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Hi Everyone

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2d Cockpit Panels

I have been adding customizable 2d cockpit panels that use an .PNG image with alpha channel for Forward, Left, Right, and Rear directions using Autohotkey to overlay a Gui image in windowed mode , views are changed using the number pad keys but can be modified .I am wondering how to move the cockpit Huds around the to fit the panels of the Forward view image, all the in game systems are visable through an alpha channel in the image.See screenshot of how the cockpit panels look.



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    Neat, but it feels a little hackish. Are those images from the Vegastrike mod Privateer Universe?
    There's support for proper 3D cockpits in the game actually (sans active displays). Admittedly the only cockpit that's available right now is very undercooked.

  • Yes the screenshots are using a panel from ,Wing Commander - Privateer Gemini Gold, as an example. I have got the game display's showing through with a template to design the forward view around , at the moment I am conjuring up a basic control panel to go with the views. I will make download available soon. To Nozmajner "Which program do you use to edit the 3d Cockpit model?".

  • I use Blender. It's quite similar to ship modeling.
    0,0,0 is the point of view of the pilot.

  • For anyone who would like to try this and make there own custom cockpit panels here is the download link .

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