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Hi Everyone

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Raspberry pi.

Is this thing the biggest hoax ever known to man? Seriously though, if something that small can do that much, it makes our desktop pc's look like something from the dark ages. I don't know much about the raspberry pi, but is the apparent power really what it seems to be? Why do our cpu's and gpu's have big fans to keep them cool? Am I missing something cos its like something from a rediculous sci fi film. Its like someone just said "Oh by the way I've invented a cold fusion powered teleporter, here watch.."


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    I don't think it will be replacing your PC as it only has about the same power as a smart phone

    Been thinking about getting one myself although theirs a big waiting list at the moment.

    There is some doubt about the Ouya console as in will it be launched.
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    So its obviously not what they keep trying to make it look like then. I've seen a few videos of its ability to play 1080p video and music on a monitor. I guess its just my lack of knowledge, but I take it thats not actually that hard for a thing that size to do?
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    huh, never heard of this until now. This little thing looks cool and would be a great teaching aid for kids. But if this thing can run xmbc that is where you will have a nice media center in a small package. If I can see some videos of that running, I would see if I can hook that thing up to the TV and have a cheap streaming tech.

    Found it running XBMC, all I have to say is wow:


    I might get one of these with a external 1TB drive and now I can have a bunch of movies available to me. Wonder if they make a hardware box for that thing?
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    Not sure why everyone is so surprised at the RasPi's 'power', it's the product of British Engineering and open source software

    *waves a little flag*
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    As a random aside I played a couple of rounds of Quake 3 on a raspi and it was very good after adjusting the graphics settings. Certainly enough horsepower for games of that era - assuming they're ARM compatible
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    In 2014, i ran a RasPi B model with XBMC. connected to the internet with WiFi, hooked up a 3Tb USB disk with over 1,000 movies. It ran fine. Now they have a model 2 with 1Gb ram and a quad processor. Sounds up to running a spacesim game to me.
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    Seems their only this muliplayer one and looking at the comments it looks like it not working.

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