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Hi Everyone

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Cellphone and Mobile Device Space Sims List

sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
Hey Everyone

Help and populate this list of Space Sims/Space Arcade games for your phone or mobile device. This is still probably a untapped market, but still with so many people with these devices I am sure there is some space sim fans with mobile devices. So help us keep up to date on the latest Space Sim/Space Arcade games.

If you have comments or reviews of some of the games listed in this thread please feel free to post them. Some games are free but some you have to pay for so feedback is always good to read before you spend $$$.

Please post game names and links to games not in this thread: (Games do not have to be all action based, they can be simulation or text based as well as long as they are space trading/combat related)

Galaxy on Fire -

Galaxy of Fire 2 -

Pocket PC Elite -

Interstellar Games -

Leo's Space Combat Simulator -

Destiny -

Deep Space Attack - ... 545&r=dway

Darxide EMP - ... index.html

Argon 3D -

3D Star Racer - ... ection=PPC

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - ... ction=PALM

Rise of Antares -

Jupiter Lander - ... index.html

Space Trader -

DS-Elite - (Nitendo DS)

Star Trek -

Rogueship -

Star Rangers -

Space Miner: Space or Bust -

Space Trek -

Space Station: Frontier -

Wings Galaxy - ... ingsgalaxy

Blackspace -

NDS - Infinte Space -

Iphone - Warp Gate -

Gammon Trigger -

UltraViolet Dawn -

Red Nova -

The Lacuna Expanse (TLE) - ... 42951?mt=8

R-Type Command -

Dark Nova -

I will periodically update this list as links are added to this thread.



    edited 4:34PM
    Great to see they made Galaxy on fire 2.still can't play it as no compatible phone. :cry:

    just had a look through there forums and there's a link to a pc java emulator ... ular-java/

    you can sign up and download a demo of the game,also make sure you download the Nokia version as the

    sony ericsson doesn't work in the emulation.going to have play about with this and see how it works. :D
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    let me add a few others

    Jupiter Lander

    Rise of Antares (not a space sim, its a Master of Orion clone)



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    Space Trader for PocketPC (basically the same thing as the Palm version. So, if you have a cellphone based on PocketPC, or a PalmTreo, GET THIS GAME. Its simple but fun.)







  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Added your games to the master list AcesHigh.
  • edited 4:34PM
    Did you forget The Daddy Of Space Sims? Surely not!
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Thanks Hendar

    Didn't even know they had elite for mobile devices :) Added your link to the main post.
  • edited 4:34PM
    Darkone wrote:
    Thanks Hendar

    Didn't even know they had elite for mobile devices :) Added your link to the main post.

  • c0masc0mas Heresy War Developer
    edited 4:34PM
    There's a new mobile game from EA based on the new ST movie.
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    That looks really good for a mobile game. Added this to the main list c0mas thx.

    edited 4:34PM
    Space Miner: Space Ore Bust.

    It's 2D asteriods game with some Elite type upgrades for the Iphone.

    Web site here.

    THeres a review of the game here,with some more detail of the features. ... xcellence/
    edited 4:34PM
    Another I phone game Space Trek,nothing to do with Star Trek

  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Updated main list, thanks Pinback.
  • edited 4:34PM
    DS Line Wars2 for the NDS. A port by the original author. Look on the following page, click on Downloads in left side bar.

    Plays silky smooth on the DS because it is assembly, much smoother than the pc shown in the above clip. Skip to the end of the clip to see combat.
    edited 4:34PM
    Space Station: Frontier another one for the I phone this time a strategy game.

    edited 4:34PM
    Dangerous Null Space

    Another space trading game for the I phone,looks like you may be able to walk about on the

    planets.Could not find a site for the game,but the author has posted some details on

    the toucharcade site. ... adid=49226


    -True 3D real-time space combat engine

    -Trade commodities and find the best trade routes

    -Mine asteroids, comets, and gas clouds

    -Land on planets to explore or fight

    -Board ships and capture criminals or kidnap politicians for ransom

    -3D environments and animated 3D models

    -Music and sound fx

    -Accurately modeled solar systems

    -Radar gives you situational awareness in space and planetside

    -Tilt to look around you planetside and use FPS-type controls to run and gun

    -Special powers let you levitate, freeze, or confuse enemies, etc.

    -Living universe where events happen in real time and you have the choice to intervene or not: Follow that mining ship as it warps to the asteroid belt. Then help it fend off a pirate attack, or destroy them both and collect the loot. Or do nothing and watch what happens. Investigate that distress call, and hope it's not a trap... Or do nothing and someone else might beat you to it.

