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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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Starfall Tactics WIP: Research Station, Carriers and Gravity Modules

Another stage in Starfall Tactics' development has just begun - so, it's time to add some awesome stuff: Carriers, gravity weapons and new stations for discovery. And that's only the beginning - we are about to implement other great features.

  • **Research Station** is an extremely helpful feature for the House (guild): it allows to generate research points which players can spend on some useful stuff, making them protect bases with more diligence.
  • **Carriers** are giant ships which can carry other small vessels - squads of bombers, fighters and other special ships. Too fast and small to be even targeted by large spaceship weapons, they can be a real problem, and that's without telling the Carrier itself is a huge well-protected construction.

Gravity stuffappeared to be not a very easy thing to add due to our in-game physics: one wrong impulse and it can become an ultimate weapon, crushing enemy ships in a second. So, we started it from one basic module, pushing enemy ships to the center of area of impact.

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