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Hi Everyone

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remember babylon 5?

yeah anyone remembers the most awesome sci fi universe in the well universe :D for me its the best show ever and there is a mod of babylon 5 for starshatter the original one wont work on the other and im making some custom missions for it kind of a campaign based on some things that the show well shows when i have enough missions i will upload it so enjoy with a pic for now btw im rewatching the series for the first time since 96 what a great show it is sheridan is the man 


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    Awesome series and by far one of my favs, :cool:


    I always thought Pioneer mod would make for a great Babylon5 game as the ones which appeared including the unreleased official game are all combat games.

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    On that subject, I always remember that show being fantastic, but it's been many years since I've seen the whole thing.  I seem to remember there being one streaming service or another where I started watching it again just a year or two ago, but then they took it off when I was like 2/3 of the way through season 1.  Now I still can't find it anywhere.  


    Does anybody know anywhere I can watch it without paying the exorbitant cost of all the episodes on Amazon?  Is there an HD remastered version anywhere (I was delighted to see that X-Files on Netflix is in full HD, and somehow 16:9)?

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
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    Well there is an in progress mod for Star Citizen....



    There is a thread here about it on the SC forums. Yes it's a shame no game developer took a B5 game all the way to release, but at least we do have (the Freespace and Homeworld Mods especially) some great community work out there.

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    Nice if you can walk around the station and visit the different areas.


    Don't think there is a HD version of B5 seem to recall reading something about them losing or wiping the master effect tape so all the space shot in the series are only available in DVD standard.

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
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    Nice if you can walk around the station and visit the different areas.

    As far as I know that's the plan, its going to be 5 miles long, a mod of epic proportions and all that before they even get started on the ships! I sure hope they can pull it off. If they do it would be one of the most ambitious mods ever. I guess though they will have to wait until Star Citizen itself is complete before they really can start work on it. Hopefully by then CIG will have (since they are themselves heavily modifying Cry Engine 3) more tailored mod tools available to aid them.

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    there are a couple of great mods out there the one  i want is the mod for x3 the dude is almost there, another great little mod is the one for galactic civilizations 2 and the mod for starshatter, and im planning to buy some fleet scale miniatures to do some battles too im rewatching the series here just make sure you have installed adblock on your browser first to avoid too much ads on the page

  • i think the best mod is galactic civilizations 2, you guys should try it out.

  • Oh yeah it was a good series, surely superior to deep space nine that was another space series of that period. Anyway i prefer more farscape.

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