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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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  • Hello everyone! I'm one of the moderators over on the official Everspace Forums, and I wanted to drop by and say hello. :smiley:

    It sounds like there has been a little bit of tension here with some technical issues, so I wanted to reach out and help answer any Everspace questions you all have (even regarding gameplay features, upcoming content, etc). In addition, I can direct the Rockfish Games team over here for further assistance if need be; I think you'll find they're a really responsive and personable group of individuals.

    Let me know how I can help you!

  • Thanks giraffasaur, this is very appreciated.
    I'll surely buy everspace as soon as it will be on final release, i love this kind of spacesims!

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    @PINBACK , I had to ask: Did the update to Windows 10 solve the problem? Or are you still having issues loading up Everspace?

    @natansharp , it's my pleasure; glad you're looking into the game. In actuality, I'm a strong advocate for purchasing complete games instead of buying into Alphas/Betas myself (unless you're really into playtesting and problem-solving), so I can respect and agree with your decision to wait. Fortunately, based on the development timeline, that wait shouldn't be too much longer, either! ;-)

  • This is a very good news!

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a little update the developers provided this morning via Twitter:

    What this means is that some of the previous issues the developers were having using Unreal Engine should be resolved in the upcoming v0.4 patch, coming to ALL CURRENT PLATFORMS (not just Steam) planned for February. In addition to the code base, the game itself will be receiving some modifications and tweaks as well, including (but not limited to) Gunship buffs to armor and drones, Enhancement Perks for unique runs and much more for v0.4.

  • It's been a minute, so I wanted to drop a couple things about the upcoming patch (v0.4) which should be dropping within the next two weeks if all goes accordingly.

    Ship Layouts: Allows different loadouts of equipment. This applies to all three ships.
    Enhancements: Modifiers that will alter little details of a run. Only a few Enhancements can be selected before each run, creating more variety.
    Smart Crafting: Your recently crafted items will appear at the top of your crafting list, making certain items more accessible. (Scanning Probes will be much easier to craft, for instance.)
    Gunship Buffs: Armor is raising at least 10% to help this beastly ship live up to it's name, while modifications to it's Drone usage and Energy reserves will provide some serious firepower additions.

    As with every version addition, it's likely we'll see a slew of gameplay tweaks and updates as well.

    I'll let you all know when the update is live. Toodles for now.

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    More of the patch has been revealed, including (but not limited to) some derelict spaceship innards, ship customization and simultaneous release for Steam, GOG, XBox and Windows Store!

  • v0.4 patch is LIVE for all Steam, GOG, XBox and Windows Store owners! (Mac and Linux are still being worked on, unfortunately.)

  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne

    Looks like a nice update, good video Giraffasaur

  • You are doing a very good job! Everspace will be mine for sure!
    I'm following this project and i only read good reviews on will be an excellent wing commander like spacesim.
    I prayed for this kind of spacesim a lot!

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    Thanks @natansharp, I've been enjoying running around getting this game out there. It definitely could use more exposure.

    Also, v0.5 is right around the corner it looks like!

  • Progress is moving forward quickly with QA testing and approvals, so the version skipped ahead a few! Be looking out for this drop in the next couple weeks, or even next few days!

  • Release is imminent!

  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne

    It has released

  • I tried this game at a friend of mine that bought it...the game is good but for me there is a problem...the joystick support!
    I read a thread on steam about it and the problem with U4 engine that doesn't support joystick but there are plugin to add it.
    When we think to a space sim\space dogfighting game the joystick is fundamental!
    I hate playing with a controller and even with mouse...i'm also an fps gamer so i use mouse and keyboard alot but for space games joystick is the best!
    Can you fix this?

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