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Hi Everyone

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YOUR Single player recommendations

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There is an awfull lot of mods for Freelancer out there, some keep the original storyline, some enable you as Open Single Player to roam the modded universe to have a look on a lot of nice planets and ships, but mostly without a game play to speak of (just fly and shoot more or less senseless), very few send one on a kindof quest through the modded universe.

What mod for a NON-multiplayer-player would YOU recommend ?


  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 2:51PM - Even though its Open SP the gfx are amazing for a FL mod

    BigDaddy StoryLine Mod

    I have been trying to only upload SP/Open SP mods to the download area and will probably finish off FL this week sometime. Also wanted to get that wide screen mod working so I can play FL in 1920x1080 :)
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    Darkone wrote:
    Also wanted to get that wide screen mod working so I can play FL in 1920x1080 :)

    Why don't you try going to
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    Why don't you try going to ...

    No need to go anywhere else... the best Freelancer wide screen tutorial on the Net is right here in the wiki.

    Oops... wait... the wiki must have fallen into a black hole or something! D1... is there a way that I can see the wiki so that I can update the new Knowledge Base?
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    Since we are already posting to an old thread, I might as well submit an update here.

    I have mixed feelings about Crossfire. On one hand, Crossfire is the first mod to extend the story line through the Quest system, which is good news. On the other hand, the Crossfire community is annoying to the point that most people eventually quit due to harassment from the author. It's weird... the guy creates something good, then makes it unpalatable for people to stick around.

    First the good news...

    Since encoding missions for Freelancer is too time consuming to be worthwhile, another way to extend play time was needed. The solution is Quests.


    Quests get around the mission problems by using News, Rumors, and hidden objects throughout the game as clues to solving mysteries. The Quests extend the story and give Single Players a purpose to explore the universe. Various obstacles and surprise alien NPC characters add to the fun.

    Quests can do almost anything that missions can do. In fact, Quests are better in some ways: they work in multi-player, the user can dock and undock multiple times during a Quest. That means that a single Quest can extend the play time by many hours, rather than the relatively brief time allotted to missions.

    The Crossfire Quests are fun and add a huge amount of playing time to the game... easily dozens of hours of additional game play.


    The downside is that the support forum and atmosphere is terrible. Newbies ask reasonable questions and receive flames and off-topic rants for their trouble. The forum is completely chaotic, with multiple sub-forums covering the same topics, posts in incorrect threads, and very few helpful links. The author of the mod frequently posts absurd rants. The general atmosphere on the forum is perhaps the most toxic that I have seen anywhere.

    The development "environment" is even worse. There are basically two people who create Crossfire. While the principal author, OP-R8R, asks others to help, he withholds all of the information and resources necessary for that help. The result is that he has a "dev team" with a dozen members, most of which have nothing to do. To call it "amateurish" would be an understatement.

    Also, Crossfire is closed, unlike nearly all other mods. Modding Crossfire, helping to develop future versions, and hosting local servers are all discouraged (in spite of some lip-service to the contrary). Since those are some of the most fun things about Freelancer, I find the attitude counter-productive, to say it politely. ;)

    The launcher itself is a good-news-bad-news thing. On one hand, the launcher keeps the player's files up to date so that small changes can be updated every time the game is launched, which is nice. However, it is difficult to bypass the launcher without disabling your PC's Internet access, so the launcher will over-write any changes the player makes to the game files.

    If you want to play Multiplayer, the Crossfire download does not include all of the files necessary to host a local server. Since Internet latency is a huge factor in targeting accuracy, the lack of local servers makes Player-versus-Player (PVP) encounters not fun at all. Unless you live in Germany, you are going to get beaten in PVP when you go up against many of the regular players. That is not fun for anyone other than the regular players!


    Other mods are beginning to use the Quest system, so Crossfire may rapidly become a dinosaur. Other mods look better, work better, and have better communities, both for players and for development.

    If you are willing to put up with some grief, then Crossfire can be fun. If not, then wait a bit and you will see Quests in other, better, mods.
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