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Hi Everyone

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Hover bike

edited May 2016 in General Chat

Well it's 2016 and their no sign of the Back to the Future style flying car and we will probably not see one in 2019, but this nut in his garden shed has come up with a hover bike :cool: and this guy has some great video, take a look at his YouTube page.



Brilliant, and after a quick google their is another company called Aerofex  who have been working on some thing similar.



Downside is I think it cost 70 grand.


  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 6:21PM
    Just think about the accident videos we can watch on Youtube :)

    Nice concept but still would need a ton of R&D for it to be practical
    edited 6:21PM

    That's whats that Aerofex company being up to as they have been working on it since 2012.


    Was wondering if anyone have tried a jet engine with some sort of vector thrust nozzles like a Harrier but I guess the fuel requirements would be too big, probably need a tanker to hold the fuel. :lol:

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