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Hi Everyone

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X4: Foundations

sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
edited August 29 in X Series

Here is a little news from the Egosoft news letter on X4

There is, however, also another project that we are working on and which is equally exciting to us: X4. It is still too early to talk about many details of this, and it doesn't even have a full name yet, but we are making good progress and I wanted to share a few words with you about what we have been doing in the last couple of years.

When we worked on X Rebirth we needed to make a lot of simplifications. We removed some features in order to be able to concentrate on others. But when X Rebirth was released, many fans expected it to be an "X4"; a game with most of the key features of the X3 games and then some. Since then, we have worked hard to make X Rebirth a better game, incorporating player feedback, continuing to develop the engine it is based on, and releasing many updates and expansions. However we also realise that there are still many unfulfilled wishes, some of which would require extensive changes that couldn't be implemented in the existing game. Many of these are things we would also like to see in a space game and these, along with the foundations laid by all the work and feedback that went into X Rebirth, have been the basis for the big project that we have been working on for the last few years: a real X4.

While I cannot say much about its features yet, what I can tell you about it so far is that it will allow you to fly many different ships, it will give you an all-new interface to manage large fleets, and it will give you full freedom when building stations from individual modules.

Please be patient with this and we promise to show some really cool things later in 2017!



  • edited December 2016

    I'm glad that Egosoft is working on a new title, but let's face it, and I won't hide my words. Also I know this is only a non-committed preview message from EGO.

    "A real X4...many new ships to stations from individual modules...manage large fleets".

    Yes these features would certainly improve the Egosoft titles we know already, but if we look at the general space game picture, then I'm afraid these features are not quite enough to make a successful title right today. Let's just look at the competition: No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, but also other promising pre-releases that soon may reach a competitive product like Empyrion Galactic Survival and many others. All these titles do have these features already, maybe with the exception of 'manage large fleets', but with the big difference that their game takes place in a really open big world. Egosoft is shining IMO as for the grafics of stations and evironment, but the EGO world is too piece-connected for my taste, not big enough. Actually it is big, but the bad thing is: it's not giving the impression to be big, let's take a metro transport system; you can add a lot of metro stations, even thousands, but this won't add up to a galaxy, there must be another impression of 'big'. There is nothing to add variety, no planets, not an open world: If you get a little away from space stations, all actions will soon come to a halt, there is 'nothing' out there, no reason for profound exploration, except for some very pre-determined pathes that will soon be consumed without any potential for replayability. And to be a successful title, AT LEAST all this has to change. I think the NPC ship AI is fine in v.4 of X-Rebirth, but it would be nice if their actions were not limited around space stations only, but if a mission could envelope a bigger space for the player's maneuvres in order to escape or to battle these NPCs. This should include at least SIMPLIFIED planet systems, I say 'simplified' because for EGO anything else is already not realistic.
    But who knows? Maybe the company is unveiling a big surprise for us showing a totally revamped engine with the big features of the past X series and some new features? Yes, that would be a "Real X4". I'm proposing this name for the new title!

    I hope Egosoft will succeed,

  • Some info on the new X4: Foundations:

    Freedom to personally fly all ships:
    X4 will allow you to fly all ships personally. From small scouts over a wide range of ship classes up to the biggest carrier, everything can be piloted from the cockpit or an external view. Additionally some drones and utility vehicles in X4 can be remotely controlled by the player.
    A big focus in the development of X4 has been to achieve a seamless and immersive experience when moving between ships. You can leave a ship, climb down a ladder, walk over the dock of a large space station into another ship you may have parked there and replace the pilot that was working for you just by clicking on his chair.

    Modular stations and ship upgrades:
    Building space stations and factories has always been a foundation of the X games. After gaining enough money through fighting or trading, most players want to establish their own economy and start influencing the universe on a larger scale. In X4, it is now possible to be completely free and creative. Stations can be constructed from a variety of modules, be it production modules, living sections, docks or many other types of parts. The powerful new map system allows you to drag and connect modules using a connection system to design your own unique creations.
    Ships also offer a variety of upgrades. Engines, weapons and other equipment can be added in a graphical editor and actually seen on the ship.

    Most dynamic X universe ever:
    X4 will be the first X game to allow our races and factions to freely build and expand their empires; the same flexibility the player enjoys in creatively designing space stations from modular building blocks is also available to them. Races expand their empire based on supply and demand, which leads to an extremely dynamic universe where every action the player makes can influence the
    course of the entire universe.

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