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Hi Everyone

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Would you play a game thats basicly a Mish-Mash of popular SCI-FI/Space Opera Settings?

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Everything with the serial numbers filed off (as we say) but its an obvious homage(?) to pop-cult Sci-Fi ... so part of the galaxy is ruled by an evil Empire via giant rigid/industial spaceships and hordes of faceless footsoldiers, another part is governed by a benevolent federation with smooth, aesthetic ships, another part a 'race' of intelligent robots are chasing off colonies of humans and perhaps deciding they want to wipe out that species, while two ancient races pull the strings of the younger species in their own games of control in the galaxy.


  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited 6:18PM

    Well isn't that what the Mass Effect series was, more or less? I found tons of references to other sci-fi in those games and that certainly didnt hurt it's popularity. So to answer your question, yes people would (and do) like to play such games.

  • edited July 2016

    So basically throwing in popular sci-fi races on your favorite moddable 4x game then.


    Still, there are some game mods that throws in some factions/spaceships from popular sci-fis in a single place. Once I saw a Empire at War mod that adds Halo, BSG, and Stargate factions.

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    I only played abit of Mass Effect, I never really saw the parallels ... guess the idea has been done.

  • edited 6:18PM

    Rule of thumb: far before Mass Effect there were Star Control 1 & 2.

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited July 2016

    Exactly MV2000, in fact you could even go back further gamewise with the sometimes strange game Captain Blood :girlcrazy:

    Did anyone ever actually complete Captain Blood? I tried quite a few times but always got so confused and lost. :girlwacko:

    edited 6:18PM

    Think it would pretty much described most games with a sci-fi setting, could be the box blur for Stellaris.


    Same here never got far with Captain Blood or the even crazier sequel.

  • edited 6:18PM

    Okay, okay, I was just tossing an idea around in my mind that was meant as a sort of homage/love-letter to pop-cult sci-fi/space opera, since I once said it was one of the big drives I've had for what I want in space sims, bits and pieces from all those shows, movies and games.

    edited 6:18PM

    It's a shame we don't see more Easter egg/ homages in games to scifi series/films on the other hand most games have mod available which will add ships from most scifi shows.

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