Fixed rare cases of crosshair showing weird animations. 

• Fixed rare cases of UI issues when switching to/from external and/or drone view. 

• Fixed cases where weapon panels showed startup animation in cases other than entering the ship. 

• Fixed various trade price discrepancies in menus due to incorrect rounding. 

• Fixed game freezing when quitting the game with Alt+F4 while in loading screen. 

• Fixed startup issues with corrupted or incorrect DLLs in Windows system directory. 

• Fixed several small memory leaks. 

• Fixed more causes of crashes. 

• Several more small performance and memory optimisations. 

Known Issues 

The following issues in this version are known and will be fixed in a forthcoming update. 

• Occasional graphical flash on entering a highway. 

• Clothing on some character appears black. 

• Flight School text remains on screen after playing the tutorial. 

• Player ship can get stuck at the exit of a highway if a menu is open. 

• Player ship can jump positions when changing zones while flying on autopilot. 

• Texts that are new in 4.0 are not yet translated. 

• Voice recordings for voiced texts that are new in 4.0 are not yet present. 

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November 20, 2015 03:07  

And looks like they have made some scripting and mod improvements. I think waiting to play this game might have been for the best because it is shaping up to be a good game with the fixes over the past year and the adding of content from that DLC. With UI modding it will be nice to see what people come up with.

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November 21, 2015 00:58  

Also, I noticed they're going to add another system, i spotted in the beta 4.0 version a new gate in the ascendancy sector 🙂 Below thread might be related 🙂 Suspecting a new DLC like teladi outpost coming 🙂

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November 21, 2015 21:39  

Aye they have plenty of room for more DLC to be added to the game, just wish they get around to doing some thing with the station interiors.