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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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Star Elite - multiplayer space sim


Star elite is my new project which is in very very early open beta now. It is compleatly free, so you can download it every moment from it's webside.I have only few major systems three ships and it is just not tested. Main problem is I do not know if server connection system works so first testers may encounter major probems.

Game is sandbox space simulator working on multiplayer server. It is created to be something similar to X series or EVE online (but much less complicated for now). Players may fly starships, built space stations, explore galaxy with over 10 000 sectors (it is realy huge :derisive: ). I hope you will enjoy the game.

NOTE: Because I can't have server online all the time if you want to play just ask for server activation from game interface. It should get online in few minutes. An important message: I am in time zone GMT + 02:00, and I need sleep :).

Link to project website:

Fell free to comment and report errors. This will be helpfull for me. All bugs pleace report on

Special thanks for TrueVision3D for free for non-comercial use 3D engine

And some screenshots:










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    Because there was sevral situations I wish to explain:


    1.) I've got informations, that someone (about 3 times, last today) have asked for server activation. Problem is, that server is alredy online. If you have in menu information that server is offline and on website there is online, means your game have no connection to server which is alredy online. Try to run client as admin and / or disable antivirus / firewall software. If this will not help pleace contact me via mail or forum.


    2.) Someone have sent e-mail to Support Center with bug report. I've read this message, but I am unable to respand (Mail server have some delivery errors) There is no wey to fix this from my site, so if you reported bug this is information for you:




    Thank you very much for trying Star Elite

    I know it is one error like that: if you click on screen after "Click to continue" more than one time. In BETA 0.0.8 this has been fixed, so pleace update your game files. If this won't help I will need some more informations. Pleace answer as many questions as possibile:

    - What kind of error it was: system critical, or runtime error and it's message
    - Did you istalled game manualy or automaticly
    - Did you tried play once only or few times
    - What OS you have installed (Windows and it's version or Linux + wine)
    - System drive letter (C: or anything else)
    - It happend before or after login (If there was login screen or not)
    - Your hardware configuration

    Any screenshots may be helpful as well. I will do everything I can to help you solve your problem.

    Kenlin PL support center




    Sorry for all problems.


    3.) If someone will be reporting a bug pleace give me for example your nick on this forum (if you have one), so in case problems with mail, I will comunicate with you via messanger on this forum.



    I think this is all for now... :biggrin: :beta:








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    Congratulations on the work you've done so far Piotr - from the screenshots, it looks really impressive!


    I'll try to test the game over the next few days. The Automatic installer didn't work for me (error that it cannot find default install directory; if I change default install directory, the error is that it can't write to files :-) ) so I will try the manual install. First need to install something to open RAR files...... :-)



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    Thanks you.


    It is good to know that someone likes what I'm doing. If you have alredy downloaded game, pleace update ComS.exe in main directory. It has a little problem which may affect communication and even make game crash. I will be looking forvard to see you on server. If you will have any futhurer problems pleace inform me.

    For now I have few questions about that installer errors. Pleace answer as many as you can.

    - What OS do you use (windows version, x32/x64)?

    - Do you have runned setup as admin?

    - What antivirus software do you have installed (if any)?

    - In which drive you have your system installed (C:/ or other)

    It is very inportant for me to make automatic setup working. Not everyone will try manual install (which is still half-automatic). :)








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    Thanks Piotr. I was able to get the Automatic Installer working by running as Administrator - if this is going to be required, I suggest you add some text to the installer to warn people to do that, if possible?


    Here are the answers anyway:

    OS - Windows 8.1 64 bit

    Antivirus - Windows Defender (or whatever it's called nowadays...the default one from Microsoft :-) )

    Install drive: System disk is C:, but the install also failed when I tried installing on D: too, until I ran as Administrator.


    Ok next question, the spash screen gives version as Beta 0.1.0. You mention I should update the ComS.exe, but how can I do that? Can I download it separately? Or does that mean I can't use the Automatic Install after all, and need to uninstall it and download the manual version?


    Final comment for now, when the splash screen is active, I strangely have no icon for it in my taskbar, and I can't Alt+Tab to get to just seems to sit in the background in full screen. Is this intended behaviour?





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    1.) Thank you for reply. :)


    2.) I will make installer run as admin only, this is very important message.


    3.) To update ComS.exe you need just update game now. You needn't uninstall it, just install again in same location, no matter automaticaly or manually. I just want you to know about that fix, because there is same version number. (my mistake)


    4.) Splash screen is full screen window, but it has no controls or taskbar icon. I didn't realy thing it may be problem. I will try to do something with this. Thank you for notfing such things.










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    Nice progress so far and great work on keeping the thread updated with instructions. Probably would have had some problems otherwise.

    Are you planning on developing this by yourself the whole way?

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    VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: After few hours of searching for errors in server setup etc. I've found (I hope) a true reson why game says that server is offline while in real it is active. Server is in diffrent timezone which means server's clock have diffrent hour than your computer have in same time. When game is trying to connect, server security system rejecting because of incorect time.

    I do not realy know what to do from my side to solwe it (only matter of time :)) but you may just set your time on GMT + 02:00. This should make game working.


    GMT + 02:00 clock:








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    Thanks for the update Piotr - I'll have to try that and see if it helps (..though not sure if changing the time zone on my computer will break other stuff.....hmm better check that first :-) )



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    Some good news:


    Problem with server connection is now solved. After updating client to 0.1.1 everything should finaly work properly. Unfortunatly chenges in connection system makes first connection much slower - if server is offline this may take even three minutes to tell it... So I still have to work on this.


    I am looking forvard to know for sure if this will realy work...










