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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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General Chat

Talk about everything else that may happen in life that doesn't happen inside the real world of Space Gaming... is there really anything outside of Space sim/Combat Gaming?
  • Sci-Fi Movies and Television

    Talk about TV shows, movies and or books that are Science Fiction or Fantasy related.
  • UFO's and Conspiracy

    Are there really UFO's, abductions, military and government secrets? Talk about them all here and do be open minded... could there be more to everything?
  • Outer Space and Astronomy

    Discuss anything related to outer space, discoveries, missions and theories of the universe our little blue planet is a part of.
  • Political and World Discussions

    This area is to discuss political and world issues. I know some discussions will be heated but everyone here is responsible and can conduction themselves in a respectful way.
  • Surveys and Polls

    Want to get peoples opinions on something create a survey or poll. These polls can be space sim related or about anything else. have fun!
  • SciFi Books and Fan Fiction

    Discuss your favorite SciFi/Fantasy books and or write your own fiction for people to read and comment on.