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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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"Phoenix" (former Sputnik)



  • I was running Phoenix by right clicking on the exe and selecting run with WINE. I set it up with PlayOnLinux and got 9fps on Earth and 61fps in space.
    I have a bug report. Petra flew to Galileo but couldn't dock. She had permission to dock at bay 2 but no matter what speed or whether the landing gear was up or down there was no collision detection and she flew right through. I could see another ship in the station as she went through. I wonder if the code doesn't work if there's one ship in a station that can accommodate two.

  • edited May 28

    yes i wrote that the sacestatin animation doesn't works roper, this is the error you encountered, as soon as bay one is occupied the station is locked, i have t solve this
    othrwise "petra" may trash the orbital station script and reactivate the old stations, big crappy and the rest, they are just deactivated and marked as longcomment (--[[

    i feel sooo good today
    i blasted my first ship from the sky since long
    and i guess it's caused by the lower shipspecs, it wasn't even that hard.

    i liked to make a travel to betelgeuze and on the way a rotten pirate has picked up my trail thus i had to fight him, he won't leave that bastard.
    but i made it, thus i can say "hey it's possible" but i really guess it's caused by the balanced relatively low thrusts
    it never was that easy when i tried it before.

    i like that ship, it brought me my first victory :)

    i lost my scanner and got some scratches on the hull but i won.

  • n future the calculaton for artificial gravity won't be a problem
    i found on "atomic rocket" a "spin calculator" which does the job and you can enter as units rad/sec what i assume is the angular speed in pioneer for stations.


  • edited June 5

    this will be my last update for a month or so, i still didn't changed anything in the code of the alpha31 i use.
    in the near future i will work for FFED3D again, else i make no progress there.

    it's contains mostly the same stuff as in my last upload
    foremost i fixed the broken spacestation animation, which means the docking procedure works now correctly, but the animation is contemporary disabled, important is that the procedure works proper.

    it contains further some changes in the skins for tom's original ships
    (the ladybird is therefore a bit deranged, recently i have problems to run glxtractor and due to the unscaled and unpositioned submodels when you dump a model with the modelviewer the dumps are useless to get the proper scale and position for the submodels, it's tedious to rescale and reposition them according to the script, which shows off as a error in the skin i made for the ladybird)
    of course it contains the updated cockpits i presented already
    and a more balanced thrust for the ships which finally brought me my first victory since alpha9.


    kills 1!

    i hope i can repeat this and make a clip of the not to hard dogfight.
    it will be lame due to my old machine, but clips of a successful fight are rare.

  • Excellent! Because I couldn't dock, I had stopped playing.

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter

    Thanks for this Gernot! :)

  • edited July 21
    Hi hi hi, my little droogies >:)
    Recently i'm hospitalized, means i broke both feet
    And i try hard to manage to leave a message using my phone, horrible.
    I would liketopost you a picture how that looks like, but it didn't works AS expected .
    Thats not the only thing which worries me
    I will stay hospitalized for Quite a while, cause of a "smokers leg"
    Means i only got 50% of blood in my left leg.
    But else i'm find.
    Unfortunately i even lost my free webaccess, i write this comment AS i said Form my phonevand recently i Gould kill who eher invented autocompletr, its acstupid shit.
    Turns could gould, stupid Maschine.

    Posting a pic won't York at all... work not York you piece a junk.. Yet
    At least you know what i'm up to.
  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter

    Oh Gernot! I am so sorry to hear your in hospital! :/ I hope you make a quick recovery. For now though, relax and the doctors will help you. I also hope you can read this message ok? I know what trying to use a phone for text is like Gernot, I am hopeless with them too. Get well soon you ship model Meister you!

  • 8 Weeks i'm tied to 4 wheels
    Of course i do my worst to get well soon
    But every medal has two sides, i can finish reading Alexander Humboldts biography (sorta, it's a story based on his and the life of c.f. gauss). Yo Google for these two brillant heads. I'm sure
    I will have time for many books to read.
    I ordered already Starship troopers, i have to read it. Brave New world, is on the wishlist AS well. Blocked by stupid religious remnants in my brain i missed Huxley
  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter

    If your catching up on your reading may I recommend Encounter With Tiber by Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes and also the Red, Green and Blue Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. All of these have a nice mix of hard sci-fi and good stories. :)

  • edited July 21
    THX Geraldine dunno if i they are available in german but even better if not because not long ago i thought about to get me some books in english. could be difficult for my mom but i guess if i note the ISBN # it should be no Problem to order them. the trilogy i guess is translated, it was a recommend by Google if i remember right. i won't be surprised (anymore) if buzz also composed music or sculpted.
  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter
    edited July 24

    I would have thought Encounter With Tiber would have already been translated Gernot, but I couldn't find a German version anywhere. :/ All I could suggest is get the pdf version somehow then try a translator. There are a few online, although I don't know if they could handle a book that big. Maybe do a chapter at a time?

  • Hi Gernot! How did you manage to break both feet?

  • hi Marcel, both heels, i jumped off a fence about 1m, but i thought it was quite higher thus i landed like a Plank. but Mike i said that's a bagatelle. they habe to replace my main body Aorta, because i have or get a "smokers leg". the surgery was planned for today, but it hhad to be cancelled because oft my teeths Bad condition. the risk oft an infectiln is to high. not my fault,3 times the commune didnt liked to pay the Costs for a dental surgery. i'm a " junkie" you must know (i'm not but i'm handled like one). it's sort a OK because it will ha get a echo from the surgeon. stupid idiots, missed the Chance to help with a small effort and produced a big effort. greed usually ends up in such. fix those goddamned bite apparatus and then fix my rotten Main hydraulic pipe!
  • damned communicator i typed like you piece a junk, not Mike. Mr. Zuckerberg you are a Cheater, we won't have ai, there is no Software, will never be, which can Interprete like we can. or it would habe to learn a lifetime at least, a least it can't be programmed. we are much much More AS the sum oft our experiences.
  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter

    My goodness Gernot! Your getting your Aorta worked on!?! Well take care of your self and please make a speedy recovery. I think I speak for everyone here in saying we send you our best wishes that your back on your feet soon. Also, don't forget to check the PM I sent you. ;)

  • Yeah best of luck with that Gernot. We need you back designing things for FFED3D! ;)

  • GeraldineGeraldine SSC Supporter

    Hey Gernot! I gave you a much deserved mention over on the FD forums because you don't get nearly enough credit you deserve for your epic rework of the Imperial Courier. B)

  • i won't get killed ;) (yes they have to replace parts of the aorta)

    that's not the worst thing happening to me,
    imagine a cop kicked me out of my wheelchair, i didn't get hurt but dammned that's a impossibility kicking a injured or handicapped out of his wheelchair.

    that's the real problem, fashism!

  • Even so, I hope it goes well Gernot. The community misses you!

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