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Hi Everyone

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Mouse X-Axis Roll?

Hi. Absolutely love this game. I recently tried to get into Elite 2, via dos box, and various OpenGL versions. But each one just wasn't up to scratch, whether it was missing sound or performance/visuals. Then I stumbled on this by complete accident. It is everything I could have hoped for and I'm very surprised I've never seen it before.

The only thing that would complete my enjoyment is the ability to clone the controls I use in Elite: Dangerous. In that game, I have pitch(y) and roll(x) on the mouse.

So as the title suggests, the only thing I need is to somehow map roll to the x-axis of the mouse. I'm sorry if this is googl-able, but there doesn't seem to be much info.



  • Thanks!
    Unfortunately you can't do that for the mouse. You could do it with a joystick though, but Pioneer plays better with the mouse.

  • edited May 2

    Alright, I'll get used to it. Thank you :)

  • Admittedly, a better, more complete way to rebind controls would be good. Hopefully somebody gets around implementing it.

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