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Hi Everyone

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EFF Comments on DMCA Exemption for Abandoned Games

sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
edited February 2015 in General Chat
This is a very interesting article and if most of these exceptions are approved it could definitely help the space gaming cause of not letting these great old games slip away into nothingness because the companies or individuals are latching a deathgrip on rights to it. Exception could be re-jumpstarting a IP then I could see snatching back your rights.

Now I am not against a developer holding on to rights to a game. And if you can show you are still making money off a 10yr old game then so be it. But if you haven't generated income off the game then why not set it free for anyone to play? I think this is especially true for MMO's, once they shutdown servers and now you are telling me I cannot play a game I paid for any more (or virtual items), thats not too fair.

So the EFF comments are a long read at 36 pages, but it is a solid read. A lot of good points are brought up about game industry and its history. So I hope they are successful, because I know I am breaking some sort of rules and rights laws with some of the downloads I have at SSC. It would be nice for it to all be legal for me :) and it gives people the chance to play some of the golden oldies that most people have never experienced. Why deny people the ability to play the early games of any genre.

Link to Article:


  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited February 2015

    Yea its about time something was done about this. Either send em to GOG or release them for free. One game in particular I am thinking of here is Freelancer but Micro$oft hold onto that like grim death. I know lots of people (especially on the RSI forums) who would play that again with all the wonderful mods that have been created for it. In fact (thinking back here) there is quite a few great games the Microsoft games studio created years ago that are still very good even today. Lets hope we see a change to legislation.

  • edited 6:17PM
    Roma Victor looks like it was designed to run on an Amiga and whats so interesting about sailing around for hours hoping you run into someone to have a fight with?
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