    -Large universe of solar systems connected by stargates

    -Dynamic quest system so you're not tied to space stations for getting quests

    -Ships and equipment are upgradable

    -Combat requires in-depth strategies and tactics, not just a simple space shooter mentality

    -Collect loot and XP for a true RPG experience

    -Skill tree provides different bonuses to fit your play style

    -Travel to distant corners of the universe to trade commodities, fight and explore

    -Combat AI that evolves over time to adapt to your play style

    -Play the way you want: good or evil. Kill the pirates, drug runners, slave traders... or become one.

    -Epic quest line with a unique story and different endings based on your choices

    -Your character builds rank over time. You start out "Harmless." Become the best and get ranked "Dangerous."

    -Continue to play in the open universe after beating the main quest line or ignore the main quest line altogether

    -Seamless game play: Warp, enter stargates, dock with stations, trade, and undock all without loading screens.

    -Achievements and high score ladders

    edited 4:34PM
    Here an interesting game for the Iphone

    Deves site,there seems to be three different version of this. :?:
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Black Space doesn't look that bad... its for iPod Touch and iPhone.




    edited 4:34PM
    Warpgate finally made it out,looks like there quite a few games coming out on the Iphone.
    edited 4:34PM
    Gammon Trigger

    From the vid it looks like a 2d space adventure with a hint of Starflight and Starcontrol, the vid about a year old and there not much info about it on the site.But it looks from the deves other games that it will be an Iphone game?.

  • edited 4:34PM
    If these are Java2ME games, then I think I have a handy J2ME emulator for my PSP lying around :D. Now for the IOS games, I think I will try to get an Ipad.
    edited 4:34PM
    Ultraviolet Dawn another 2d Elite clone.

    Detail here.

    Red nova some sort of space shooter

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited 4:34PM
    I downloaded Darxide EMP for my mobile by my rubbish Nokia 6303 wont run it :cry:
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Hoping sometime next year I will pick something up, seems like the kids get all the good stuff :)

    I have been watching this ( personally, think it will be great when it is released. Make sure you glance over the blog a lot of info in there.

    Oh updated the first post with all the latest editions.
  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited 4:34PM
    Found out why Darxide EMP wont run, my crappy phone has Symbian version 40 OS. I needed version 60, drat! :evil: Already checked if I could upgrade it and it's a big no, Nokia are evil. Oh, well live and learn I guess.. Still, when I get a new phone I will at least be able to play a proper "Brabian" space game on it.
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    I hate how the phone makers come out with so many different versions that if your not a cellphone guru you are lost. Personally they should generally use the same hardware and just use firmware updates to add features the other competitors don't have or OS upgrades.

    I have had bad dealings in the past with the Apple Store and now limit all purchases to necessity. I couldn't even get my money back even though I never downloaded the app? It's not like I bought it played it for a weekend. They had a record that i purchased and never downloaded and still wouldn't return my money. Apple's customer service is not great in my opinion.
  • slayniacslayniac Galaxy on Fire Dev Team
    edited 4:34PM

    check out the trailer for the upcoming Galaxy on Fire 2 for iPhone/iPad:

    I hope this is not considered as mere adverstisement. Although I am part of the development team I'm a big fan of space sims in general. I've been reading a lot here and thought this is a good time to create an account and participate in the community. :)
    edited 4:34PM
    Looks good :D Slayniac what the difference between this version and the original game. :?:

    And can list the features of the game.
  • slayniacslayniac Galaxy on Fire Dev Team
    edited 4:34PM
    Here's a feature list:

      [*:16xdln0a]Huge galaxy with dozens of solar systems with unique planets and space stations in 3D

      [*:16xdln0a]Action-packed battles featuring various primary and secondary weapons and stunning explosions

      [*:16xdln0a]Ore mining in hazardous dynamic asteroid fields

      [*:16xdln0a]3D map to navigate through solar systems and jump gates to travel fast through the whole galaxy

      [*:16xdln0a]Dozens of space ships with plenty of weapons and gadgets to upgrade as well as free trading and production of goods of any kind

      [*:16xdln0a]Space lounges to meet streetwise business people, extraordinary aliens and shady clients with lucrative missions

    Upcoming Features

      [*:16xdln0a]Revised storyline

      [*:16xdln0a]Completely new graphics including all new original spaceships and stations for all factions

      [*:16xdln0a]Space Camera: Save screenshots to your library or load them up to facebook

      [*:16xdln0a]English Voiceover

      [*:16xdln0a]Open Feint enabled: Lederboards, achievements, online savegames

      [*:16xdln0a]GameCenter enabled

      [*:16xdln0a]3D Sound

    Basically we did a complete graphics overhaul and revised the gameplay/balancing.
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 4:34PM
    Any plans on releasing this on Android platform Slayniac?
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