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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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Free SciFi Gaming Projects

Do you have a space or scifi related open source or free indie game game project that you are working on that you want to get some feedback and attention for? Post info on your project here.
  • Ad-Infinitum

    Space game of galactic conquest. Real time/turn based strategy with civilization type colonization of worlds. Influences include: Civ, Master of Orion, emperor of the Fading Suns, Dune. Universe a future dark age with noble houses vying for control.
    Status: Under Development
  • FAR Colony

    FAR Colony (First Autonomous Remote Colony) is a game of exploration and space colonization being held in the 23th century. It has 2 phases: a Colonization Phase where the player must establish a new colony on a pre-determined planet and has 365 standard days to make the colony viable. In the second one, the game is purely sandbox, and the player can develop his/her colony as he/she likes. AI and game/historical events will set many goals and problems to manage.
  • FFED3D

    FFED3D is a remake of Frontier First Encounters that adds D3D and more. Talk about playability, configuration, and modding.
  • Oolite

    Oolite is a space sim game, inspired by Elite, powered by Objective-C and OpenGL, and designed as a small game that is easy for users to pick up, modify and expand upon. Almost every aspect of the game can be changed by using simple, free graphics packages and text editors.
    Downloads: 19 discussions 419 comments
  • Pioneer

    Pioneer is an open-ended space adventure game. Explore the galaxy, make your fortune trading between systems, or work for the various factions fighting for power, freedom or self-determination.
  • XFrontier

    XFrontier is yet another Frontier-Elite 2 remake, with some key features that should differentiate it from the original project : planets with improved rendering, virtual cockpits, game contents and rules totally modable through lua-scripting, option of leaving your pilot's seat and explore your ship and the surface of planets by yourself.
    Gallery: 10 discussions 115 comments