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    Good work, Piotr! I'll have to try it again :-)



  • Wow this pretty awesome! I'll be bookmarking your site :)
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    I have maked few tests on win7 and I have to inform that FCon system is not working for win7.

    Until I will have any working solution of this problem game project is closed

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    I havn't been posting there since lot of time, because I didn't realy had anything to write. But this is about to change soon.


    I have two news about Star Elite at this point: good and bad one.


    I will start with bad: I've been unable to fix server-side errors with connection system, so this game will never work.


    Good news is that I havn't abandned project. I am now developening new connection system (I will skip technical info). This however will requre rebuild of entire game engine, including gameplay, so it will take some time (it was easier to start from 0). I am now on early stage of development, and I do not have realy anything to present you right now, but first connection tests have been succesful, now I have to optymalise this connection system, finish HUD display, galaxy generator and basic trading system. Then I will bring game back to Open Alpha stage.


    For now I can tell you that there will be no more manual server activation (which I thing was annoing for both sides). I am also working on new graphics and game menus (there are ment to be kind of real-be-there style now).


    In short game is about to be back but I do not realy know when. Probably it will have new name as well (there is alredy Elite space-sim series, and I alredy have been taking some of my inspirations from it, so I decided that name shouldn't be similar), so I will write some early stage info there, and once I have something good enought for open alpha I will create another topic for new game (and put link there).


    I think it is all for now. Once I will finish some FX and HUD I will upload some screenshots.



  • edited March 2016

    1. Connection system is nearly finnished, but I would like to have one information from you. I need your ping times for server, to figure out haw much deleys I should expect. It may save much time and let me track problems which normaly would apper in alpha version.

    To get this data pleace type "ping" in your cmd and sent me last line displayed (like Minimum = x ms, Maximum = x ms, Average = x ms) + information if any package get lost.

    To open cmd click start menu, in "search:" type "cmd" and click enter.


    2. I do not have any good ideas for now name, so I am open for any sugesstions.


    3. I am finishing some basic FX, and I alredy have most of HUD working, so next step will be ship controls, trading system and galaxy ganerator. Then I will open early alpha tests.

    PS: screenshots incoming soon. :)



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    I'd suggest adding -t attribute for longer period of pinging like this:

    ping -t


    Then you can cancel pinging anytime by pressing ctrl+c

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    Yep, I know. But I wanted to put most simple version to get answers from as many people I can. I need to know difrences, to test game with simulate those deleys, and make everything workin with or without them. Thanks for advice anywey. :-)

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    Ping statistics for

        Packets: Sent = 10, Received = 10, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

        Minimum = 44ms, Maximum = 53ms, Average = 46ms

    I'm from UK.

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    Thanks :-)
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    Some screenshots from what I alredy have:


    Ship is Arin Federation SSC-15 Fightercraft







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    Hi Piotr,


    Another ping result from the UK, if it's useful. From peak internet usage time at the weekend.


    Ping statistics for

        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

        Minimum = 186ms, Maximum = 220ms, Average = 205ms



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    Thank you very much. Seams game will need good anti-lag system... From my +-8ms to 220ms. :-)
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    Some more screenshots: Federal SSC-15 and Emperial Dragonfly, both in docking bay onboard Medium size Federal Station. With new FX: HDR-based Bloom + Wide bloom for station lightpoints only (for now). :-)


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    Looking good, Piotr!



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    12-14 FPS?

  • edited 4:32PM

    Yyyy... I know... dosn't look good unless you know hardware I am running this on. :D


    Procesor: AMD Athlon XP 2500 1.84GHz (one core)

    1.25 GB RAM

    Graphics: RADEON 9550 (128MB VRAM, Pixel shader 2.0, Vertex shader 2.0)


    My goal is to make game run fluently even on that hardware, but for now I have full FX enabled.

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    I think to optimise game for low spec's you'd need your own engine, or really really fine tune code on the one you use.


    Best example: .kkrieger / The FPS Game in 96KB


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    In fact I alredy have optimalised this engine to work on this hardware fluently (on low fx) for my second project:


    So I know this will work out. :-)

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    Sorry, but I had to remove last screenshots post, I accidently removed screenshots on my server, so it was no sense to leave post with broken links.


    However I've finnished another modules and now game is after half wey to open alpha. Still only one ship is flayble (Arin Federation SSC-15).


    There are some screenshots from actual gameplay:


    Gas giant in red giant star system:


    SSC-15 in white draft star system


    SSC-15 in orbit around void planet


    Desert planet around protostar


    SSC-15 INSIDE gas giant (do not try this with this ship, once damage system is working it will be destroyed by external pressure)


    Some early tests for damage visualisation system



    I have changed a little game concept. I have decided to remove some multiplayer features (that were not working) in exchange for more realistic flight model. You won't be able to see another player's ships and there will be no PvP combat (sorry, but there were to many technical problems to make this work), but all space stations and trading system is global, so you will be plaing online, having global market and all space stations. Removing need to send / receve ship's positions maked possible to implement full vector based Newton phisics system. In adition I am woring on planetary phisics system and planetary landings (this system allawed me to make this screenshot from inside gas giant), so I think entire game will be better and easier to code that wey + there will be less complicated bugs.



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    And there is one more thing. I wish to change name for this game (actual name is little too similar to Elite Dengerous, and since I've alredy have taken some ideas from Elite I wouldn't like this game's name to be too similar), but I have no idea what this new name should be like. If you have any propositions I would realy like to see them. I your name will be choosed you will be listed in game credits. :)

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    Another screenshot pack. Includes Imperial Dragonfly (second ship usable for player) continuations of planetary landings and some binary stars + black hole (still WIP).


    SCC-15 crashed on planet









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