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Hi Everyone,

I created this donation page as a way for members to help out with server and hosting costs. All of which are funded by me alone. Yes there is some ads on the site but they don't always provide the funding needed for the server SSC is hosted on. With our recent move to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) our costs for hosting has gone up by 3x over our shared hosting that we did have. I wanted to try to give everyone better performance and also hopefully give SSC some room to grow. With Space and SciFi games on the rise again traffic has picked up enough that it was causing a strain on the site.

So why donate here?

I know most fans of the site will just upgrade their accounts to a higher membership tier that will offer extra benefits for members and at the same time help offset SSC's costs. Or you could be a member that just wants to donate anonymously. I do put in a lot of work and money into SSC. And I will always use any money that is donated for the upkeep and upgrade of SSC and what is provided here for everyone. For those that have been members since 2008 and have been around, you have have seen SSC grow and get better over time. I strive to make this a great place for games and developers to converse and show and talk about everything related to space games. So any donation is very much appreciated and I thank you n advance.


DarkOne aka SSCAdmin
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